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All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
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Central Office: -                                                                                               Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                                                    17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                                                                                    Kali Bari Marg,                                                                                                                                        New Delhi-1100

No: AICAEA/HQ/C-1/2015/169-171                                                                                         Dated: 18.03.2015

            The Chief Controller of Accounts,
            Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,
            Room No. 147, ‘A’ Wing, Nirman Bhawan,
            New Delhi–110011

Subject: - Settlement of the problems referred by the PAO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Kolkata Unit.

Reference: - This Association’s letter No. AICAEA/HQ/C-1/2014/2252-54 dated 26-02-2014.


            With reference to the above and in pursuance of the discussion held with the Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 10th February 2015, I would like to  draw your kind attention to the following few lines –

1.                  Payment of Minimum wages to DEOs engaged in PAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata:-
Through the letter dated 1st September 2014, the Unit Association of PAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata had brought it to your kind notice that the outsourced employees engaged in the PAO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Kolkata as Data Entry Operators have not only been receiving less pay then the rate prescribed by the Ministry of Labour but also lesser than their counterparts working in the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare itself. Alongwith its letter, the Unit Association had also forwarded a detailed note analyzing the entire fact for your perusal and favorable action.
As  10 posts of Accountant/Senior Accountant, 4 posts of LDCs and 4 posts of MTS  were vacant in PAO, Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata , it was decided by the  CCA, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to recruit 5(Five) Data Entry Operators through third party (Contractor) to meet the shortfall.  These DEOs were granted  Rs. 339/-  per day in spite of the fact that being Graduates and  Computer trained,   they fall under the category of “Highly Skilled” and  they had been engaged  against regular works being performed by the Accountant, Senior Accountant and LDC.
Data Entry Operators engaged in the Central Drug Laboratory, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata have been receiving daily wages @ Rs. 405/- and the Pay Accounts Office, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata is making payment of the Bills preferred by DDO concerned. The Copies of the Bills are enclosed herewith for your ready reference. Therefore, the DEOs working PAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata are being paid less than their counterparts.
Moreover, the explanations below Part II of the Schedule of Government of India extra ordinary Gazette Notification No. 800 dated May 20th, 2009(copy enclosed) stipulated that-
(a)    If there are two rates for the Highly Skilled category, the higher rate is to be protected (Explanation No. 2 below Part II of the Schedule). This fact has further been clarified vide Note of the order No. B-27(1)/2013 dated 1-4-2013 issued by the Dy. Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), Mumbai (copy enclosed).
(b)   The minimum wage of DEO is to be determined after allowing Variable Dearness Allowances (explanation No. 7, below Part II of the Schedule). 
(c)    The minimum rates of wage include also the wage for weekly day of rest (explanation No.3 below Part II of the Schedule) which implies that pay is to be given for 26days and not 22days.
Further, the Ministry of Labour, Government of India vide OM No. 14(113)Misc. RLC (coord)/ 2012 dated 23rd January 2014 provided the detailed guidelines regarding engagement of workers through Contractors by the Ministries and Departments of Central Government (Copy enclosed).
In view of the above we request the following-
1.      Wage to DEOs may be given for 26days instead of 22 days.
2.      Discrimination in wages of DEO may be removed by granting the wage equal to the wage being paid to the DEOs of Central Drugs Laboratory, O/o the DDC (I) of ADC (I).
3.      Variable Dearness Allowance may be given to DEOs twice in a year.
4.      Higher rate of wage may be protected in r/o DEOs to determine the minimum wage.
5.      The Ministry of Labour order No. 14(113)Misc.RLC(coord)/2012 dated 23rd January 2014 may be implemented in the matter of engagement of DEOs.
2.                  Filling up of vacant posts:-
In the year 2011, the office of the Controller General of Accounts issued orders directing the heads of the Civil Accounts organization to upload the data relating to vacancy to website of Staff Selection Commission within stipulated time. The arrangement was in operation in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 also.  Various Ministries and Departments of Civil Accounts organizations which had taken action promptly could fill up large number of vacancies as they were allotted candidates by the Staff selection Commission from among the qualified candidates of examinations of 2012 and 2013.

