Monday, January 24, 2011


 Represented By

                                                               All India Civil Accounts Employees Association

                                                                                               (RECOGNISED BY GOVT. OF INDIA)

                                                                                                         CENTRAL HEADQUARTER

10/42, II Floor, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110060 Tel: 25785070

                                   All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category -II


C/o Regional Pay and Accounts Office

Ministry of Commerce

Old CGO Building, 3rd Floor, 101, M. K. Road Mumbai-400020 Tel: 22031121



No: NFCAA/ HQ/A-1/11/Cir-2                                                                         Dated: 24th January, 2011



All Federal Executive Members,          

All Women Committee Members,        

            All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II


Dear Comrades,


            As had been decided in the Federal Executive Meeting (i.e. Joint National Executive Meeting of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II) held on 9th December 2010, following Women Committee members of the National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations(NFCAA) shall attend as Delegates of the NFCAA in the 1st National Women Convention of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers' to be held at Kolkata on 7th and 8th February 2011.




Min./Deptt and Station




CBDT, Chennai


Mrs.Kalpana Dutta


MHA, Delhi


Mrs.Kamlesh Kumari

Committee Member

CBEC, Delhi


Mrs. N.Durga

Committee Member

I&B, Chennai


Mrs. M.Lavanya

Committee Member

Steel & Mines, Hyderabad


Mrs. S.S.Uikey

Committee Member

Steel & Mines, Nagpur



Committee Member

Steel & Mines, Nagpur



Committee Member

I&B, Nagpur


Mrs. Pupelties Synjri

Committee Member

CBDT, Shillong


Mrs. Laksimai Kharsotun

Committee Member

CBDT, Shillong


Mrs. Swassati Dutta

Committee Member

Commerce, Mumbai


            All the above mentioned Delegates are requested to ensure their arrival in Kolkata on 6th February 2011 positively.



            Necessary arrangement for stay of the Delegates at Kolkata has been made by the Reception Committee, 1st Convention, Kolkata. A copy of the letter from Com.Pujish Roy, General Secretary, West Bengal State Coordination Committee, Kolkata issued to the Secretary General Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers in this regard is enclosed herewith for ready reference.

            All Branch Secretaries/ Women Delegates are requested to intimate the Train No. and Date of arrival etc. to the Reception Committee in the given phone numbers so that they could be received on the Railway Platform by the representatives of the Reception Committee.

            Delegates are also requested to give all informations relating to their arrival at Kolkata to any of the following persons and Secretary General (9868520926) so that they do not face any problem after reaching at Kolkata -

1.    Com.Pijush Roy, Genl Secy, COC, West Benagal                      - 0 9433515577

2.    Com.Subhendu Roy Choudhury, Asstt. Secy.Genl. AICAEA   - 0 9432440182

3.    Com.Ashim Kr. Bhattacharjee, Vice-President, AICAEA          - 0 9433515287

4.    Com.Shantanu Bhattacharjee, Asstt. Secy. Genl, AICAEA         -0 9230008289

5.    Com.S.P.Roy, President, AICAEA CAT II                                  -0 9230490430


With warm greetings,


Enclo:- as above.


Secretary General


(All India Civil Accounts Employees Association

All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category –II)

10/42, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi: - 110060


No: NFCAA/HQ/A-1/11                                                                                                                                                                                  Dated: 7th January, 2011



            All Branch Secretaries of

            AICAEA & AICAEA Cat – II,


Dear Comrades,


            At the very outset, wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2011. It must be our New Year resolution that, we shall achieve all pending issues in 2011 through sustained struggle.


            As discussed in the last extended Federal Executive meeting under the agenda item "Expansion of Civil Accounts Organization", I am enclosing herewith the copy of the "Minutes of the General Body meeting (GBM) of ICAS Association". Though the document is very unclear on the issue of expansion of organization, relevant portion of the document has been underlined.


            In the mean time, it could be learnt that the CGA authorities have been moving unilaterally for restructuring of Civil Accounts Organization. They have directed all Heads of the Departments of Civil Accounts Organization to send their proposal for restructuring of their respective departments. Accordingly, some of the authorities have prepared their proposals also.


            The issue being very serious, you are requested not to ignore the letter and sent the view of your Branch Committee in writing within 30th January 2011 positively.


