Tuesday, May 25, 2010


(All India Civil Accounts Employees Association

All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category –II)

10/42, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi: - 110060


No: NFCAA/HQ/A-1/10/Cir-5                       Dated 25th May, 2010



All Federal Executive Members,          

All Women Committee Members,        

           All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II


Dear Comrades,                


            We are sure, you have received our earlier Circular dated 11th May 2010 and started preparations for the Protest Day on 2nd June 2010. In case any Branch has not yet started preparations, they should do the same immediately and ensure success of the programme.


            The Civil Accounts authorities have been continuing with their adamant attitude. They are not ready to settle any issue or have dialogue with us.


Further, an attempt to snatch away our Central Office at 16-A, Akbar Road Hutments, New Delhi has been conspired by the Director of Estates, New Delhi. The matter was taken up with CCA, Supply, CCA, UD and CGA. Though CCA, Supply and CCA, UD have met the delegation of Association and assured to intervene positively, CGA has not taken any action so far. In the meantime, Confederation has also been request6ed to intervene in this matter.


            Dear Comrades, above discussed situations are nothing but a serious attack on the Civil Accounts Employees by the CGA and the authorities of Ministry of Urban Development together.  Of course, we shall analyze all the developments and attacks in the ensuing 4th Federal Council meeting to be held at Shillong on 11th and 12th June 2010, but at the same time we need to establish the fact of our existence as an united and organized Employees Organization in the eyes of the authorities.


Therefore, please treat the call of protest Day on 2nd June as one of the most important organizational action and implement it very seriously.


            The circular dated 11th May 2010 has been sent to all of you by annexing the Draft of the resolution to be adopted and forwarded to CGA on 2nd June 2010. The isolated units situated at different starters were also forwarded the Circular.


            Hence, all of you are requested to contact the units under your jurisdiction immediately and ask them to observe the protest day without fail.


With warm greetings,

Yours Sincerely,





   Secretary General         

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

(All India Civil Accounts Employees Association

All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category –II)

10/42, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi: - 110060


No: NFCAA/HQ/A-1/10/Cir-4                                           Dated 11th May, 2010


All Federal Executive Members,          

All Women Committee Members,        

           All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II


Dear Comrades,                


A delegation comprising Com. A. K. Mehta, Vice President, Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, Com. S. Bandyopadhyay, Finance Secretary and Com. M. B. Singh, Asstt. Secretary General had met Shri M. Sridharan, Joint Controller General of Accounts on 4th May 2010.

            The delegation had pointed out the following to the Joint Controller General of Accounts -

  1. Civil Accounts Organization is having large member of vacancies at the level of Sr. Accountant/Accountant/LDC/Group-D etc. Since there is no ban on recruitment, requisition to SSC for sponsoring persons should have been given by the Civil Accounts authorities as has been done by the authorities of Central Secretariat, Income Tax, Central Excise, Indian Audit and Accounts Department etc. But, inspite of assurance in by CGA in the formal meeting held between the official side and the National Executive of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association on 13th November 2009, office of CGA has not taken any action in this regard while the SSC is conducting recruitment examination on 15th May 2010..
  2. As a followup of the discussion held in the meeting dated 13th November 2009, the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II had submitted detailed note on the actual Pay Scales applicable to different Categories of Civil Accounts Employees and officers in terms of the 6CPC recommendations. But, the authorities have not taken any favorable action in this regard.
  3. Apart from above issues, other issues discussed in the same meeting and assurance of settlement offered againt those, have been place under cold storage.
  4.  The issues relating to grant of honorarium for checking of Pay Fixation/Pension cases, enhancement of rate of qualification Pay, Grant of benefit of MACP to different Categories of employees are pending with CGA office for more them Six months which should have been settled by now. But CGA office has not taken any action on any of the issues.

            The delegation finally demanded that, CGA should immediately convene a meeting with the representatives of both AICAEA CAT II and AICAEA for the  review of the progress on the items discussed in the meeting held on 12th and 13th November 2009 respectively.

