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                                (All India Civil Accounts Employees Association

All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category –II)

10/42, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi: - 110060


No: NFCAA/HQ/A-1/2009/Cir-11                                                                Dated: 14th Dec. 2009



                      All Federal Executive Members,

                      All Women Committee Members,

                      All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II


Dear Comrades,

                                                        ONE DAY STRIKE

          We are sure; you have received the earlier circular dated 29th November 2009 and started preparation for the one day strike on 18th February, 2010 for realization of 16 point Departmental demands. We have already explained the reasons for taking such a decision after ten years. On Departmental Demands, we had resorted to a Day's Strike on 30th March 2000 and now once again the situation has worsened to such an extent that, we have no alternative but to embark on the industrial action. None of our major pending demands has been settled within last one year and present civil authorities are not even ready to  takeup our issues relating to the pay scales arisen after implementation of 6th CPC with  the Government. Hence the strike is a must.


                               APEX J.A.C. DECIDES FOR JOINT STRIKE

          Some of the categories of Employees and officers of Accounts and Audit Organisations have been deprived from the legitimate Pay Scales and Grade Pay as per the recommendations of VI CPC and placed below their counterpart in Central Secretariat. In view of such a situation, the apex JAC of Accounts and Audit Employees and Officers Organisations had been consolidating is position for fighting these discriminations.  Grant of high Pay Scales to Central Secretariat Cadres and particularly to the Assistants retrospectively from 01-01-2006, has caused added injury to different Cadres of Accounts and Audit Departments/Organization's.


         The apex level Joint Action Committee had met on 8th Dec. 2009 at Delhi to take the stock of the situation. The meeting was unanimous in opinion that, Accounts and Audit Employees and officers of the country are having no other way but to resort to industrial action to fight back the discriminatory approach of the Government of India. The meeting has decided the following-

1.       There shall be one day Joint Strike of Accounts and Audit Employees and officers on within 15th March 2010.

2.       There shall be series of mobilization programmes including visit to various stations for the total success of the strike.

3.       All constituents shall mobilize the members for the common demand of total parity with Central Secretariat and also for realization of departmental demands of respective constituents.

4.       In order to finalize the date of strike, the apex JAC shall meet at Jaipur in the first week of February 2010.

 (All the above decisions and tour programme have been conveyed by the JAC through its Circular dated 9th Dec. 2009 and the same has been already forwarded to you all.)


         So far as we are concerned, since we are having no alternative but to resort to atleast one day's strike, we have expressed in the JAC meeting that, we shall have no problem of synchronizing the date of strike with JAC constituents. However, we shall not be in a position to defer the date beyond March, 2010 and have to resort to strike independently in case of delay.

      Therefore, all of you are requested to start following preparations for the success of the strike-

 1.  Take all initiative to organize local JACs. (Organize meetings of local JAC wherever   leaders of Civil Accounts are JAC Convener/Chairman.)         

2.   Implement all decisions and programmes of apex JAC as a preparatory action.

3.   Organize following independent programmes at the Branch and Unit and Branch level.

(a)    Units

       Unit Committees are to circulate the charter of demands among the members during campaign week (from 4th to 8th January 2010) appealing upon them to joint massive Branch level demonstration on 21st January 2010 and prepare for the strike.                     

(b)    Branches

        Branch Committees are to visit all Units and hold meetings for explaining the charter of demands of NFCAA and JAC. They are also to explain the beck ground of taking the decision of one day strike and appeal the members to prepare for the strike action.


      Keeping similarity with the tour programme adopted by the apex JAC, it has been decided that following tour programme shall be implement within January 2010.


Sl. No.


Station to Visit


V. Bhattacharjee(Delhi), S. P. Roy(Kolkata)



V. Bhattacharjee(Delhi), D. Saikia(Guwahati)

Shillong, ,


V. Bhattacharjee(Delhi), A.Bhattacharjee(Shillong)



S. Roy Choudhury, S. P. Roy(Kolkata)

Patna, Ranchi


S. Bhattacharjee, S. P. Roy(Kolkata)



M. S. Bharne(Nagpur), A. B. Sunil Kumar(Mumbai)

Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad


M. P. Pandit(Mumbai), V. Bhattacharjee(Delhi)



L. K. Salve, M. P. Pandit(Mumbai)

Bhopal, Nashik


V. Bhattacharjee(Delhi), T. R. Janardanan(Mumbai)



T. R. Janardanan, M. P. Pandit(Mumbai), K. Venkata Subramanian(Madurai)

Bangalore, Chennai


T. R. Janardanan(Mumbai), V. P. Radhakrishna (Calicut)

Cochin, Trivandrum


R. K. Chaurasia(Mumbai), A. K. Chawla(Pune)



A. K. Mehta(Delhi), A. K. Chawla(Pune)



A. K. Mehta, S. Bandyopadhyay(Delhi),



V.Bhattacharjee, M.B.Singh.(Delhi)



