Thursday, May 7, 2009

charter of demands


Common demands

1.       Regularization of all contract and casual workers.

2.       Pay of official promoted should not be fixed at a lower stage than a direct recruitee as a result of implementation of 6CPC recommendations

3.       Implement arbitration award by granting higher pay scale notionally w.e.f.1-1-1986 and effectively w.e.f 1-1-2006.

4.       Upgrade LDCs by re-designating them as Acctts/Audit Assistants and following pay sales to different cadres-

Acctts/AuditAssistant- PB-1 with Grade Pay Rs.2400

        Acctt/Auditor/StenoGr.II-PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4200

       Sr.Acctt/Auditor/StenoGr.I-PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4600

         SO/JAO/AAO/PS  - PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4800 –

       PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.5400 - On completion of 4 years.

       Accounts/Audit Officer - PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.6600

        Sr.Accounts/AuditOfficer-PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.7600

5.        Grant ACP on departmental hierarchy basis.

6.        Grant one increment and Grade pay of Rs.4800 from the day of passing JAO/SOG examination.

7.       Grant three increments on passing departmental confirmatory examination.

8.        Step up pay of Senior Promotees who exhausted ACP in the event of junior drawing more pay and getting ACP in compliance with apex court judgment.

9.       Grant of increment either in January or in July –

  Whichever is beneficial to an employee.

10.      Setting up of Departmental level "Complaints Committee" in terms of the direction of Supreme Court of India and National Commission for Women.

11.      Making provisions of Ladies Common Room in all Central Government offices.

12.      Reservation of 33% seats for women in legislatures and Government services.

13.      Stoppage of projecting Women as commodities by media and advertising agencies.

14.      Expeditious settlement of cases of sexual harass-


ments and incidents of misbehaviors at work spots.

15.      Implementation of (A) child care leave removing the condition of exhaustion of other kinds of leave due and (B) flexi-time/working hours for women employees as per 6PC recommendations.

Departmental Demands

1.       No abolition of posts exemption to the entire Civil Accounts Organisation from the purview of screening Committee. Filling up of all vacant posts immediately by direct recruitment, promotion and absorption of Deputationists on agreed terms.

2.       No outsourcing and offloading of works of Civil Accounts organisation and no introduction of new packages or up gradations of versions without proper dialogue with the Association.

3.       Formation of Department of Accounts under Controller General of Accounts.

4.       Withdrawal of vindictive actions against the employees and Officers of the organisation and taking proper action against officers responsible fro harassment.

5.       Restoration of 594 posts kept in abeyance.

6.       Settlement of 6CPC related issues-

        Upgrade LDCs by re-designating them as Acctts Assistants and grant following pay sales to different cadres-

AccountsAssistant - PB-1 with Grade Pay Rs.2400

Accountant/DEOGr.A/StenoGr.II-PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4200

Sr.Accountant/StenoGr.I - PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4600

Sr.Acctt-with-IIACP -PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4800

JAO/AAO/PS - PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4800 PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.5400 on completion of 4 years.

7.       Grant of recognition to AICAEA CAT II and implementation Check-off system as per Govt. instructions.

8.       Conversion of DEOs as Accountants.

9.       Grant of promotion to all left out non-matriculate Gr-D qualified departmental Examination before Oct.03 & Restoration of 5% promotional quota to the post of LDC

10.   Posting of stenos/PAs & LDC' in CGA office from Civil Accounts Organisation only and grant of higher scales to Stenos at par with Accountant/Sr. Accountant.

11.   Implementation of mutually agreed transparent transfer policy in respect of JAO/AAO.

12.   No lateral induction of surpluses of other departments.

13.   Increase in promotional quota for Sr. Accountants as JAOs to 20% of JAO/AAO and removal of condition of 53 years of age.

14.   Allocation of at least one seat to the AICAEA in the National Council (JCM) out of 4 seats available under Departmental council JCM, Min. of finance.

15.   Scrapping of Type Test for Group-D promoted as LDCs.

16.   Grant of benefit of IIACP to Senior Accountants appointed as Accountant passing limited Departmental competitive examination.

17.   Holding of DPC twice in a year.

18.   Merger of Divisional Accounting System with Civil Accounts formation.

19.   Separate toilet facilities and rest room facilities for women employees in all offices.

20.   Settlement of all compassionate appointment cases.

21.   Augmentation of the staff strengthens of PAOs of MHA and creation of required numbers of posts in PAOs of Ministry immediately.

22.   Central Pay Bill office (CPBO), opened up at Shillong under MHA should be manned by Civil Accounts Employees.

23.   No interference of Prasar Bharati in the functioning of Civil Accounts offices i.e. AIR/DD functioning under CCA, I&B.

24.   Grant immediate promotion to all Gr-D and LDCs as a one time measure and no displacement of stations on their promotion.

25.    Issue of gradation list of all cadres pending for more than a decade and placing of combined seniority lists of all cadres in the website.

26.   Revision of rate of qualification pay to Rs.1000/-.

27.   Creation of additional posts and strengthening of internal Audit of Government Departments and organizations aided financially by the Government.

28.   Merger of Divisional Accounting system with Civil Accounts  organisation.

29.   Provision of amenities to the central office of AICAEA.

30.   Supply of copies of orders/OMs of general interest of staff to the Association in terms of the Govt. of India rules and placement of orders and Circulars in the website of CGA.

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