            Reacting to the points raised by the delegation, Joint CGA, on behalf of the authorities indicated that, CGA has been planning total re-orientation of Civil Accounts Organization by making it positive towards the Departments/ Ministries it has been serving. In order to do so the size of the organization need to be reduced by not filling up the vacancies of different grades as it would generate small team of employees who would not be able to develop trade union actions and the available human resource in such a condition would be possible to be better exploited by using computerization and other form of automation etc. As an example, Joint CGA explained that, only one employee would be deployed and he/she would be enough to maintain few thousands of GPF Accounts through computer software. Joint CGA also informed that, different forms of training programmes are being planned to improve the skills of the employees and Joint CGA himself is engaged in working out the device for imparting training to non-matriculate Group-D Employees (who are not even 5% of total employees and most of them are on the verge of retirement).

            Joint CGA informed the delegation in clear terms that there are more than 950 vacancies in Sr. Accountant level. But CGA shall not fill up all those posts. In fact CGA has been dreaming to re-construct the Civil Accounts Organization into a commercialized co-operate house and have the ISO certification.

            Responding to the demands on the Grant of Pay Scales to different cadres, Joint CGA expressed that CGA is not inclined to send any recommendations to the Government for grant of appropriate Pay Scales applicable to different Categories of Employees and Officers of Civil Accounts Organization on the ground that officers and Employees of Civil Accounts Organization do not deserve any form of upgraded pay scale than the existing pay packets they have been receiving.

            Further, sharply reacting to the observations of the delegation on the matter of posting of AAO and PAOs in an irregular manner, Joint CGA attempted to established that, transfer and postings are a prerogative of CGA and CGA office is very fair in regulating the transfer and posting of AAO/PAOs although the policy adopted earlier by the authorities are not being followed now.


            Dear Comrades, on 6th May 2010, available Federal Executive members had reviewed the out come of the discussion with Joint CGA. Important functionaries of Delhi Branch had also taken part in this meeting. After a thorough review, the meeting concluded that the Civil Accounts authority has been plaining not only to destroy the Group-B C & D Cadres but  to demolish the Civil Accounts Organization altogether. Such an approach would not be tolerated by the NFCAA and its members. The meeting felt that there should be country wide protest and the form of protest programme should be decided in consultation with the leaders of Federation.

            Therefore, after consultation with all concerned it has been decided that, "All India protest day" shall be held on 2nd June 2010. All units shall adopt the annexed Resolution and forward it directly to CGA under intimation to Federation headquarters. Branches shall mobilize the units ensure sending resolution by all the units.



            It has been observed that many DDOs are not remitting subscriptions for a long time. Without money headquarters of the Associations can not run. Therefore, all Unit and Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure remittance of Subscription from their respective Units/ Brabnches immediately.

            Defaulting Units/Branches are also requested to remit the outstanding 1% arrear of 6CPC before 31st May 2010.

With warm greetings,



Secretary General




            The meeting of the staff members of PAO/ZAO ------------ held today the 2nd June 2010 noted with grave concern that there are thousands of posts vacant in the Civil Accounts Organization which has been adversely affecting the functioning of the office and the future prospects of the existing employees.

             The meeting also expresses its anguish against non-settlement of following demands.


1.      Implement arbitration award by granting higher pay scale notionally w.e.f.1-1-1986 and effectively w.e.f 1-1-2006.

2.      upgrade LDCs by re-designating them as Acctts/Assistants and following pay sales to different cadres-

             Acctts.Assistant                                                PB-1 with Grade Pay Rs.2400

            Accountant/Steno /DEO Gr. A                           PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4200

            Sr. Accountant/Auditor/ Steno Gr.II                  PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4600

            SO/JAO/AAO/PS                                             PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4800

                                                                                    PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.5400

                                                                                            On completion of 4 years.

             Accounts/Audit Officer/Sr. PS                       PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.6600

             Sr. Accounts/Audit Officer                                 PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.7600

3.      Grant ACP on departmental hierarchy basis.

4.      Grant one increment and Grade pay of Rs.4800 from the day of passing JAO/SOG examination.

5.      Grant three increments on passing departmental confirmatory examination.

6.      Step up pay of Senior Promotees who exhausted ACP in the event of junior drawing more pay and getting ACP in compliance with apex court judgment.