            While deliberating on the matter please keep following points in to consideration-


  1. Manning of all PAOs of Civil Ministries like PAOs of Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space by Civil Accounts Employees (as has been done in SSB & BSF).
  2. Merger of Divisional Accounting system in the Civil Accounts formation.
  3. Bringing DDO functions under the Civil Accounts formation.
  4. Conversion of FPU of CBDT in to full fledged PAOs.
  5. A PAO/ZAO should have atleast-

1 – Multiskilled employee (Gr-Pay 1800/-)

1 – Accounts Assistants (Gr-Pay 2400/-)

5 – Accountant/Sr. Accountant (Gr-Pay 4200-4600/-)

2 – AAOs – (Gr-Pay – (4800/5400/-)

1 – AO/Sr. AO – (Gr-Pay 6600/7600/-)


With warm greetings

Enclose: - as above


Secretary General

Copy to all Federal Executive Members:-









 Represented By
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association

                                                                                         (RECOGNISED BY GOVT. OF INDIA)

                                                                                                  CENTRAL HEADQUARTER

10/42, II Floor, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110060 Tel: 25785070

                                   All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category -II


C/o Regional Pay and Accounts Office

Ministry of Commerce

Old CGO Building, 3rd Floor, 101, M. K. Road Mumbai-400020 Tel: 22031121


No: NFCAA/HQ/A-2/11/591                                                                                                                                                                            Dated: 7th January, 2011



Shri C. R. Sundaramurti,                                   

Controller General of Accounts,

Ministry of Finance,

Department of Expenditure,

Loknayak Bhawan,

Khan Market,

New Delhi-110003


Subject: - Settlement of the issues submitted through the memorandum on 8th December 2010.




            At the very outset, I on behalf of National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations wish you and all officers and staff of your office a very happy new year 2011.


            It may be recalled that, when we had met you on 8th December 2010 in your Chamber to submit the memorandum on 16 point pending demands, you were kind enough to assure that, soon you would convene meetings with the representatives of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category – II. But we have not so received any communication from you end.


            Since a month has been over in the mean time, I request you to kindly fix the date (s) of the meeting and intimate us early.



Yours faithfully,


            (V.Bhattacharjee)                                                                                                        (M. P.Pandit)                                                                                             
            Secretary General                                                                                                       Secretary General               

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Decisions of extended Federal Executive meeting

Decisions of extended Federal Executive meeting

As scheduled, extended Federal Executive meeting was held on 9th December 2010 in Chug Dharamsala, New Delhi. This meeting was attended by 72 Comrades.

            The meeting was presided over by the Presidium composed of Com. T. R. Janardanan, President, Com. M. S. Bharne, Com. L. K. Salve and Com. S. P. Roy, Vice Presidents. Com President welcomed all the members and also congratulated them for making the Dharna on 8th December 2010 a grand success.


While discussing the status of Departmental demands, the meeting observed that there was no improvement in the condition of any demand. Moreover, Federal Executive members of different branches had informed about the fresh attacks on the employees in different forms.

§         Denial of honorarium for checking of pay fixation and pension cases was one of the issuesand the meeting condemned the action of the CGA authorities and directed federation headquarters to take up the issue once again with the authorities.

·         The issue of outsourcing, off loading, contracterization of works and re-employing retired persons in the name of consultants was discussed by the Federal Executive meeting at length. It was concluded that, outsourcing, off loading contracterization and appointment of consultants etc. are anti-people and anti employee polices. Lakhs of educated youths in our country are unemployed and they are being exploited through outsourcing and contracterization. Moreover, re-employment of retired persons at low costs is also promoting unemployment.  Thus the NFCAA being a responsible employees' organization and an integral part of the working class movement of the country can no longer allow such policies to continue in the Organization. Therefore, the meeting resolutely decided to oppose outsourcing, off loading, contracterization and re-employment of retired persons and directed all Branches and units to organize protests actions against outsourcing, contracterization and appoint-tment of consultants etc.

·         It was reported in the meeting that DEOs of CBEC have been made subject of fresh attack. They have been burdened with the work load of feeding 5000 challans a month in addition various other works already they have been performing. The meeting directed the Federation headquarters to take up the matter with Pr. CCA, CBEC for a negotiated settlement. However, if there is no settlement, the issue shall be fought out organizationally

After discussing above issues, the meeting the meeting reviewed the outcome of the Dharna and subsequent discussion with CGA by the delegation of NFCAA on 8TH December 2010. The meeting concluded that, though CGA has assured to convene meeting on 16 point Charter of Demands but the negotiation not backed by struggles will not be of desired result. The meeting therefore decided that, in the event of non-fulfillment of assurance of holding meeting by CGA, following action programmes shall be organized.

1.      Massive campaign from 15 January 2011 through out the country by organizing Branch level mobilization programmes.

2.      24 hours continuous Dharna at Branch level in February 2011.