But the office of the CCA, Ministry of Health and family Welfare did not send its requirement to the Staff Selection Commission at that time and due to this the posts have been left vacant in this organization.

Therefore, we request you to kindly initiate steps for filling up of vacant posts immediately as the office is suffering from huge shortage of staff.

The PAO, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kolkata Unit alongwith the West Bengal Branches of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II have been agitating for settlement of above demands. However, responding to an assurance of the authority, the Unit Association and the aforementioned Branch Associations had suspended their agitational programmes after holding three days continuous Dharna in January 2015. But it is nearly two months they have not yet received any favourable response from the authorities.

            It will therefore, be highly appreciable, if you kindly intervene into the state of affairs and settle above issues at the earliest.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Enclo: as stated above

 (V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General

Copy to:-

1.      Shri Subhendu Roy Choudhury, Branch Secretary, AICAEA, West Bengal Branch, O/o Controller of Accounts, CAO, GSI, 5&6 Espalnade East, Kolkata-700069.
2.      Shri Shantanu Bhattacharjee, Vice–President, A.I.C.A.E.A., Pay and Accounts Office, Health and Family Welfare, 8 Esplanade East, Kolkata – 700069.

(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General

 Letter to CCA,MHA by All India Civil Accounts Employees Association for formal meeting on charter of Demands

All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarters
Phone No. 011-23345070, Mob. No. 9868520926 e-mail:-

Central Office: -                                                                                     Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                                           17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                                                                          Kali Bari Marg,                                                                                                                       New Delhi-110001

No: AICAEA/HQ/A-3/MHA/2015/129-135                                                                   Dated:  02.03.2015

            Shri Bhupal Nanda,
            Chief Controller of Accounts,
            Ministry of Home Affairs,
            Room No. 127-D, North Block,
            New Delhi – 110001

Subject: - Request for formal meeting with the representatives of the Associations for discussion and settlement of issues concerning with the staff.

            With reference to our discussion in your Chamber on 16th December 2014, I am forwarding herewith the agenda items with the request for a formal meeting with Delhi based representatives of the Associations.

            It is also requested that, the Presidents and Secretaries of AICAEA and AICAEA CAT II, West Delhi Branches (PAO, CRPF) may kindly be permitted to attend the meeting.

             It will be highly appreciable, if you kindly convene the meeting at an early date and direct your office to inform us the date of the meeting at least three days in advance.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Enclo: as above

Secretary General


1.         Filling up of vacant posts:-

There is large number of vacancies in different PAOs. In PAO, CISF, and Kolkata and PAO, CISF, Chennai position has been reported to be very acute. Further, Centralization GPF accounts are causing harm to the interest of the employees of Civil Accounts Organization. It needs to be addressed.

2.         End of Discrimination in Encadrement:-

At the time of encadrement, the post of Constable in PAO, CRPF was encadred as MTS in PB-I with grade pay of Rs:- 1800/- while the same category of employees in PAO, BSF were encadred as LDCs with grade pay of Rs:- 1900/-. This discrimination is required to be removed.

3.         Removal of discrimination in the process of endrement and promotion as AAO selectively:-
In PAO, CRPF, a section of the employees have been granted extra advantage in the process of encadrement and also given extra facilities in giving consent for the same by the local Admn. It has resulted serious discrimination and a large number of employees have been deprived from the benefit of having the post of AAO. Representations of some of the affected officials have been forwarded to Pr. Acctts Office by PAO, CRPF, New Delhi on 06.03.2013 for consideration of the matter. Since it is discrimination requires to be addressed early.

4.         Induction of Inspector (Min) of PAO, CRPF, New Delhi:-
The inspectors working in PAO, CRPF had not been granted Grade Pay applicable to them at the time of encadrement in Civil Accounts Organization. Hence their grievances need to be redressed.

