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      All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
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No: AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2014/718-20                                                                    Dated: 21st   May , 2014

            The Controller General of Accounts,
            Ministry of Finance,
            Department of Expenditure,
            Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market,
            New Delhi – 110003

Subject: Transfer and posting of AAO and AO - regarding

In the formal meeting held between the National executive of this Association and the official side under your Chairpership on 30th May 2013, we had discussed the item of transfer policy of AAO and AO/Sr. AO and requested  that our proposal for a mutually agreed transfer policy may kindly be considered. Subsequently we discussed the issue informally with your kind self and other officers of CGA office on several occasions. 
In response to our suggestions in these meetings and discussions, the official side had agreed that, in order to lighten the burden on exchequer of the Government and to provide optimum inconveniences to the individuals, transfer of the officials on promotion shall be tried to be made within the state. Only in such cases, where there are no vacancies available in the state, persons shall be posted in the neighboring state and preferably within a distance of 500 kilometers from their original station of posting. Transfer to choice stations to the officials posted at other stations shall be done strictly on seniority basis. When a junior is being promoted, his/her senior working in a different station (outside choice stations) shall be transferred back and he/she shall be posted there.  Officials due to retire within two years shall not be transferred on promotion to out of station. Since the Senior Accountants promoted against 10% promotional quota do not get any financial benefit and they being very senior  in age shall not be posted outside the station of their choice. Further, local rotational transfers shall be implemented strictly in all stations within July 2013.
                But it is very disappointing to note that, the officials promoted recently as AAO or AO have been transferred upto the distance of 3000 Kilometers from their home towns. A standing instruction has been given to the heads of the Civil Accounts Organizations that, no representation of the individuals expressing their difficulty to move out station should be forwarded to CGA office. As such, applications submitted by the individuals on medical grounds even are not also being forwarded to your office by different Civil Accounts authorities. This situation has  forced some of the officials to a precarious condition. These apart, the persons posted outside on promotion are representing repeatedly for their retransfer to their choice stations. But they are not getting any justice while their juniors have been promoted and posted in the same stations. Several Sr. Accountants who are on the verge of retirement have been promoted under 10% promotional quota and ordered to move out of station. Their representations for considering their cases on health ground and family circumstances are not being entertained at all.
It is also very disappointingly noted by the Associations  that, while the indigenous employees of Civil Accounts organization have been made victims of transfer policy, several persons from other Departments have been brought on deputation basis as AAOs and posted in the same station.
It has also been reported by our units and Branches that rotational transfer has not been implemented at all and shifting of vacant posts from one office/station for adjustment of  some specific persons is causing great harm to the functions of the offices in particular and interests of the employees in general.
                On 24th February 2014, when I  had met your goodself and requested  to consider atleast the deserving cases on the basis of the  representations of individuals, you had  kindly asked me to forward brief summary of such cases along with the copies of representations of the individuals. Accordingly, after collecting the details of the cases, I submitted those vide my letter No.  AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2014/208 dated 19th March 2014 with the  request to consider the cases sympathetically.  Apart from one case in isolation, favorable decision of yours on  all other cases  is yet pending .
                Therefore, on behalf of this Association, I request you to kindly convene a meeting with the representative of all the employees and officers Associations of Civil Accounts organizations concerned together for adoption of a mutually agreed transfer policy and also take early favorable decision on the cases referred by us through our above mentioned letter .
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Secretary General.
Copy for information and necessary action to:-
1.      The Secretary General, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association category II, Cochin.
2.      The Secretary General, All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officers(Civil), Mumbai.

Secretary General.

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