         Dates for the visits shall be finalized by the concerned federal Executive Members immediately after the receipt of this circular. They will inform the date(s) of their visits to the Units/Branch/station under intimation to Secretary General. If any Federal Executive member is not in a position to visit, he should immediately inform Secretary General so that another Federal Executive Member could be deputed in his place. Names of some of the Federal Executive members have not appeared in the above list.  Their names shall appear in the 2nd phase tour programme. They are however, requested to ensure mobilization of the members of the units of their respective stations and also visit the stations falling under their Branches in consultation with their Branch Secretaries.

         In addition to the above programmes, there shall be extensive visits to the Units of Delhi by the Federal Executive members available in Delhi. Tour programme for Delhi shall be as below-

Sl No




M.B.Singh, S.Bandyopadhyay,Kamlesh Kumari

Cannaught Place


M. B. Singh ,S.Bandopadhyay, V. Bhattacharjee,

Central Secretariat area


A.K.Mehta, Kalpana Dutta, Israr Ahmed



A.K.Mehta, Kalpana Dutta, M.B.Singh

Khan Market


V.Bhattachaarjee, S.Bandapadhyay, Kamlesh Kumari



          Delhi Branch shall attach Office Bearers of the Branch to above group and fix the dates for the visits.


          It has also been decided that, in order have proper assessment to the progress on the preparations, reporting shall be received from all the leaders of the organization. All Branch Secretaries and Federal Executive Members shall send independent reports to federation headquarter either by e-mail or in writing in the following proforma and the report should reach Federation headquarter by 25th January2010.         

1. Name of Branch –


2. No. of Units -


3. Strength of membership-


4. No. of Units visited by the leaders of 


    Branch during campaign week form 4th -8th January, 2010-


5. Name of the Leader of the federation visited the station-


6. Number Units participated in the Demands Day on 21-10-2010:-


7. Signature and name of the Branch Secretary/ Federal Executive Member sent the report.



         The meeting of the Federal Executive shall be convened in last week of January 2010 at Delhi to examine the reports and decide the course of action for removal of gap in preparation for the strike.

       We hope, all the leaders of the National Federation shall take the contents of this circular seriously and start preparations for the strike sincerely.


With warm greetings,



Secretary General







  1. Filling up of all vacant posts by direct recruitment, promotion and absorption of deputationists on agreed terms and no outsourcing and off-loading of works of Civil Accounts.
  2.   Vacation of vindictive actions against employees and officers of the organization and taking appropriate action against officers' responsible for victimization and vindictive action.
  3.   Restoration of 594 posts kept in operational abeyance.
  4.   Settlement of 6 CPC related issues and total Parity with Central Secretariat cadres-

      Upgradation of LDCs by re-designating them as Accounts Assistants and grant of following Pay scales and Grade Pay to different cadres-

a) Accounts Assistant                                       PB-1 with Grade Pay  Rs. 2400/-

b) Accountant/DEO Gr.A/Steno Grade– II     PB-2 with Grade Pay   Rs.  4200/-

c) Sr. Accountant/ Steno Grade- I                    PB-2 with Grade Pay  Rs. 4600/-

d) Sr. Accountant with II ACP                         PB-2 with Grade Pay  Rs. 4800/-

e) Asstt. Accounts Officer/ PS                          PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs. 4800/-

                                                                          PB-3 with grade Pay   Rs.5400/-

                                                                          On completion of four years.

  1. Implementation of MACP scheme by removing its anomalies.
  2.  Grant of recognition to AICAEA CAT-II and implementation of Check-Off system as per Government instructions.     
  3. Augmentation of Additional Staff strength required in PAOs of Ministry of Home Affairs and creation of justified posts immediately.
  4. Formation of Department of Accounts under Controller General of Accounts.
  5. Conversion of DEO as Accountant.
  6. Promotion of all left out non-matriculate Group-D qualified Departmental examination before 0ctober2003 and restoration of 5% promotional Quota to the post of LDC.
  7. Increase in promotional quota for Senior Accountant as AAO to 20% of posts of AAO and removal of condition of 53 years of age for promotion.
  8. Grant of benefit of II ACP to Sr. Accountant appointed as Accountant on passing Departmental Competitive Examination conducted by SSC.
  9. Separate toilet facilities and Rest Room facilities for women employees in all offices.
  10. Issuing of Gradation lists of all cadres immediately.
  11. Provision of amenities to the Central Office of the Association.
  12. Supply of copies of orders/OMs of general interest of staff to the Association in terms of the Government of India as well as CGA's instructions and placement of orders/ Circulars in the website of CGA.



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