5.         Request for consideration of requests for transfer:-
             Requests for transfer of the following officials may kindly be considered favorably.

Sl. No.
Name of Official
Shri Anil Kumar Sharma, Sr. Accountant
Unilateral transfer to Jaipur (Rajasthan) on compassionate ground which is not yet materlised.
Shri Venugopal K.G, Sr. Accountant
unilateral transfer to Trivandrum or Cochin (Kerala) on compassionate ground as his wife is serving in Trivandrum, Kerala Govt.
Shri Jaiswal, Sr. Accountant
 Transfer to Jallandhar (Punjab) which is not yet materlised.
Shri Ajun Pandy, Sr. Accountant
Transfer to RPAO, Patna due to domestic problem.
Shri N.K. Pandey, Sr. Accountant
Transfer to RPAO, Lucknow due to domestic problem.
Shri Francy T. Jose, Sr. Accountant
Transfer to CBDT/CBEC/Agriculture Cochin as his wife is serving in Cochin.
Shri Jagjeet Singh, Sr. Accountant
Transfer to CBDT, Amritsar on medical ground.

6.         Inter – PAO transfer – Consideration of problems regarding:-                                           
Transfer Orders of staffs are being issued from one PAO to another PAO within Delhi. As  these transfers are causing serious impediments to schooling of children of officials, representation of the employees may be considered sympathetically.

7.         Remuneration to MTS for performance of additional duties:-
MTS are required to be performed duty beyond their normal duty hours such as opening and closing of all Sections of PAO CRPF which is the largest PAO. Remuneration to the tune of Rs. 2400/- pm may please be provided to them for performing the extra duties.

8.         Posting of Husband & Wife in same station:-
As per DOP&T OM No. 28034/9/2009-Estt (A) dated 30/9/2009 Husband and Wife serving in Central Government Departments shall mandatorily be considered for posting to same place/station. As the Husbands of some of the women officials of PAO, CRPF have been posted out of Delhi and they are facing various difficulties. They are unable to lead a normal family life and ensure education and welfare of their children. Some of the examples are as discussed below-
Sl. No.
Details of Official working in PAO
Details of spouse working in CRPF
Present place of posting
K. Jayasri, Sr. Accountant
No. 850781716 Inspector (M) K. Chandrasekharan
166 Bn CRPF, Jammu
Hima Mishra, Sr. Accountant
No. 851540062 SM/M Harish Chandra Mishra
Group Centre, CRPF, Sonipat (Hayana)
Charan Bala, Sr. Accountant
No. 8816200981 Insp(M) Bhodhraj Sharma
Group Centre, CRPF Kootah (J&K)
Anita Walia, Sr. Accountant
No. 921800486 Insp(Steno) Vineet Walia
Office of IG, CRPF, Tripura, Agartala
Geeta Joshi, Sr. Accountant
No. 861680141 SM/M Narendra Prasad Joshi
Group Centre, CRPF Gurgaon, Haryana
Leena Sabu, Sr. Accountant
No. 881020083 SI/Crypto Sabu T.L
119 Bn CRPF, Jorhat (Assam)

It is requested that above cases may be considered sympathetically and necessary action to post the spouse at the same stations may be taken.                                                                                         

9.         Removal of discrimination in grant of transfer TA:-
In the recent past, the officials transferred from New Delhi to Patna have been granted transfer TA benefits while the officials transferred to Kolkata have been denied the benefit. The discrimination may therefore, be removed.

10.       Grant of MACP:-
Request for grand of 3rd MACP from the actual due date in Smt. Kalpana Dutta, Sr. Accountant is pending for settlement.

11.       Compassionate appointment:-
One of case of compassionate appointment in Shri Anil Kumar, S/o Late Rajpal Singh, Delhi is lying pending since 2011. This compassionate appointment case may kindly be settled early.

