Thursday, May 31, 2012

DHARNA IN FRONT OF CGA OFFICE by Federal Executive Members and leaders of CIVIL Accounts organization HELD SUCCESFULLY ON MAY 10, 2012

As per the decision  of the Federal Executive meeting held at Nagpur on 22nd March 2012,  Federal Executive members (Office Bearers of NFCAA, National Executive members of AICAEA and AICAEA CATII and National Women Committee Members)  from Cochin, Madurai, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Kolkata and Delhi  participated in the day long Dharna held  in front of CGA office on 10th May 2012  in support of the  demands  of (a) amendment of the minutes of the meeting held between CGA and National Executive of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association on 12th December 2011,  (b) grant of recognition to AICAEA CAT II and (c) negotiated settlement of e-payment etc. and  made it a success.
Majority of the Federal Executive members and a good number of Office Bearers of Delhi Branch voluntarily participated  in the Dharna. President of AICAEA, West Delhi Branch and Branch Secretary, AICAEACAT II, West Delhi Branch also participated. Therefore, the number participants were more than the estimation. 
The Dharna had started at 11 am sharp.  Com. A. K. Kanajia, newly elected Addl. General Secretary, Income Tax Employees Federation and Working Chairman, Co-ordination Committee of the Central Government Employees and Workers, Delhi state, inaugurated the Dharna formally through his speech. 
During lunch hour, a good number of members from the Units of Ministry of External Affairs,  Ministry of Home Affairs, CBEC, CBDT, Ministry of  Mines  and others gathered at the Dharna spot and  hence a lunch hour meeting was held. The meeting was presided over by Com. M. S. Bharne, senior most Vice- President of NFCAA.
The meeting was addressed by Com. S.P.Roy, President, AICAEA CAT II, Com.R.K.Cahursia, Addl. Secretary General, AICAEA, Com. K. Venkatasubramaniam, President, AICAEA, Com. A. K. Mehta, Addl Secretary General, AICAEACAT II, Com.(Smti) Kamlesh Kumari, Member, National Women Committee, Com. M. P.Pandit, Secretary General, AICAEACAT II, Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, NFCAA, Com. Omvir Singh, General Secretary, ITEF Gr C Circle, Delhi, Com. Giriraj Singh,  General Secretary, AI RMS &MMS Gr.C Employees Union and President, Co-ordination Committee of Central Government Employees and Workers', Delhi State. Concluding speech was given By Com. A. Huparikar, Vice President, AICAEA.
Com. G. K. Nair, Vice President, AICAEA had moved a Resolution condemning the anti employee and adamant attitude of the Civil Accounts authority and it was adopted by the meeting. A delegation comprising Com. A. K. Mehta, Addl Secretary General, AICAEACAT II, Com.(Smti) Kamlesh Kumari, Member, National Women sub-Committee and Com. .R. K. Chaurasia, Addl. Secretary General, AICAEA had handed over the resolution to the Secretariat of CGA.
The Dharna programme was held despite interruption of the Civil Administration of Delhi. However, they had finally appreciated our plight when they noted the genuineness of our grievance and allowed us to hold the Dharna. The media persons also helped us. They visited the spot, collected the charter of demands also took interview of the Secretary General. Security agencies of State and Central Government also came to the Dharna spot, interviewed Secretary General and others. 
          When the delegation returned after handing over the Resolution to the available representative of the Secretariat of CGA, the Dharna programme was declared over by the President at 3.30 p.m. and it had ended with shouting of slogans. Slogans were shouted condemning the attitude of the CGA and demanding immediate settlement of the demands.
          The Dharna was therefore a grand success and we congratulate all members, Federal Executive members and leaders of fraternal organizations who have directly and indirectly helped to make the programme a grand success.   

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