Sunday, February 26, 2012




As per the directive of Confederation, Secretary General conducted strike tour to Guwahati and 15th & 16th February 2012. Secretary General alongwith Com. Pranab Kr. Bhattacharjee of NFPE addressed a general body meeting of Civil Audit Association in AGs office, Guwahati during lunch Hour and a meeting of the representatives of the Co-ordination Committee of Central Government Employees and Workers, Assam in the Association Room of the Income Tax Employees Association. The opening speech was offered by Com. Ghana Gohain, General Secretary of the Co-ordination Committee, Assam. Com. Sarbananda Das, ex-leader of the Income Tax Employees Federation presided over the meeting. Representatives from Civil Audit Association Cat-II and Cat-III, ITEF, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Guwahati and Shillong, CGWB, EPFSU, GSIEA, NFPE, GMSD and ITGOA attended the meeting. Com. Amitav Dey, General Secretary, ITGOA, Assam also addressed the meeting. On behalf of COC; Assam, Com. Sarbananda Das assured that all efforts to make the strike in Assam shall be taken.

On 14th February 2012 Secretary General addressed a meeting in PAO, Doordarsan, Guwahati and requested the members to participate and make the strike a grand success. Leaders of Guwahati Units Co-ordination of N.E. Branch assured that they will make the strike a grand success. Thereafter, Secretary General visited RPAO (NH) Unit Guwahati and requested the members to participate and strike a grand success.

Com. K. R. Hajong, President and Com. G. Chakraborty, Branch Secretary, AICAEA, N.E. Branch alongwith others had come to Guwahati on 15th February 2012 and attended the Joint Meeting of COC. After the meeting of COC was over, an informal meeting of the available leaders of NFCAA was held. In that meeting it was assured by the leaders that, all efforts to make the strike on 28th February 2012 shall be made by the leadership of the Branches.

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