                                                               Represented By
 All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
                                                 (RECOGNISED BY GOVT. OF INDIA)
                                             CENTRAL HEADQUARTERS: NEW DELHI
              All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category -II
Central Office: -                                                                                                                                                                    Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                                                                                                            17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                                                                                                                                        Kali Bari Marg,
                                                                                                                                     New Delhi-110001

No. NFCAA/HQ/A-1/Cir-4/2015                                                                                                  Dated: 18.03.2015

            All Federal Executive Members,
            All Women Committee Members,
All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II

Dear Comrades,


            As per the notice issued, Federal Executive meeting of the National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations was held in Delhi on 25th & 26th February 2015. 25 (twenty five) Federal Executive Members/Women Committee Members/Permanent Invitees from Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Shillong, Hyderabad, Chennai, Madurai, Cochin, Trivandrum, Mumbai and Nagpur attended the meeting.
            While proceeding to Delhi for attending the Federal Executive meeting, Com. G.K. Nair, President, NFCAA and Secretary General, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II had met with an accident and his collar bone was fractured. Hence he could not attend the meeting. Com. A.K. Chawla, Secretary, NFCAA, Pune and Com. P.K. Acharya, Finance Secretary, NFCAA, Kolkata could not attend the meeting due to ill health. Other absentees did not intimate the reasons for their absence.
            The meeting was prescribed over by a presidium composed of Com. A.K. Mehta and Com. K. Venkatasubramanian, Vice Presidents.
            Before taking up the agenda items, the meeting observed a minutes silence to pay tribute to Com. S.K. Vyas, Advisor to Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers and the veteran leader of the Central Government Employees Movement.
            The meeting discussed and took decisions on the following items of agenda:-
While undertaking review of the decision of Federal Council meeting held at Cochin on 18th &19th September 2014, the meeting observed that:-
·         In pursuance of the decisions of the 6th Federal Council meeting, a 25 point charter of demands have been finalized and submitted to CGA by the Federation Headquarters demanding a formal meeting.
·         On the demand of adoption of a mutually agreed transfer policy, no fresh proposal was received from any of the Branches.
·         The resolution adopted by the 6th Federal Council meeting in opposition to the Adhar based Biometric attendance was forwarded to the Government, Staff side JCM and Confederation of Central Government Employees 7 Workers. In the recent Secretariat meeting of Confederation, the issue came up for discussion and it was decided by the said meeting to issue letter to the Cabinet Secretary.
·         The Sub-committee formed for the purpose of formation of All India level non-departmental (outsourced) Employees Association in Civil Accounts Organization could not make satisfactory progress towards its objectives. However, non-departmental employees’ organization, Kolkata has been functioning.
·         Since AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II have submitted memorandum they would be called for oral deposition by the 7th CPC. The CPC has decided to invite the organizations submitted memorandum to the commission. CGA has submitted Memorandum with the recommendation of total parity of scales between Civil Accounts Employees and Central Secretariat Cadres. CGA has also demanded separate Accounts Department.
·         The decision of federal Council meeting to demand one seat in National Council (JCM} and second seat in Departmental Council (JCM) has not yet been taken up by the AICAEA headquarters with the authorities concerned.
·         So far as the demand of grant of recognition to AICAEA & AICAEA Cat-II is concerned CGA has extended recognition to AICAEA for next five years from November 2014 onwards.
·         The activities of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers were observed to be totally satisfactory and calls given by the Confederation were implemented by the NFCAA and its Branches and Units.
            After the review was over, Presidium had directed the AICAEA Cat-II and AICAEA to make reporting of the decisions taken in their respective National Executive meetings held on 25th February 2015. Com. Debraj Singha Roy, Addl. Secretary General, AICAEA Cat-II and Com. Ajit Huparikar, Addl. Secretary General, AICAEA reported about the decisions taken in the National Executives meetings of their respective Associations. After the reportings were over fresh items of agenda were taken up for discussion.
(a)    Mutually agreed Transfer Policy:- The meeting observed that the CGA authorities in general is conceding the request of the Associations on the matter of posting of AAOs and PAOs. They have undone the persons dislocated by granting promotion under 10% promotional quota. However, they have not taken any step for adoption of a mutually agreed transfer policy. The meeting also observed that, the unilateral implementation of transfer policy has been causing serious adverse affect towards the interests of the employees. The meeting therefore, passed a resolution opposing the unilateral implementation of transfer policy and forwarded it to the Controller General of Accounts.
(b)   Opposition to Biometric attendance system:-
The meeting appreciated the decision taken by the Confederation. The meeting also decided that the National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations shall continue to raise its voice on the demand of acceptance of the points raised by the 6th Federal Council Meeting of the Federation regarding biometric attendance system.
(c)    Demand of regularization of outsourced Employees:-
It has been decided by the meeting that, in pursuance of the decisions of 6th Federal Council meeting, all Branches shall form a committee which shall interact with the non-departmental Employees and take all necessary steps to organize them and form Branch level organizations of outsourced employees.
(d)   Demand of grant of minimum pay on promotion:-
The case filed in Pr. CAT, New Delhi by the AICAEA Cat-II had to be withdrawn on technical grounds by the Advocate Com. S.K. Vyas. The fresh petition could not be submitted due to sad demise of Com. Vyas in February 13, 2015.
Since the cost of filing a fresh case through another Advocate shall be very high, the meeting directed the Branches to discuss this matter with the affected members i.e. AAOs, Accountants and LDCs and provide feedback to Federation Headquarters so that further necessary action in this respect could be taken by the Federation headquarters early.
           As the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association has already submitted the 25 Point Charter of Demands to CGA seeking meeting with the National Executive of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II, the federal executive meeting directed Federation headquarters to pursue CGA for convening the meeting at the earliest. However, if the meeting is not fixed by the authorities, organizational actions shall be adopted and Federation Headquarters shall take appropriate action in this respect.

