Monday, June 4, 2012



In the Meeting the introduction of “e-payment –Gateway” system was discussed. The salient features of the system were discussed in length.
 It has been noted that while the CGA circulated the pilot study during December/2011, there was no such proposal for extending the “e-payment gateway” to the CDDOs of the departmental DDOs. However, as per the recent amendment made by the CGA in the Receipts and Payments Rules, the electronic gateway was opened to the departmental DDOs also.  So there is a possibility that in future, the CDDOs may be allowed to upload voucher classification details and “e lekha” upload directly by them to the CGA, on daily basis which may come to the knowledge of the concerned PAOs, only during compilation of monthly accounts.  Thereby, it is feared that in future, the importance of the accounting functions of the PAO would get marginalized by the department. 
Apart from the above, it has been noted that the posts of Cashier, Cheque Writer as well as the work of Expenditure Scroll Posting at PAO Level would be reduced, thereby; such posts would be abolished in future.
After the discussion, it was finally decided upon that every branch would discuss about the system in details and present their view in paper in the ensuring CWC Meeting to be held in Pune, so that a consensus can be arrived at that meeting. Till then opposition to e-payment shall continue.


Cadre restructuring is due for a long time. In our Civil Accounts Set up, Cadre Restructuring has not been done for a pretty long time.  Whereas, in Revenue Departments particularly in CBEC/DBDT this issue has been taken care of and in CBDT it is already approved by the Ministry of Finance.  In CBEC it is on the move.
So it is presumed that in other ministries also the same would be the case.
So it is high time that we demand for the Cadre Restructuring so that some of our demands would be filled up.
In this connection, it is noted as per the recommendations of the VI CPC, the cadre
controlling authorities may undertake “Restructuring” in line with their grant of grade pays according to posts/scales. It was emphasized in the CPC Report to finish the task of restructuring before the date 
 But so far our CGA has not taken any positive step in this regard. The matter has not
even been initiated at the discussion level with the representatives of the Associations.
So it was decided unanimously in the meeting that all the Branches after discussion at their level, shall submit written proposal so that a uniform decision may be taken at the Federal Executive Meeting at Pune.


The delegation of Delhi based Federal Executive Members had met the Pr.CCA, CBDT on 13th March 2012 and requested him to convene a meeting with the representatives of the Federation on the 12 items submitted though the letter dated 13trh March 2012 itself.  Though he assured to convene the meeting, but no meeting was convened by him. He is not having any intention to settle the demands. Further, the local administration of Mumbai has been harassing the employees including the lady employees.
            The meeting of the Federal Executive directed Secretary General to write a fresh letter to Pr.CCA, CBDT and take further course of action according to the demand of the situation.


After encadrement of the employees of PAO, CRPF in the Civil Accounts Organisation, supervisory cadres of the office have been granted the status of AAO but not the Grade pay of Rs.4800/-. This being a serious anomaly the meeting adopted it as a part of the Charter of Demands and also directed Secretary General to take up the matter with CGA and CCA, MHA.


The meeting o the apex JAC of Audit and Accounts Employees and Officers Organizations was held at Kolkata on 29th April 2012. Many organizations including AIAOA were present in the meeting and opined that the JAC at all levels should be revived. As far as Civil Accounts is concerned, all available National Level office Bearers were present. It has been deiced by the meeting that, all apex level constituent organizations shall be written a letter seeking their commitment for participation in all decisions of JAC. The representatives of JAC constituents shall meet at Delhi on 26trh July 2012 after the March to Parliament.

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