7.      Grant recognition to Railway Accounts Staff Association.


1.      Filling up of all vacant posts by direct recruitment, promotion and absorption of deputationists on agreed terms and no outsourcing and off-loading of works of Civil Accounts.

2.        Vacation of vindictive actions against employees and officers of the organization and taking appropriate action against officers' responsible for victimization and vindictive action.

3.        Restoration of 594 posts kept in operational abeyance.

4.      Implementation of MACP scheme by removing its anomalies.

5.       Grant of recognition to AICAEA CAT-II and implementation of Check-Off system as per Government instructions.     

6.      Augmentation of Additional Staff strength required in PAOs of Ministry of Home Affairs and creation of justified posts immediately.

7.      Formation of Department of Accounts under Controller General of Accounts.

8.      Conversion of DEO as Accountant.

9.      Promotion of all left out non-matriculate Group-D qualified Departmental examination before 0ctober2003 and restoration of 5% promotional Quota to the post of LDC.

10.  Increase in promotional quota for Senior Accountant as AAO to 20% of posts of AAO and removal of condition of 53 years of age for promotion.

11.  Grant of benefit of II ACP to Sr. Accountant appointed as Accountant on passing Departmental Competitive Examination conducted by SSC.

12.  Separate toilet facilities and Rest Room facilities for women employees in all offices.

13.  Issuing of Gradation lists of all cadres immediately.

14.  Provision of the Central Office of the Associationin in the new building allotted by the Government to CGA in the event of demolition existing accommodation.

15.  Supply of copies of orders/OMs of general interest of staff to the Association in terms of the Government of India as well as CGA's instructions and placement of orders/ Circulars in the website of CGA.

            The meeting therefore, urges upon the Controller General of Accounts to meeting the representatives of AICAEA and AICAEA Category-II and settle above issues at the earliest.

            Resolved that the copies of the Resolution shall be forwarded to the Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, Loknayak Bhawan, Khan Market New New Delhi -110003 and the Secretary General, National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations, New Delhi. 




President of the meeting  




Tuesday, May 4, 2010






Ph. 0120-2881727/011-2578 5070

E-mail: auditflag1923@gmail.com/ v_aicaea@yahoo.co.in


No: JAC/FM/2010/2                                                      Dated: 3rd May 2010




            Hon'ble Shri Nomo Narain Meena,

Minister of State,

Ministry of Finance,

Government of India,

North Block,

New Delhi – 110001



Subject:- Implementation of Award of Board of Arbitration regarding upgradation of Pay Scale of Senior Auditor/Senior Accountant at par with the Pay Scale of Assistant of Central Secretariat. 


Reference:- Our letter No.JAC/FM/2009/11   dated 14th December 2009.






            You were kind enough to meet a delegation of the Joint Action Committee on the issue of implementation of the above award on 18th January 2010. You had kindly agreed to call for the concerned file from the Department of Expenditure and see what can be done in the matter.


            It is hoped that requisite action has been taken by now.


            We may kindly be informed about the latest status of the case and whether direction has already been given by you to get the award implemented.


Thanking you,



Yours faithfully,














Ph. 0120-2881727/011-2578 5070

E-mail: auditflag1923@gmail.com/ v_aicaea@yahoo.co.in


No: JAC/FM/2010/3                                                          Dated: 3rd May 2010




            Shri Pranab Mukharjee,

            Hon'ble Finance Minister,

            Government of India,

            New Delhi




           Respectfully we invite your kind attention to the award given by the Board of Arbitration on 24/08/2004 in regard to Pay Scale of Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants & Accounts Assistants of Railways which is as under-


           "The Government is directed to upgrade Pay Scale same as to the Assistants of Central Secretariat services of Rs: 1640-2900 (Rupees 5500-9000 with effect from 01/01/96) to all Senior Auditors/Senior Accountants & Accounts Assistants of Railways with effect from 01/01/86 notionally and actual payment from 12/11/01 the date of reference of arbitration to the Board" 


          As per the instructions given by the Committee of Secretaries, the above award should have been implemented or referred to the Parliament for modification/rejection within a period of six months ending on 24/02/05. However, it has not so far been implemented.