           The demand of opposition against implementation of e-payment was decided to be modified. However, it was also decided that, since the item has already been referred to CGA, opposition to implementation of e-payment shall continue till there is a negotiated settlement. The meeting congratulated the PAO, MH & FW Unit, Kolkata for implementing the direction of the organization on this issue of effectively.
a)      Adamant attitude of Pr. CCA, CBEC and non-settlement of 20 Point Demands:-
The meeting reviewed the success of the Dharna staged by the Federal Executive members on 25th February 2015 in front of the office of the Pr. CCA, CBEC, AGCR Building, New Delhi. All Federal Executive members who were available on 25th February 2015 in Delhi had participated in the Dharna and made it a grand success.
In order to curb the democratic protest of the employees, the authorities of Pr. CCA, CBEC had issued illegal orders threatening the employees that they would be subjected to disciplinary actions for taking part in the programme. Not only this, the authorities created physical obstruction by using their official position so that the employees of the office do not reach the Dharna spot. These undemocratic and autocratic approaches of the authorities of Pr. CCA, CBEC were condemned by the meeting.
The method adopted by the Pr. CCA, CBEC to declare the DEOs as surplus was vehemently protested by the meeting. He has taken the decision of declaring these members as surplus even without following the laid down procedure and ignoring the Controller General of Accounts.
The meeting also reviewed the status of the issues pending with the office of Pr. CCA, CBEC, his vindictiveness, direct interference of CCA, CBEC in the internal functioning of the Association, creation of obstruction by her in the routine functioning of the Association in violation of the conventional procedures and in defiance of the instructions of CGA.
It was observed by the meeting that the CCA, CBEC has not been issuing the departmental identity card to the Secretary General so that he is not able to visit offices freely and there is interruption in the routine functions of the Association.
Condemning above activities of the authorities of Pr. CCA, CBEC the meeting adopted a Resolution and forwarded  it to Finance Minister, Secretary Department of Expenditure, Secretary, Department of Revenue, CGA, Secretary, Staff Side (JCM), Secretary General, Confederation and all others concerned seeking their intervention.
The meeting also decided that if there is no settlement of the problems, fresh organizational actions against the Civil Accounts authorities altogether shall be adopted by the Federation Headquarters.
b)     Pendency of staff problems in MHA, CBDT, MHFW and I & B etc:-
Relating to the problems in MHA Units it was decided that a formal meeting with the CCA, Home shall be sought and the agenda items shall be forwarded to him at the earliest.
Some of the problems of ZAOs, CBDT, Shillong and Kolkata being pending, Federation headquarters was directed takeup those with the authorities concerned. However, in case more issues from other Branches are received, a formal meeting with the authorities should be sought by the Federation headquarters.
The PAO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Unit Kolkata has been agitating for payment of appropriate wages to the outsourced DEOs engaged in the office and also on the demand of filling up of vacant posts. The unit had resorted to three days continuous Dharna in January 2015 in support of the demands and under the auspices of Branches of West Bengal. The meeting hailed the members of the unit and decided that, in pursuance of the discussion held between the representatives of NFCAA and CA, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Federation headquarters shall submit a detailed note to CCA, H&FW and seek meeting with her.
Few cases of compassionate appointments referred from PAO, I & B, Lucknow were pending and the authorities have recently decided to reject those cases. In view of this the meeting directed the U.P. East Branch to details of the cases urgently to federation Headquarters so that the Federation headquarters could takeup the issues with appropriate authorities.
a)      Recognition to AICAEA Cat-II & NFCAA:-