3.      Intensified organizational actions in the form of industrial action during March 2010.



It was reported by Secretary General that, ICAS officers Association has demand to create 200 new posts in the Civil Accounts Organization and CGA has been reportedly preparing the cabinet note on this matter. However, realizing that, without proportionate increase in the number Group-B&C employees the proposal would not be considered by the Government, NFCAA representatives were requested informally to raise the demand of expansion of Civil Accounts Organization by taking over all sorts accounting functions of the Civil

Civil Ministries of Government of India which include merger of Divisions, DDO functions and Pay and Accounts Offices functioning under the Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space etc.

The meeting, while appreciating the idea directed federation headquarters to send all relevant papers on this issue to Branches so that the Branches could discuss it democratically and send their views.




The meeting of the extended Federal Executive has decided with the consent of Branches of Mumbai that 12th All India Conference of AICAEA and 4th All India Conference of AICAEA Cat-II shall be held jointly in

Mumbai in June 2011. The meeting directed the Branches of Mumbai to finalize the dates for the conferences and inform federation headquarters at the earliest.



This item was not discussed as a separate item of agenda. However, while initiating the discussion on the organizational matters, Secretary General referred the matter. All the spokespersons from the Branches also made reference of the strike of 7th September 2010 and explained the position in respect of their Branches.

            It was observed by the meeting that performance of Civil Accounts Employees in the 7th September 2010 strike was below the normal mark and needs improvements in future. Accordingly it has been decided that all programmes of confederation would be implemented by all Branches/Units.


The decision taken by the National Council meeting of the Confederation held in Mumbai on 1st December 2010 was reported in the meeting.  The National Council meeting adopted a charter of demands on CGE specific issues and decided to pursue it through organizational actions. It has also been decided to have larger participation of CGEs in the March to Parliament on23rd February 2011. The meeting has also decided to hold a National Convention of Women at Kolkata on 7th & February 2010 where Civil Accounts shall have to provide at least 10 delegates from stations other than Kolkata.

            In view of above, the meeting of extended Federal Executives has taken following decisions –

§         Charter of demands adopted by the Confederation shall be given wide publicity and Branches and units shall co-ordinate with their respective COCs in implementing the programme.

§         As regards March to Parliament, efforts for maximum mobilization from Delhi and surroundings shall be made. Branches are to keep in touch with their state/station level COCs and be the part of the decision of COCs.

§         10 Women delegates shall participate in the Women convention under the leadership of Chairperson and Convener of National Women Committee. All Women Committee members are to participate in the convention as delegates. However, following Branches are to send delegates without fail-

Delhi-2, NE-2, Mumbai-2, A. P-1, Nagpur-1, and Tamilnadu and Podicherry-2.



The latest position of issue of arbitration award on grant of higher pay scales to Accounts and Audit Employees with effect from 1/1/1986 was reported in the meeting by Secretary General. Government had moved a resolution in Parliament in the Monsoon session to reject the award. However, Com Basudev Acharia, M. P. had raised objection at the request of JAC. Subsequently, JAC representatives approached MPs of different political parties seeking their intervention. The JAC delegation had also met Smti. Sushma Swaraj, leader of opposition in Lokshaba. Smti. Swaraj assured that she would intervene but, JAC should   pursue MPs of other political parties also and request to extend their support to her move.

            The Resolution could not be passed by the Government in Lokshaba.

            The meeting observed that, there are various issues common to Accounts & Audit Employees and such issues are required to be fought unitedly by JAC. Therefore, JAC functioning at all level need to be revived. Hence, the Branches may take initiative and pursue other Accounts & Audit Employees Organization in their respective stations and give feed back to Federation Headquarters. Further, the apex JAC may be requested to meet and decide organizational actions in support of common demands. 





            The extended joint National Executive meeting of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II held under the banner of National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations from 7th to 9th December 2010 in Delhi discussed on outsourcing, off loading, contracterization of works and re-employing retired persons in the name of consultants at length.

             It was observe by the meeting that, outsourcing, off loading, contracterization and appointment of consultants etc. are not only against the interest of functioning of Government departments but anti-people and anti employee polices too. On one side these activities are causing serious harm to the Government Departments and on the other side, lakhs of educated unemployed youths of our country are being exploited through contracterization. Moreover, re-employment of retired persons in Government at low costs has been promoting the growth of unemployment.

            The meeting felt that, NFCAA being a responsible employees' organization and an integral part of the working class movement of the country can no longer allow such policies to continue in the Civil Accounts Organization. Therefore, the meeting resolved to oppose outsourcing, off loading, contracterization and re-employment of retired persons.

