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Confdn/16/2011                                                                   17th August 2011


 Dear Comrades,







Confederation records its deep resentment over the denial of right to organise peaceful agitation against corruption by the Civil Society led by Gandhian Shri Anna Hazare.


 This attack is an eye-opener for democratic forces and trade union movement across the country and is a warning to toiling masses that their fight for decent living wages and right to live with dignity would also be met with similarly. Confederation is therefore of the firm view that all employees and workers should protest against this action of the government of denying the constitutionally guaranteed fundamental right to protest peacefully.


 Confederation calls upon every government employee to join the protest in their station along with other trade unions and democratic forces against the attack on the right to protest and ensure that such attacks are not repeated. State Units of Confederation may arrange protest demonstration in all work places today itself.


 Confederation further calls upon every state unit to manifest solidarity with the movement against corruption at all levels.


rajivpathak278 said...

The fundamental right of an Accountant under the CGA office to get a promotion with in a span of 3 years as Sr.Accountant and further being promoted as JAO/AAO and Accounts Officer/Sr/Accounts Officer has been grossly violated by the office of the CGA. If an Accountant does not pass the JAO/AAO`s examination being conducted by the CGA, than the Accountant does not get any promotion till he retires. The person is doomed for life without any promotional avenues being offered to him on seniority basis. After joining the government service, are we not entitled for a decent living wages and time bound promotions in service and a right to live with dignity and respect among our colleagues. I hope the ALL INDIA CIVIL ACCOUNTS EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION and office of the CGA will seriously take up the matter in right earnest and find a positive solution to this problem on urgent basis.

rajivpathak278 said...

WHY THE National Federation of Civil Account Associations and all India Civil Accounts Association publishes its demands for the Civil Accounts Offices in the Facebook and Twitter sites for the benefit of the employees of the civil accounts organisations in different ministries.

Nag Raj said...
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Nag Raj said...

Rajiv, I have known you for your vivid vision regarding the Govt. position vis-a-vis the Government employees and Accounting cadre in particular.

I am also aware of your activism in taking the grievances in every forum and to all levels of officers despite the fact that efforts have been made to intimidate you.

I suggest to the National Federation of Civil Account Association to take your guidance in expanding their visibility across the internet so that more and more comdrades get to know what is going on between the CGA and the Federation.

I have reasons to believe that youngsters will be joining the Accounting cadre in large number. This is the most opportune time to bring in the awareness and open up as many forums as possible so that the Federation can reach up to the fresh lot.

It is no secret that the present Comdrades are not active on Unit, Branch or National level specially in Delhi. This is unfortunate. At the same time, I do not blame their either for representatives from the Federation have not been able to feel their pulse.

About time, I stopped the blame game and look for something positive in the days to come. To start with, our comrades at ground level are not even aware of the basic demands of the Federation made to the CGA. Without going into triffle issues which can be sorted out in the long run, the Federation should come up with it's main highlights so that peoples opinion can be generated.

Just my humble opinion, with malice towards none and respect to all.

Dinku said...

what is about minimum pay 13860+4800 = 18660/- for AAO, some newly AAO exam passed AAO are getting 9300+4800 which is fraction of Rs. 5000 x 1.86 only, and even less than Rs.5500 x 1.86 which Sr.Accountant was getting. please do something... AAO's are facing huge injustice.