   The meeting observed that the Civil Accounts authorities are not ready to provide a formal and permanent platform for negotiation and settlement of the problems of the AAOs by granting recognition to AICAEA Cat-II. They have been postponing the recognition of the said Association on one plea or the other and this has caused precipitation of anger among the rank and file membership of the Association.
   The meeting also observed that such a situation is not prevailing in any other Accounts and Audit Departments of the Government of India. The Associations of AAOs  in all others departments have either been granted recognition or allowed to represent them by the Gr-B and C Employees organizations in which the AAOs were the members originally before implementation of CCS (RSA) Rules 1993.
   In view of the above, the meeting decided to direct the Branches to consider for raising the demand of merger of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II into a single Association as was there earlier and send their concrete suggestions for constructing the demand in a full proof manner.
b)                 Enhancement of Membership and continuation of Foreign Service of Secretary General:-
      It was decided that, Secretary General to continue to be in Foreign Service till the next All India Conferences are held in Chennai.
      The Branches have been asked by the meeting to report about the steps taken by them to enhance the membership and remittance of subscription. The Branches have also been directed to review the list of the defaulting units provided to them through e-mail and ask such units to clear their arrear dues.
      The meeting also observed that in view of the increase in the cost of living and consequential increase in the salary packet of the members, it is essential and relevant to enhance the membership subscription to Rs:- 100/- (one hundred) atleast so that Unit, Branch, Central Headquarters and Federation headquarters could function smoothly and Secretary General of the Association could work for the members on full time basis by remaining in Foreign Service. The meeting therefore decided to make its recommendation regarding raising the membership subscription to Rs. 100/- per month for consideration of ensuing All India Conferences.
c)Holding of Joint conferences of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II and National Women convention:-
      The tentative dates for 14th AIC of AICAEA and 6th AIC of AICAEA Category– II and the 6th National Convention of women committee of NFCAA to be held in Chennai has been fixed with effect from 15th to 17th of July 2015. In this respect the meeting of the Federal executive gave following decisions-
1.The Branches of Tamilnadu & Pondicherry to go ahead with the preparations for the conferences and women convention.
2.Secretary General has been asked to visit Chennai at the earliest for the purpose of formation of Reception Committee.
                              It has also been decided by the meeting that:-
1.      Venue shall be named as “Com. S.K. Vyas Nagar”.
2.      Dias shall be named as “Com. I.S. Biltoria Manch”.
                              All Branches of the country have been requested by the meeting to extend all co-operation to the host Branches including financial support as per the share amount entrusted to them.
d)                 Branch Conferences and Branch level women convention:-
            The meeting looks following decisions-
Ø   Branches to hold Branch Conferences within 15th May 2015 and invite atleast one All India repre-
sentative in the conference. Alongwith Branch Conference, Branch level women convention should also be held. Branches shall submit the report of Branch Secretary and Audited Accounts report duly approved by the delegates of the Branch Conference to Central headquarters of the Associations.
Ø   Before Branch Conference, the units of the Branch concerned should complete their conferences and send report to Branch for onward transmission to Central Headquarters. All Units should invite atleast one representative from the Branch in the unit conference. Units shall prepare and submit the Secretary’s report and Audited Accounts report duly approved by the conference to the Branch Secretary.
Ø   Delegates for the Branch Conference should be deputed by unit strictly in terms of the provisions laid down in the constitution of the Association.
