Tuesday, January 4, 2011





            The extended joint National Executive meeting of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II held under the banner of National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations from 7th to 9th December 2010 in Delhi discussed on outsourcing, off loading, contracterization of works and re-employing retired persons in the name of consultants at length.

             It was observe by the meeting that, outsourcing, off loading, contracterization and appointment of consultants etc. are not only against the interest of functioning of Government departments but anti-people and anti employee polices too. On one side these activities are causing serious harm to the Government Departments and on the other side, lakhs of educated unemployed youths of our country are being exploited through contracterization. Moreover, re-employment of retired persons in Government at low costs has been promoting the growth of unemployment.

            The meeting felt that, NFCAA being a responsible employees' organization and an integral part of the working class movement of the country can no longer allow such policies to continue in the Civil Accounts Organization. Therefore, the meeting resolved to oppose outsourcing, off loading, contracterization and re-employment of retired persons.

            The meeting further resolved to urge upon the Civil Accounts authorities to stop all sorts of outsourcing and re-employment of retired persons as consultants and fill up all vacant posts by direct recruitment, promotion and absorption of deputationists on agreed terms.

            The meeting also resolved that, the copies of this resolution shall be forwarded to the Controller General of Accounts, New Delhi.




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