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(All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category –II)
17/2–C, P & T Quarters, Kali Bari Marg, New Delhi-110001

No. NFCAA/HQ/A-1/2014/Cir-6                                                                              Dated:16th April, 2014

            All Federal Executive Members,
            All Women Committee Members,
All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II

Dear Comrades,


The  Resolution Adopted By The National Convention Of Central Government Employees Held On 4th April 2014 and Appealed Upon The Rank and File Membership To Act In the Direction Of Understanding Reflected Through The Resolution of  National Convention Of Central Government Employees.

 Strengthen The JAC Further
Resort To legal actions and Organizational Actions In Support Of Departmental Demands

            The extended Federal Executive Meeting of the National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations was held on 5th April 2014 in the Conference hall of the GSI, Nagpur. 27 Federal Executive (including 2 women committee) members (from Kolkata, Hyderabad,  Chennai, Cochin, Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi and Lucknow), Com. Rajesh Singh, Branch Secretary, AICAEA Cat-II, Mumbai Branch, Com. Ajay K. Patole, Branch Secretary, AICAEA, Mumbai Branch, Com. P.K. Gopi, Branch Secretary, AICAEA, Kerala Branch, Com. K.M. Moundekar, Branch Secretary, AICAEA, Nagpur Branch, Com. Ravinder Kumar, President, AICAEA, Delhi Branch, Com. Amit Kumar Chawla, Branch Secretary, AICAEA Cat-II, Pune Branch, Com. S.N. Mathurkar, Branch Secretary, AICAEA Cat-II, Nagpur Branch and four observers from Nagpur and Delhi attended the meeting. Com. T.R. Janardanan, President, NFCAA Presided over the meeting. Following items of agenda were discussed:-
Agenda No.1.Review of the decisions of last meeting held in Delhi on 11th & 12th January 2014.
            At the very outset, the meeting reviewed the status of the items discussed in the Federal Executive meeting held in Delhi on 11th and 12th January 2014 and decisions taken on those. This  meeting  had also adopted strike related programmes including tours etc. at the instance of Confederation. The reviewed status of the items were observed to be as below --
·         Joint strike notice by AICAEA and AICAEACATII was served to CGA on 21st January 2014. The Branches submitted the notice to the local authorities.
·         The tour programme adopted for strike action was partially implemented as some of the Federal Executive members did not visit the station(s) assigned to them.
·         The 48 hours strike call on 12th & 13th February 2014 was implemented in the Civil Accounts Organization successfully. All major Branches and their Units participated in the strike.
·          The call given by apex JAC to hold day long Dharna on 29th January 2014 was implemented by some of the Branches.
·         Follow-up actions on departmental demands was taken. But, no programmatic action was implemented.
·         The processing of RTI petition for taking up the irregularities in the form of allowing only one year service for deputationist for appearing AAO© examination  with the authorities was  not done.
·          Branches and office bearers did not carry out the directions taken on e-payment.
·         The issues like elevation to the post of Sr. Accountant is not a promotion and stoppage of recruitment of consultant were not take up.
·          Majority of the sectional issues were taken up with the authorities concerned.
·         The pensioners of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry formed the Branch of Pensioners Association.
·         The Branches have not furnished the details of non-departmental employees for the purpose of exploring the possibilities of forming an all India organization of non-departmental employees.
·         The progress on grant of recognition to AICAEA Cat-II and renewal of recognition of AICAEA is not up to the mark. However, the federation headquarters has issued circular for signature campaign.
Agenda item No:- 2  Participation in the National Convention of Central Government Employees on 4th April 2014 and implementation of the decision regarding.
            The National Convention of the Central Government Employees and workers was held on 4th April 2014 at Nagpur. As per the direction of Confederation, more than 20 Federal Executive/Women Committee members and Branch Secretaries participated in the convention as delegates. The convention unanimously passed a resolution urging upon the Central Government Employees and officers of the Country to take part in the election process of 16th Loksabha and exercise their franchise in favour of pro-working class, democratic and secular candidates/parties.
                Supporting the resolution, seven Federal Executive members took part in the discussion and expressed that this resolution should be endorsed.
                Accordingly, the extended Federal Executive meeting passed a resolution(furnished on page 6.) in support of the resolution passed by the National Convention of Central Government Employees held at Nagpur on 4th April 2014 and appealed upon the Civil Accounts Employees to act in the direction of understanding emerged from the National Convention of Central Government Employees.
Agenda No:- 3, Review of the success of two day’s strike on 12th & 13th February 2014.