           The matter was discussed in the Committee of National Council J. C. M. The official side contended that more than Rs.1200 Crores would have to be paid by way of arrears if the award was implemented actually from 12/11/01 which the Government cannot afford. The staffside then suggested that actual payment may be from 19.02.03, the date from which Government have already ordered to upgrade the pay scale to Rs. 5500-9000 i. e. notionally w.e.f 01/01/96 actually from the above date. The official side stated that even then the amount of arrear to be paid would be Rs. 675 crores which is not feasible.


          The staff representatives have thereafter, given in writing to forego all arrears and requested that the award may be implemented for the entire period from 01/01/1986 to 31/12/2005 notionally & actually from 01/01/06. Since  by accepting the recommendations of VICPC, Government have already upgraded the pay scale of these employees to pre-revised pay scale of Rs 6500-10500 Pay Band PB-2 with grade Pay of Rs 4200 i.e. on par with that of Assistants of Central Secretariat, there would be no extra liability for the Government by way of arrears.


             The matter is however, kept pending for last 3 years in the Department of Expenditure.


          We, therefore request you to intervene and direct the Department of Expenditure to implement the award notionally for the entire period of 01/01/86 to 31/12/05 as it has been implemented with effect from 01/01/06.


          The entire fraternity of employees of IA & AD and Organized Accounts Establishments will be grateful to you for this intervention and settlement of long pending demand.


                                                           With profound regards

Yours Sincerely    







Monday, May 3, 2010





OLD C.G.O. BLDG, 3rd FLOOR, 101, M.K. ROAD, MUMBAI-400 020.



No. AICAEA Cat-II/CHQ/W.C.Notif-2010 /                             30th April 2010




In exercise of the provision under Article 9(b) & 10 of Part II of the Constitution of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II it is hereby notified that the Central Working Committee Meeting of the Association will be held in Shillong from 11th and 12th June 2010


Venue:     Earle Holiday Home


Shillong 793001



Time:       Time will be announced after the flag hoisting and offering of floral tribute to 

                  Martyrs column, which is scheduled be held at 9.30 A.M. of 11.06.2010


Agenda: -

1)                  Presentation of report of the Secretary General.

2)                  Presentation of Accounts of the Association by Finance Secretary

3)                  Review of the functioning of the Association (a) Central Head Quarter and   (b) Branches

4)                  Recognition of the Association

5)                  Discussion on Charter of demands

6)                  Coordination with All India Association of Pay & Accounts Officers (Civil) 

7)                  Functioning of National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations

8)                  Role of AICAEA Category-II in the working class movement especially in Central Govt.employees front

9)                  Filling up of vacant posts in the National Executive

10)              Policy programme and resolutions

11)              Any other matter with the permission of chair

12)              Vote of thanks


Composition: In terms of Article 9(a) of Part II of the Constitution, Central Working Committee shall consist of the members of National Executive and the Branch Secretary or any other accredited representative of the Branches.


 Delegates are to ensure that the membership fee has been paid up to date, before the starting of the Conference.


 Inaugural Session: Inaugural session will start immediately after the Flag Hoisting Ceremony and offering of floral tribute to Martyrs Column at 9.30 A.M.


The delegates are requested to send the following information to any of the following important functionaries of AICAEA /AICAEA Cat-II and also to Central Head Quarter


1)                     Name of delegates / Observers

2)                     Name of train and its number

3)                     Time and date of arrival at Guwhati/Shillong.

Contacts in Shillong

             1. J. Bhattacharjee              -09436101084

2. A. Bhattacharjee             -09436334625

3. B. Dev                                -09436101084

4. G. Chakroborty                -09436704191

5. W.Shangpliang                 -09436703989

6. K. R. Hajong                       -09436163049

7. S. Shangpliang                  -09615961395

8. M. Bhattacharjee            -09436332993


Contacts in Guwahati:

1. S. K. Dutta                          -09864059828

2. D. Saika                              -09957316138

3. S. Saha                               -09706079228





Climate: Summer: Max 23.30 degrees C, Min. 15.00 degrees C.