            The meeting further resolved to urge upon the Civil Accounts authorities to stop all sorts of outsourcing and re-employment of retired persons as consultants and fill up all vacant posts by direct recruitment, promotion and absorption of deputationists on agreed terms.

            The meeting also resolved that, the copies of this resolution shall be forwarded to the Controller General of Accounts, New Delhi.










            A meeting between the official side and the representatives of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association under the Chairpersonship of Shri M. J. Joseph, Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts, CBEC, New Delhi was held on 14th December 2010 at 3 P. M.  in the  chamber of Pr. CCA, CBEC. Following were present


SI. No

Official side

SI. No

Staff side


Shri M. J. Joseph, Pr. CCA. 


Shri V. Bhattacharjee, Secy. Genl


Shri D. N. Pathak, CCA


Shri A.S.H.Shankaramayan,

President, CBEC, Delhi Unit.


Shri Abhijit Roy, CA


Mrs. Kamlesh Kumari, Vice President, CBEC, Delhi Unit.


Shri P.L.Sahu, CA


Shri A.Mudgal, Executive Member


Shri A. K. Mishra, Sr. AO




            At the very outset, Pr. CCA welcomed the representatives of the Association. He also requested the representatives of the Association to convey his thanks to totality of employees and officers of CBEC for their effort for sending the monthly accounts on 10th of the month. He also congratulated all and requested to convey the same to all.




1.          Filling up of vacant posts in all cadres.


Staff side informed that due to non filling up of vacant posts existing employees are facing lots of difficulties and efficiency of the Department is the final victim.

Official side informed that, they have taken steps to fill up the vacancies. 65 applications for deputation has been received, S.S.C. has also been approached to send dossiers of fresh candidates at the earliest.

While appreciating the actions of the official side, staff side suggested that the services of retired persons may be utilized as a stop gap arrangement. Chairman agreed to the proposal.


2.          Restoration of power to Zonal heads and PAOs relating to GPF advance/withdrawal and leave etc.


Official side informed that the order in this regard has been issued on 26/11/2010 and the copy of the same shall be provided to the Association.  Staff side offered thanks for the same.

3.          Vacation of vindictive actions against employees of PAO, Central Excise, Allahabad and grant of promotions MACPs etc to persons denied the benefits.

(a)  Promotion as AAO – Case of Shri M.K. Keshari, Allahabad.

(b)  Grant of MACP - case of D. Roy Choudhury AAO (Retd.), Kolkata.

(c)   Grant of MACP to Shri Taraknath Mukharjee, Sr. Accountant, Kolkata.

(d)  Smti. Manu Sharma, DEO,mEERUT

In addition to these three officials, staff side requested that the benefit of MACP may be extended to Shri S. N. Dwivedi, (Allahabad) and Smti. Manju Sharma (Meerut), both DEOS.


Official side informed that adverse entries from the CRs in most of the cases have either been expunged or being expunged. However, the position of the cases shall be reviewed and ensured that due benefits to the individuals are granted at the earliest.


4.          Grant of MACPs to different categories of staff pending for long time


Official side informed that DPC was conducted on 13th December 2010 and all pending cases have been cleared. However, if any case is left out due to technical reason, shall be considered and cleared.


5.          Offering of compassionate appointments – cases from Guntur, Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore etc.


Staff side informed that according to their information following compassionate appointment cases are pending:-


1.      S.Rangaraj S/o R. Arungovalan (Trichy)

2.      M.H. Mote S/o H.B.Mote (Mumbai)

3.      T. Ephraim S/o Kannaiya (Guntur)

4.      Santosh Jadav S/o J. Remamani (Hyderabad)

5.      Mahon Kumar S/o Tez Singh Verma (Delhi)


Official side stated that the cases shall be examined and the committee for the purpose shall be constituted as per the procedure prescribed for the purpose. Cases recommended by the Committee for compassionate appointment shall be considered.


6.          Permission to appear AAO Examination by educationally qualified group-D (now Gr-C) – case from Cochin.


Staff side pointed that Shri V. S. Vinod, Gr-D Working in PAO, Central Excise, Cochin, had represented to permit him to appear AAO© Examination 2010 on following grounds:-


  1. After implementation Gr-D posts have been upgraded as Group C.
  2. Being graduate he fulfils the condition for appearing the examination and has the required computer operation skills as he has been imparted trainings.


His request was not considered by the administration and was not forwarded to CGA.


Chairman assured that, he would recommend his case favourably to CGA.   