            The meeting under took detailed review of the success of the strike on 12th and 13th February 2014 in the Civil Accounts Organization. The call of strike was given by the Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers in support of the 15 point of charter of demands of the Central Government Employees. The apex level Joint Action Committee of Accounts and Audit Employees organizations had endorsed the call of Strike and decided to incorporate the JAC demands as “Part II Charter of Demands” of the Strike notice.  The National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations endorsed the strike call and decided to take all possible efforts to ensure the success of the strike. The strike was cent percent in many places like Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Odisa, Hyderabad, Kerala, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and various other stations. Strike was partial in many other stations/states like North East, Nagpur, Pune, Gujrat, Delhi, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan etc. 17 Federal Executive /Women Committee/Branch Secretaries participated in the discussion and expressed their views. The meeting concluded that the strike was successful in Civil Accounts Organization and it congratulated the rank and file membership who participated and made the strike a grand success.
                It was however, observed by the meeting that the participation  of Civil Accounts employees in the organizational actions in general and strikes in particularly remain limited  within the states/stations/ Branches where the members are spontaneously participating in the strikes.   The meeting therefore, decided that, to broaden the area of performance  outside the periphery of the traditional areas/stations necessary steps shall be taken.
                The meeting also noted with grave concerned that some of the Federal Executive/women committee members/Branch Secretaries did not participate in the strike. The meeting failed to appreciate such actions of the leaders of the organization especially who are the national level Office bearers  and directed them not to  commit such type of mistakes in future.
Agenda No. 4 - Review of the success of JAC programmes on 29th January 2014 & 26th March 2014.