Ø    The conferences are to be conducted by both Branches and units in terms of the provisions laid down in the constitution of the Association.
Ø    No person who is a not a primary member atleast for three months on the day of conference and not a Delegates for the conference shall be elected/selected as office bearer of the Branch or Unit or Delegates for All India Conference  or Women Convention.
a)      Participation in confederation activities
The meeting noted that National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations and its affiliates have participated in all the decisions taken by confederation and activities organized by it during the periods between September 2014 and other agitational programmes, confederation had organized two days trade union class in Bangalore on 5th & 6th January 2015. Allotted number of delegates from Chennai, Cochin, Trivandrum, Bangalore and Delhi representing AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II attended the class. President and Secretary General and two more Federal executive members of NFCAA from Kerala also attended the classes.
b)     Participation in JCA programme and March to Parliament on 28th April 2015.
The National JCA formed after the National convention of Central Government Employees held at Delhi on 11th December has directed to form state JCA s of COC, Railway Federations and Defence Federations. Federal Executive members reported that, state JCAs have been formed in Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Kerala etc and Civil Accounts Employees Associations participated in those conventions.
Confederation has directed the National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations to mobilize atleast 700 employees for March to Parliament on 28th April 2015. Accordingly, the meeting decided that Branches shall mobilize the members according to the number indicated below:-
Srl. No.
Name of Branch
No. of Persons
North East Branch
West Bengal
Andhra Pradesh
Tamilnadu and Pondicherry
Madhya Pradesh
Haryana, Rohtak, Faridabad
Jammu & Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Agra & Nodia
c)   Trade Union class:-
It was reported in the meeting that the Branches of West Bengal have planned to organize a trade union class for its members.
The meeting of the Federal Executives decided to organize National level Trade Union Class in which all Branches shall sponsor allotted number of delegates. The Branches of Andhra Pradesh have offered to organize the class. The meeting requested the Branches of Andhra Pradesh to discuss the matter and inform the Federation Headquarters at the earliest.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The meeting of the Federal Executives observed that despite all efforts by the leaders of apex level JAC the local JACs at different stations are not functioning. The meeting therefore, once again requested the Branches and units to play their role in reviving local JACs at their respective stations.
           During the period under review, no new Branch of Pensioners Association was formed. The letter issued by NCCPA requesting NFCAA to form Departmental Pensioners Association i.e. Civil Accounts Pensioners Association was circulated to all.
           But, in the meeting, no consensus could be arrived at for the purpose of formation of Civil Accounts Pensioners Association and the meeting therefore decided to convey this matter to the Confederation.
            Since it was discussed under agenda item No.1 of the meeting and decisions taken, no further discussion was there.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Federal Executive members from Hyderabad wanted to learn whether any case filed by the All India Audit Association on the demand of payment of arrear to Sr. Acctts/AAOs from 01.01.1996 to 18.02.2013?  In this respect it has been decided that, the position shall be ascertained and informed to all concerned.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The meeting thereafter was declared as over by the Presidium.
                        All Branches are here by requested to give wide publicity of decisions taken in the Federal Executives meeting and also take initiative to implement all decisions.         
With warm greetings,


Secretary General