7.          Grant of promotion from Gr-D to LDC at same station – case from Jaipur


Staff side requested that Shri Prabhu Dayal (Group-D working in PAO, CBEC, Jaipur has been granted promotion as LDC and allocated for posting under CCA, UD, Delhi. Being a poor paid employee, Shri Dayal is not in a position to come to Delhi as he had unilaterally sought his transfer to Jaipur a few years back.


Official side informed that the case would be referred to CGA favorably. However, a copy of the letter issued to CGA shall be provided to Association for persuasion from its end.


8.          Request for transfer from Delhi to Patna, - case from Delhi.


Staff side stated that, following officials have been seeking transfer to their Home Stations for quite a long time and  since their  transfers shall not cause reduction in the strength of the organization may kindly be considered favorably :-


  1. Shri N. K. Singh from Delhi to Patna.
  2. Smt. A. S. Sonurkar, from Aurangabad to Nagpur.
  3. Shri P.C. Venkatesh from Belgum to Hyderabad.


Official side informed that, requests shall be considered case to case basis.


Staff side also requested that, Shri Srehans Saini, Sr. Accountant working in PAO, BNP Dewas has requested for consideration of transfer to PAO, CBEC, Indore and the administration of CCA, Ministry of Finance, has expressed that the official would be relieved on transfer after the pending pension cases in the office are cleared. Staff side requested that the case may be taken up with CCA, Finance. Official side agreed to consider the request of staff side.  


9.          Total renovation of rooms and sections in the Fifth Floor of the A.G.CR. Building, New Delhi and Room No. 333 in the CR Building, of the P.A.O., Central Excise, New Delhi.


Staff side informed that, the condition of fifth floor of AGCR Building in which some of the sections of Pr. CCA, CBEC are located is in very bad condition and the staff sitting there are confronting HEALTH hazard due to staging of computer scrap and dumped old records. The room requires immediate cleaning and renovation to make it usable.


Similarly the conditions of Room No. 333 of PAO, Central Excise, New Delhi situated in C. R. Building, New Delhi is also in a very bad condition. Old records need to be removed from the room and renovation is also required to done to make it usable.


Chairman informed that, he Alongwith CCA and other Senior Officers shall visit the offices and take appropriate decision to solve the problems after examining the rooms physically.



10.     Improvement in maintenance of computer system in entire organization and particularly in Delhi offices.


Staff side informed that the maintenance of computer system in entire organization is below the mark. Internet facilities and equipments of the computers are very poor causing lots of difficulties for the staff to work smoothly.


Chairman stated that, after having assessment from different offices, appropriate measures shall be taken. Wherever necessary, old computers shall be replaced by new computers.


11.     Reimbursement of hospitality (Tea/Coffee and Snacks) expenditure to AAOs as has been granted by CCA, MHA and CCA, I&B. 

Official side agreed to the proposal and assured that a favorable decision in this regard shall be taken.



12.     Provisions of stationery items to the staff members.           


Official side assured that action shall be taken to a ensure improvement of quality of stationeries and their adequate supply.

13.     Improvement of the present arrangement for drinking water system and provision of water dispensers – section wise.

Staff side pointed out that, adequate drinking water facilities need to be arranged and atleast one dispenser may be provided to every section. Chairman agreed that, having clean and hygienic water being fundamental human right to every one, dispensers shall be provided to every section.


14.     Provision of Common Room for Ladies.


On behalf of official side, CCA informed that he would personally discuss the authorities responsible for providing space in the building so that an accommodation to the local Association can be allotted for purpose of both ladies common Room and office of Association.

15.     Provision of Room for the Unit Association.


16.     Provision of Identity Cards of the Ministry of Home Affairs for all the staff members working in different Pay and Accounts Offices located   in Delhi and NCR.   

Issuing of Pay/salary slip


Staff side informed that, the officials working in the offices of Delhi and NCR but not in AGCR Building do not posses proper ID Card for them. ID Card issued by local administrations of the buildings they are working is not having legal validity. Hence all employees working in different offices located in NCR may be issued proper ID Card (i.e. MHA ID Card) through the office of Pr. CCA, CBEC.


Chairman appreciated the problem and assured that, he would personally takeup the matter with the appropriate authority and settle it.


Staff side further requested that, the process of issuing of Pay Slip may be restored from the current month.

Official side agreed to do the needful in this respect



After the discussion on item No-16 was over, staff side raised the problem being faced by DEOS due to recent decisions of authorities regarding data feeding and challan feeding etc. Official side assured to take a rational view in the matter and asked the staff side to submit their suggestion in writing.


Staff side further requested officials' side to kindly clear the requests for adhoc promotions and also take favourable actions for granting of computer advance to the applicants waiting for pretty long time.



Staff side thanked the official side and assured their full co-operation in all matters.