            The joint National Executive meeting of the constituents of apex JAC held in Delhi on 11th January 2014 had given the call of Unit/Branch wise Dharna at all stations on 29th January 2014 and  thereafter local JAC level Dharna on 26th March 2014. The extended Federal Executive meeting undertook the review of the success of those programmes.
                Taking part in the discussion,  Federal Executive Members reported that --  both the programmes were implemented in Mumbai. In West Bengal  the Dharna  of 29th  January 2014 was held but the Joint Dharna of 26th March  was not held. Though efforts were taken by the Associations of Civil  Accounts, other constituents did not come forward on the pretext of election duties etc. A detailed note to the Federation headquarters has been submitted by the West Bengal Branches in this respect. The programme of 29th January 2014 was converted into a lunch hour demonstration in Delhi. For organizing joint Dharna on 26th  March, a meeting was convened by local JAC , Delhi well in time, but unfortunately,  other constituents made their presence in the Dharna only during lunch hour. Com. M. S. Raja, Chairperson, apex JAC was invited to inaugurate the Dharna. Com. S.K. Vyas, Adviser, Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers addressed the lunch hour meeting. Though the programme of 29th January 2014 was implemented by the Tamilnadu and Pondicherry Branches, the Dharna of 26th was not  held due to backing out of other constituents taking the plea of Loksabha elections. At Lucknow the Branch level Dharna on 29th Janauary2014 was implemented and the joint Dharna of 26th March was not held due to the fact that no meeting of JAC was held and only ‘smses’ were sent informing the programme. At Nagpur Dharna of 29th January 2014 was implemented by the Branches  and the joint Dharna of 26th March 2014 was converted into a lunch hour demonstration by the local JAC as the leaders were busy for preparation of the National Convention of Central Government Employees  held on 4th April 2014. At Pune none of the programmes was implemented as there is no other Accounts and Audit organization at Pune and JAC is non-existant.. The Dharna of 29th January was not held in Kerala due to a local hartal call on that day . However, the joint Dharna of 26th March 2014 was held successfully. In Hyderabad, the local JAC has been revived, the Dharna of 29th January was implemented successfully and the Joint Dharna of 26th March was held very successfully as there was whole hearted participation of all constituents of JAC.
                The extended federal Executive meeting appreciated the role of leadership of Civil Accounts in  implementing the JAC decisions. 
                The  decision of apex JAC to resort to  “Signature Campaign”  in support of its long pending charter of demands was endorsed by  the extended Federal executive meeting.
                  Since the 7CPC has been brought into existence, the meeting  considered that , it is very necessary to strength the JAC and keeping this aspect into consideration,  the meeting  took following decisions --
1.       Wherever the local JACs have been revived, mailing details shall be made available to apex JAC.
2.       As there are certain organizational problems prevailing in the All India Audit and Accounts Association, Branches of Civil Accounts shall take effort to form/revive the local JAC in the places where there is no local JAC or the same is  defunct. The leadership of All India Postal Accounts Association shall also be pursued and co-ordinated to take the task of  taking leading position in forming/ reviving local JACs .
3.       The apex JAC shall be requested to pursue the leadership All India Defence Accounts Employees Association to direct its field units to actively participate in the JAC activities.
Agenda No. 5 – Departmental Demands present status – next course of action.
            The extended federal executive meeting observed that no  demand has been settled since the last meeting and situation remains the same. After discussion, it was decided that a letter seeking meeting with CGA shall be issued once again and in case there is no response, action programmes shall be initiated. As  a first step, call shall be given for  unit wise meeting/demonstration.
                Opinion of the house on filling CAT cases regarding - (a) grant of minimum entry pay on promotion, (b) benefit of higher pay scale to DEOs at par with the defense Accounts department and (c) treatment of personnel appointed as Acctt. after open competitive examinations for LDCs as direct appointment for MACP purpose,  was sought which seems to be inevitable and necessary. It was also reported in the meeting that the national executive meeting of AICAEA Cat-II has decided to initiate a legal battle  on the issue of minimum pay  immediately. The matter has been discussed by them  with the  Advocate and a contribution of 500/- each from the affected personnel shall be collected and if possible, could be jointly filed along with the affected LDCs promoted as Accountant. The house had mandated litigations discussed through raising of hands as per proposal of the chair.
                The hostility of CGA towards AAOs was discussed especially relating to postings and transfers etc. and it was decided to take programmatic approach in this regard.
Agenda No. 6 – Organizational Review.
(a)        Membership verification – position of signature campaign regarding.
            As per the decision of last meeting, the call of joint Signature Campaign for grant of recognition to AICAEA Cat-II (which is pending since last twelve years) and re-recognition of AICAEA Cat-II (which is due to since August 2013) was given with the direction to the Branches/Units/Members to collect the signatures of all members and deposit the signature campaign sheets to the federation headquarters within 10th April 2014. Opinion of the Federal Executive members was sought about the feasibility of collecting the signatures within the proposed date and consider  various other practical and  technical aspects related to the matter.
                15 Federal Executive members participated in the discussion.  While discussing, different opinions had been given by them. It was expressed by some of the participants that signatures may be collected separately from the members of two different Associations in two separate sheets. A proposal for demanding re-merger and granting recognition to composite All India Body of members of two Associations was also given by one of the federal executive members and the same was endorsed by  some of  the members. Considering the ongoing 16th Lok Sabha Elections till 16th May 2014, it was proposed by some of the Federal Executive members that the date of collection and sending signatures to Federation headquarters may be extended to 31st May 2014.
                The meeting finally took following decisions:-
1.       All the Branches and Units shall discuss the issue of merger of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II as one single Association like its original formation and forward their views to Federation headquarters. They shall examine the issue with reference to (a) the conditions prevalent in the  Employees organizations of other Accountant & Audit departments, (b) Failure of the Civil Accounts Authority to regulate the CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993 in the organization and (c) the broader interests of Civil Accounts Employees.
2.       The signature campaign shall be conducted. All members of AICAEA and AICAEA – II shall give signatures in same sheet.
3.       The signature sheets shall be forwarded by Branches/Units to the Federation headquarters within 31st May 2014.
(b)       Functions of Branches, Units, Central Headquarters & Federation Headquarters:-

            Due to lack of time, this item of agenda could not be discussed in details. However, the members present in the house were unanimous in opinion that, decisions taken in earlier meetings on this item should be implemented and all other actions required to strengthen the Organization should also be taken.

Agenda No:- 7 – Holding of 6th Federal Council meeting at Ahmedabad
            It was reported that, the Gujrat Branches have not so far decided about the hosting of 6th Federal Council meeting and the Central Working Committee Meetings of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat II. Due to non availability of any representative from the concerned branches in the meeting, it was decided that Secretary General shall discuss the matter with the Branches  of Gujrat and take a final decision. The Branches of Kerala has informed the house that, alternate venue could be at Cochin and Kerala Branches are ready to host 6th Federal Council meeting and the Central Working Committee Meetings of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat II .
Agenda No:- 8 – Formation of Civil Accounts Pensioners Association

            In the Federal Executive meeting held n January 2014, a Conveners committee was formed and it was decided that, the members this committee shall take initiative of forming state/ Branch level pensioners Associations in their respective state/Branches. The meeting observed the progress in this respect is there. The Pensioners of Tamilnadu have formed the Branch in Tamilnadu. The meeting therefore, appealed upon the members of conveners committee and  all other retired leaders of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II to inculcate speed in the process of forming Branches in their respective states/stations/Branches so that a national level Pensioners Association of Civil Accounts could be formed at the venue of next Federal Council meeting by holding a convention.
Agenda No:- 9 – Formation of Non-departmental Employees Association

