Monday, March 1, 2010

congratulations: U.P.East Branch



       The Accounts Officer of PAO, AIR, Lucknow had misbehaved with one of the lady AAOs on 13/01/2010 and this bold AAO Comrade had made written complain against the officer. In support of her complaint all Employees and AAOs of the office had given in writing. Branches of U. P. East intervened immediately.

      A joint meeting of the members of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, U.P. East Branch and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category – II, U.P. East Branch, held at Lucknow on 19/01/2010 had condemned the incident of misbehavior and    resolutely demanded that such an anti employee Accounts Officer should not be posted in any of the offices located at Lucknow.

        As per requirement of Branches of Lucknow, available leaders of the Federation Headquarters met

CCA, I&B demanded immediate removal of the officer from the office. CCA, I&B informed the delegation that he had deputed one of his officers immediately after the receipt of the communication from us and requested CGA to remove the officer from PAO, AIR, Lucknow.

      Learning that the said officer has been ordered for posting in PAO, SSB, Lucknow a meeting of the Branches of Lucknow held on 15TH February 2010 in presence of Com. T. R. Janardanan, President, Com.M.S.Bharne, Vice President, NFCAA and Com. R. K. Chaursia, Addl. Secretary General, AICAEA (who were on organizational visit) conveyed to the authority that the Branches shall resort to serious organizational action in the event of the posting of the officer in PAO, SSB, Lucknow.  

         On 16th February 2010 a delegation of NFCAA met the Jt. CGA and conveyed the decision of the organization. On 17th February 2010, representatives of NFCAA met the CA, Ministry of Home Affairs (CCA, Home being unavailable) and informed him the decision of the organization. The CA, Ministry of Home Affairs informed the representatives that the demand raised by the Associations shall be taken careof and appropriate action shall be taken accordingly. Subsequently, federation headquarters was informed by the authorities of Ministry of Home Affairs that, as per the demand of the Associations, matter has been referred to CGA. Federation Headquarter is now pursing the matter with CGA office which has assured to consider the matter positively.

We congratulate the Branches of U. P. East and its members for the unity of both the Associations they have shown in fighting the attack on the rights of members. We also congratulate the lady AAO for the spirit she had shown in fighting the arrogant officer.


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