Monday, June 9, 2014

New committee of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, West Delhi Branch, New Delhi

A joint meeting of Employees working in PAO, CRPF, New Delhi was held under the President ship of Shri S.P. Sah during lunch hour of 15th May 2014 in PAO, CRPF, New Delhi in presence of Shri V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, AICAEA, and Shri A.K. Mehta, President, AICAEA Cat-II. The meeting unanimously elected following persons as office Bearers of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, West Delhi Branch, New Delhi
Sl. No.                 Name                                                         Post
1.                Shri N.S. Negi,                                 Vice President
2.                Shri R.K. Verma                              Vice President – I
3.                Smt. Hima Mishra                            Vice President – II
4.                Shri A.K. Shrivastava                       Vice President – III
5.                Smt. K. Jaishri                                  Vice President - IV
6.                Shri Chandan Sen                            Branch Secretary
7.                Shri I.D. Soni                                     Addl. Branch Secretary
8.                Shri Francy T. Jose                          Asstt. Branch Secretary - I
9.                Shri Shanker Dutt                             Asstt. Branch Secretary – II
10.              Shri Suresh Yadav                           Asstt. Branch Secretary – III
11.              Shri Vijay Singh                                Joint Asstt. Secretary
12.              Smt. Leena Sabu                             Joint Asstt. Secretary
13.              Shri A.K. Pandey                             Finance Secretary
14.              Shri P.K. Rabha                               Asstt. Finance Secretary
15.              Shri Manoj Kumar                            Treasurer
16.              Shri R.K. Garg                                 Org. Secretary
17.              Shri Devender Swamy                    Asstt. Org. Secretary
18.              Md. Daud Khan                               Asstt. Org. Secretary
19.              Shri Ramesh Chand                        Asstt. Org. Secretary

SD/-(S.P. SAH)

President of the Meeting

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