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The extended National Executive Committee meeting of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association held at New Delhi on 20th and 21st instant unanimously resolves to convey its strong protest with deep resentment over the situation prevailing in the O/o the PAO-II, Central Excise, New Delhi. The National Executive Committee Members were totally shocked over the state of affairs prevailing at that Office, particularly the autocratic style of functioning of the Pay and Accounts Officer of that Office.

From the incidents and events reported by the representatives from Delhi it is noted that  the concerned PAO does not have faith on any of her subordinate staff and carry-on the functions of the Office, with the help of outsourced person(s)  who are loyal to her for reasons unknown. The working atmosphere of the office has been total vitiated and  the Employees have been suffering from the feelings that they are being let down by their own PAO by not trusting any one / not allowing to do their respective functions of work assigned to them, in their individual capacity, as staff  members of the respective Office.

By her irrational functional behaviour, the PAO II could manage to create an impression/ mind set on the higher authorities that no staff is discharging the work assigned to him/her and she is the only person really care about the working atmosphere and in discharge of functions. Even the very important type of works like GPF & Long Term Advances etc, have now been kept under her personal control as PAO and she is attending the disposal of the cases connected with that work with the assistance of an LDC, avoiding and neglecting the assistance of the Sr. Accountants who were originally attending such types of works, previously.

It is noted from the reporting of the representatives that though the duties/works, assigned to the respective staff, have been completely carried out without any arrears, the PAO is trying to create an impression on her higher authorities that works are unfinished/not attended to, properly. 

 It is crystal clear that the intention of the incumbent working as PAOII, Central Excise, New Delhi is not to keep up the work but to find fault with certain section of staff and create a false impression about Staff, in the minds of her higher authorities, in order to build up misunderstanding and unrest between Association and the Administration.

The meeting noted that the Unit Association and  the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association,  Delhi Branch have already brought this unruly behavior of the PAOII to the attention of the higher authorities of the  O/o the Pr. C.C.A./CBEC/New Delhi which has not, so far, yielded any result.

In the light of the above circumstances, this meeting once again  requests the PR. CCA, CBEC  to kindly intervene in this matter and resolve the problem, so that, a cordial working atmosphere could prevail in the Office. The meeting expresses hope that the authorities shall give due importance to the already deteriorated situation and take necessary steps, immediately, to solve the issue, so a peaceful working atmosphere could be ensured in the Office and also, any sorts of further spoiling of understanding with the Association could very well be averted to.
The meeting resolves to forward the copies of resolution to CGA, Pr. CCA, CBEC and all others concerned.


          This extended National Executive Committee Meeting of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association held at New Delhi on 20th and 21st instant, unanimously resolves to conveys its deep resentment and shock regarding the style of handling of the issue of allowing the transferred 5 elderly Sr. Accountants, to join at first, at the same office and then asking them to move out of New Delhi, immediately, under coarse, threaten and under compulsion on the part of the Administration of the C.C.A., U.D.

          It is known that the above 5(five) Sr. Accountants who are elder in age and experience, working at PAO (Ptg), New Delhi have been transferred to different parts of the country, at the last leg of their service tenure, purely under vindictive approach of the CCA, UD Administration. 

          Hence, the aggrieved employees’ organizations, in general, resorted to normal course of democratic form of agitations like Lunch Hour Demonstrations and Dharna etc., conducted at all over India but it is disappointing to record that nothing has moved the Administration nor they realized the gravity and sentiments of the employees over the issue.

During the course of unrest of the employees, the intervention of the CGA was sought, but it is regretted to note that even the prompt and timely advice of the CGA has fallen into mischief ears.

          However, in the morning session of 30th of August 2013, the Administration of CCA, UD had asked four Sr. Accountants to join in the same Office from where they were transferred but in the same evening, they were relieved under the warning and threat that they should proceed and report to their respective place of posting immediately, failing which, they would face the consequences. Since no other alternative was available with them,   the transferred Sr. Accountants had carried out orders of the authority obediently and reported for duty in the new place of posting across India. Such a tactics seem to have been played by the administration of CCA, UD with the ulterior intention of detaching the concerned employees from confidence and shelter of the Association and convey to authority that the issue has been handled by it efficiently. 

          The facts of vindictive actions of CCA, UD towards the innocent employees was brought to the knowledge of the Honorable Minister of Urban Development too by the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association with the request to intervene and settle the matter. It is also learnt that the Honorable Minister, on humanitarian grounds, in the general interest of the welfare of the employees, has kindly intervened in this matter.

But this meeting observes with regret that even the interventions of the highest Authority of the Civil Accounts organization and Honorable Minister for Urban Development could not bring out the justice to the victims.
          Hence, the meeting once again urges upon the respective authorities to kindly direct the administration of CCA, UD to re-transfer all the persons to their original station of posting immediately and help to restore congenial working atmosphere in the organization.

          This meeting resolves that, if the content of resolution is properly taken care of, in its true spirit and understanding, the existing relationship between the authorities and the employees would travel as long path, failing which, the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association cannot be held responsible.

          The meeting further resolves to forward the copies of the resolution to the Minister of Urban Development, Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, CCA, UD, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and workers and all others concerned.     


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