Friday, December 5, 2014

Represented By
         All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
                                          (RECOGNISED BY GOVT. OF INDIA)
                                 CENTRAL HEADQUARTERS: NEW DELHI
              All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category -II
Central Office: -                                                                                 Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                                                 17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                                                                      Kali Bari Marg,
                                                                                                                                  New Delhi-110001

No: - NFCAA/HQ/A-2/2014/2096                                                                        Dated: 05.12.2014

            Shri P. Sudhir Kumar,
            Principal Chief Controller of Accounts,
            Central Board of Excise and Customs,
            Room No.105, B-Wing,
            AGCR Building,
            I.P. Estate,
            New Delhi - 110002

Subject: - Settlement of problems of the employees of PAOs of CBEC located at different stations.

            I have been directed to refer our letters No:- NFCAA/HQ/A-3/2014 dated 17.10.2014 and No:- AICAEA/HQ/A-3/2014/1590-91 dated 06.11.2014 and state that, it is more than six months now the issues concerning with the employees working in different PAOs of CBEC setup of the country were discussed between the official side of your office and the representatives of the Association, but none of these problems has been resolved by the administration of your office till date. Due to this, wide resentment has been generated among the membership of the Associations.

            I am therefore, directed to request you once again to kindly resolve the problems through mutual dialogue so that the existing congenial atmosphere prevailing in the Civil Accounts Organization can travel a long way.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Enclo: as above

Secretary General
Copy to:
1.      The Secretary, Department of Revenue, Govt. of India, North Block New Delhi alongwith a list of pending issues.
2.      The Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, Loknayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi alongwith a list of pending issues.
3.      The All Federal Executive members of NFCAA.
4.      The All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat-II.

Secretary General

1.      No downsizing of Pay and Accounts Offices of CBEC in the name of restructuring.
2.      Filling up of vacant posts in all cadres immediately.
3.      Provision of sufficient office accommodation/sitting arrangement with required electricity supply for the staff working in Pr. Account’s office.
4.      Reimbursement of TA/DA to the employees and officers performed election duty in 2013 and 2014.
5.      Deduction of monthly subscription from the members of the Associations regularly/ monthly by honoring the DOPT and CGA instructions and following the procedures of check- off system by the DDOs.
6.      No selective transfer and  immediate consideration of  following transfer requests  –
(a)   Shri Rahul Gupta, Accountant, Delhi to Kanpur.
(b)   Shri Pawan Kumar, Accountant, Delhi to Patna.
(c)    Shri S.P. Nagendranath, Sr. Accountant, Guntur to Hyderabad.
(d)   Shri A. Rangaraj, MTS, Chennai to Trichy.
(e)   Smt. Lagnajita Roy, Accountant, Dibrugarh to Kolkata.
(f)     Shri Ashwajit Meshram, LDC, Pune to Nagpur.
(g)   Ms.L.Lanitha, MTS, Madurai to Coimbatore/Cochin
7.      Promotion of better employer- employee relations: undoing of vindictive transfers in Kolkata and Delhi.
8.      Grant of appropriate pay scales to all DEOs in terms of the CAT directives.
9.      Issuing of Identity cards/ open pass to entitled employees and office bearers of the Association in terms of the item No. 16 of the official Minutes of the meeting of 4th August 2011.
10.  Acceptance of transfer requests for posting in CBEC from CCA, Supply, and PCCA, External Affairs etc.
11.  Clarence of all pending MACP cases.
12.  (a)Repatriation of AAOs working on deputation basis from other departments and promotion of senior most Sr. Accountants  on adhoc basis
(b) Prompt implementations of the promotion and transfer orders issued by the office of CGA.
13.  Modernization/sitting arrangement in other offices like PAO, Central Excise, New Delhi and PAO, DGICCE, New Delhi.
14.  Reimbursement of cost of Briefcase/ official bag/ladies purse to the staff and officers as being reimbursed by other heads of the departments of Civil Accounts Organization.
15.  Reimbursement of hospitality expenses to the AAOs as being reimbursed by other heads of the departments of Civil Accounts Organization.
16.  Local transfers on the basis of policy and consideration of local transfer requests sympathetically.
17.  Supply of adequate stationery items and supply of towel and utensils etc. atleast once in a year.
18.  Compensation of the extra work being done by the staff and officers in the year ending and attending duty on holidays and weekly of days i.e. Saturday and Sunday.
19.  Provision of Association room for the purpose of Office of the Unit Association.
20.  Issuing of pay slips to all staff and officers.

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