Clothing: Summer (April to October): Light tropical




Air: The nearest Air Port is at Umroi, 35Kms away. However, Lokoprio Gopinath Bordoli International Airport, Guwahati 128Kms from Shillong is the major hub of air traffic in the region.

Rail: Shillong is connected with rest of the country through Guwahati. Guwahati Railway station is 103Kms from Shillong.

Road: Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) operates bus services from Shillong to Guwahati and Guwahati to Shillong from 0600 hours daily. Tourist Taxi, Tata Sumo is also available for travel between Shillong to Guwahati and vice-verse. The Sumo/Taxi services from Shillong to Guwahati and Guwahati to Shillong is from 0400 hours to 2000 hours daily. The Sumo/Taxi Stand is just 10 Min. walking distance from Guwahati Railway station. Sumo fair from Guwahati to Shillong ranges from Rs. 120 to Rs. 150 and the taxi fair Rs. 190. The Bus station is in Lokhra around15 KM from Guwahati Railway station. But there is an out agency in Paltan Bazar in the premises of Assam state Transport Corporation office. This is very near to the Sumo/Taxi Stand. The Bus fair is Rs.80/-. It shall take approximately 3(three) hours journey from Guwahati to Shillong.

Local Transport: Un-metered yellow-top, black-body taxis are available for traveling to various destinations in the city. The fair from Civil Hospital to Police Bazar is Rs. 5/- only. Civil Hospital is the last stand for some Sumo/Buses. However most of them reaches Police Bazar.

Venue: the Venue for the C. W. C is Earle Holiday Home Oakland, which is 5 Minutes walking distance from Police Bazar/ Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) office Jail Road. The Holiday Home is adjacent to Ward's Lake.




                                 Secretary General



Forwarded to: -

1.      All the National Executive members

2.      All the Branch Secretaries

3.      Secretary General,NFCAA,New Delhi





N.B: Branch Secretaries are requested to send the membership list to Central Head           quarter as   early as possible




Saturday, May 1, 2010


Brief History of May Day

May Day began in the U.S. with a strike on May 1, 1886 to demand a limit of the workday to 8 hours. This first ever national strike in the U.S., centered in Chicago, was very successful, with some 350,000 workers taking part. Many sections of the working class, including the building trades, won the 8-hour day. However, during the struggle, police killed 6 striking workers at the McCormick-Harvester plant in Chicago, and 8 of the leaders of the May Day struggle were arrested; 4 of them were hung and others were sentenced to long prison terms.      

Then as now, immigrant workers played a leading role. At that time, many of them were German immigrants. Other leaders included Lucy Parsons, wife of Albert Parsons, one of the martyrs of the May Day struggle, who was of Chicano, African and Native American ancestry.

The fight for the 8-hour day led to the recognition of May 1 as international workers' day. In many countries it is an official holiday. But the leaders of the American Federation of Labor, and later the AFL-CIO, have never recognized May Day as international workers' day. Instead they have held tame rallies or picnics on Labor Day in September, thus separating U.S. workers from the rest of the working class.

In the U.S. until after World War II, militant workers celebrated May Day, with rallies in New York held in Union Square. But with the purges from the unions of communists, socialists and other militant workers by the government and trade union bureaucrats at the start of the Cold War, May Day became a shell of itself. It is time to revive the international militant working class traditions of May Day!


Haymarket Martyrs (1887)

On a May 4, 1886, a Chicago rally called to protest the killing of two workers by police, turned into a violent clash after a bomb was thrown. The chaotic scene that left several workers and seven policemen dead, and the legal aftermath, was to become known as the Haymarket Affair. Two of the leaders who spoke at the rally, Albert Parsons, and August Spies, as well as fellow anarchists George Engel and Adolph Fisher, were arrested, tried and executed by the state in 1887. Louis Lingg was condemned to death, but killed himself in prison. Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden and Oscar Neebe were pardoned in 1893.