Monday, April 25, 2011




                  The PAO, Central Excise Unit, Madurai has been persistently fighting against the anti-employee, harassing and dishonest local administration. The unit has reported that the local administration is harassing the employees by not reimbursing their legitimate personal claims and using abusive languages with the employees and particularly with the women employees while they are visiting his chamber on official matters. In order to divide the employees he is openly practicing favoritism and misreporting the facts in respect of his office to the higher authorities. Not only this, his approach towards the Departmental persons has been causing severe damage to the image of the Civil Accounts organization.


                  . The PAO, Central Excise Unit, Madurai has been holding various forms of agitational actions for the last few months. It furnished detailed reports to the higher authorities and Federation headquarters before resorting organizational action.


             The office was awarded as one of the best offices by CGA and award was offered for the same on Civil Accounts day 2011. When the entirety of the membership of the unit refused to accept honorarium granted to them as an award for making the office as one of the best office, higher authorities intervened and requested to the Unit Secretary to accept the same. The members accepted it conditionally. It has now been decided by the higher authorities to depute one of the senior officers for having assessment of the situation. Federation headquarters is pursuing the matter with the authorities of different level and maintaining continuous touch with the unit and the Branch.


                      Federation headquarters of NFCAA congratulates the PAO, Central Excise, Madurai unit. However, fight is not over. The unit and  the Tamilnadu and Pondicherry Branch in specific should continue the struggle till final solutions are there. However, all Branches are requested to be ready to extend support to the unit if the authorities do not settle the problems of the Unit upto the expected level.      

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