            It was decided in the Federal Executive meeting held in Delhi on 11th & 12th January 2014 that the West Bengal Branches shall send the copy of the constitution adopted by the Non-regular Employees Association, West Bengal Branch, Kolkata to all other Branches of the country. It was also decided that, all Branches shall collect the informations about the no. of non-regular employees working in their respective Branches/states.
                As per the decision, West Bengal Branch has emailed the above mentioned constitution to federation headquarters and the Federation Headquarters in turn has forwarded the same to all Branches.
                Federal Executive members from different stations furnished the information in respect of their Stations/Branches.
1.       West Bengal Branch        46(Forty six) persons working as DEO/Causal Labour.
2.       Mumbai:-                            31 (Thirty one) persons working as DEO/Causal Labour.
3.       Andhra Pradesh:-            1 (One) person is working as DEO.
4.       Nagpur:-                              2 (Two) persons are working as causal Labour.
5.       Pune:-                                  1 (one) person working as DEO.
                Since maximum member of non-departmental employees are working Delhi, the Branches of Delhi have been directed by the meeting to collect the informations at the earliest and take initiative of forming a Branch at the earliest. The meeting directed all Branches to send reports in respect of their Branches alongwith lists within 31.05.2014.
Agenda No:- 10 – Miscellaneous

            Under this item, Federal Executive members from Lucknow raised the issue of pendency of three compassionate appointment cases of Lucknow. It has been assured to him that the issues shall be taken up expeditiously.
                Federal Executive members from Mumbai raised the issue of delay in grant of promotion to Gr.D (MTS). It has been decided to takeup the issue urgently with the authorities.
The issue of pendency of 3 MACP cases of Kerala was raised by Federal Executive members from Kerala. He has been requested to ask Branch Secretary, AICAEA to send a letter containing the details.
                The fixation of date of AAO© Examination, centers for examination and also the question of eligibility of persons to appear AAO© Examination  who worked on deputation basis   and absorbed only one year ahead of the date of examination were also discussed. However, due to paucity of time, no decision could be taken on these matters. it was therefore decided that, Federal Executive members shall refer the matter to their respective Branches and request them to send their views/opinion at the earliest.
 Com. A. Ozarkar, Asstt. Secretary General, All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officer (Civil) and Shri M.P. Despandey, Sr. AO, PAO, GSI, Nagpur came to the venue of meeting to offer their greetings. Both of them were offered warm welcome and felicitated with garlands. In return, they also greeted the august house through their brief speeches. The gesture shown by Shri Ozarkar and Shri Desh Pande was well appreciated by the house and  it was also expressed by the house that their actions have strengthened the knot of understanding among the employees and AO/Sr.AOs. 
             D.N. Dekate, AAO ( retired from, PAO, Mines, Nagpur handed  over a cheque of Rs. 5000/- (rupees five thousand) only to the organization. Com Dekate was felicitated and  offered thanks by the Federal executive meeting.     
Before concluding the meeting, Com. T.R. Janardanan, President offered thanks to the Branches of Nagpur on behalf of totality of the Federal Executive members/ Branch representatives  for making elaborate arrangements of food and accommodation etc. to ensure that the extended Federal Executive meeting could be a grand success. Other Branches have also been requested to take steps like Nagpur.
With warm greetings,

Secretary General
          The extended Federal Executive meeting of National Federation of  Civil Accounts Associations held on 5th April 2014 at Nagpur deliberated on the Resolution adopted by the National Convention of the Central Government Employees & Workers held under the auspices of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers’.  The Resolution appealed to the Central Government Employees to take part in the election process of 16th Loksabha and exercise their franchise in favour of pro working class, democratic and secular candidates and parties.
                The extended Federal Executive meeting endorsed the Resolution adopted by the above Convention and appealed to  the Civil Accounts Employees  to identify their friends and ensure the success of those who stood with them and fought for the cause of the workers and common people,  and  cast their mandate accordingly  in the forth coming 16th Lok Sabha to be held during April-May, 2014
The extended Federal Executive meeting also agreed with the decision of the convention that the National Secretariat of the Confederation to review the political situation  emerging after the election  and take appropriate decision  to mobilize  the rank and file of  employees and workers for an eventual industrial action to the settlement of the charter of demands.
Resolved to forward the copy of the Resolution to the Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers, New Delhi for his kind information and record.



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