Tuesday, February 10, 2015

 NFCAA Circular No. 3 OF 2015
                                                               Represented By
    All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category -II
Central Office: -                                                                                         Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                                                         17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                                                                             Kali Bari Marg,
                                                                                                                                         New Delhi-110001

No. NFCAA/HQ/A-1/Cir-3/2015                                                                                             Dated: 09.02.2015

            All Federal Executive Members,
            All Women Committee Members,
All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II

Dear Comrades,


We hope all of you have received the earlier circular No. 2 dated 5th February 2015 on the same subject matter which was emailed and sent by post. The DAY LONG Dharna may invariably be organized in front of PAOs of CBEC Units on 11th February demanding-

a)      Withdrawal of OM. No. Admn/1 (17) 9/DEO/2014-15/1427 dated 22.01.2015 through which it has conveyed that the DEOs going to be declared surplus.
b)      Settlement of 20 pending demands.
c)      Stop vindictive actions, creation of hindrance and interference into the routine functions of the Associations.

            No doubt we sought the intervention of CGA and he is expected to intervene positively, but it is not sufficient. The authorities of Principal CCA, CBEC maintain total anti-employee and vindictive attitude towards the employees all together. They are not ready to respond positively on any of the matters. Instead, they are creating hindrance and interfering into the internal functions of the Associations and terrorizing the employees too.  

            Under the above situations, we do not have any other alternative but to show our unity, strength and determination to resist the attack on us.
            Therefore, members may be explained the gravity of the situation and requested to make the Day long DAHRNA ON 11TH February a grand success.
            The draft of the Resolution to be adopted at the Dharna spot during lunch hour is annexed to this circular.
 With warm greetings,

Secretary General
This joint lunch meeting of the members of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, Delhi Branch and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II, Delhi Branch held today the 11th February 2014 in front of the Pr. CCA, CBEC, New Delhi deliberated and expressed its concern on the following matters-  
1.      The meeting observed that the Principal CCA, CBEC, New Delhi vide order dated 22.01.2015 has  decided to declare the DEOs as surplus who had been appointed by downgrading the  posts of Accountants and working in CBEC set up for last three decades. The Principal CCA, CBEC has taken a unilateral decision ignoring the fact that the CGA is the head of the Civil Accounts Organization and all Policy matters of the Civil Accounts Organization are decided by the CGA.  Alike other cadres, the common set of Recruitment Rules for all the 3 electronic data processing cadres  such as  Data Entry Operator Grade–A, Grade–B and Computer Operators working in Civil Accounts setup of CBEC and Central Pension Accounting office has been prescribed by the CGA. It is clearly evident from the provisions laid down in the Recruitment Rules for the cadre of DEO and Computer Operator that no decision for regulating the cadre can unilaterally be taken by any head of the Department of Civil Accounts Organization ignoring the CGA. But the Pr. CCA, CBEC did not take CGA into confidence before taking the decision of snatching away the lively hood of the 65/66 very elderly employees who have sacrificed their entire career in serving the department.
 Moreover, inspite of a clear cut instruction of the Department of Personnel and Training that, whenever there is a scheme/proposal for introduction of new technology in a Ministry/Department, the staff side in the concerned departmental council should be consulted before taking a final decision in the matter, the Principal CCA, CBEC did not refer the issue of  introduction of “the compulsory e-challan scheme from 01.10.2014 in CBEC on the work relating to posting of physical challans” to the Departmental Council (JCM), Ministry of Finance.
Further, there are hundreds of vacancies in Group–C level and the Staff Selection Commission being not able to sponsor sufficient candidates for different posts, the CBEC authorities in the recent past have accommodated several Date Entry Operators from the surplus cell as Accountants. Not only this, there are several instances where the DEOs have been assigned the work of Accountant and Senior Accountant due to shortage of Accountant / Sr. Accountant and they are discharging their duties efficiently for years together.  
 These apart, physical entries of challan is also not totally abolished nor the other works related to the Revenue Accounting of the CBEC and for these works outsourced employees have been engaged
2.      The meeting also noted that, it is more than a year, the Associations have been requesting the Pr.CCA, CBEC to resolve the pending 20 point demands concerning with the employees. But he did not respond to the request of the Associations. Though a discussion on the items was held on 15th May 2014 between the representatives of the Associations and the CCA, CBEC, but the Official side did not honour any of the assurances given during the discussion.
3.       The meeting further observed that, the authorities of Pr. CCA, CBEC, instead of appreciating the plight of the employees and keeping a sympathetic view, maintaining vindictive attitude towards the employees, attacking and harassing them individually and interfering into the internal functions of the Associations too.
The meeting therefore, records its strongest protest against the anti-employee and vindictive attitude of the CBEC authorities of Civil Accounts organization and demands -
a)      Immediate withdrawal of OM. No: - Admn/1 (17) 9/DEO/2014-15/1427 dated 22.01.2015.
b)      Settlement of 20 pending demands.
c)      Stoppage of vindictive actions, creation of hindrance and interference into the routine functions of the Associations.
The meeting resolves that, if no favorable response from the authorities is received, organizational action shall be further intensified.
The meeting further resolves to forward the copies of this Resolution to-

1.      The Secretary,
Department of Revenue,
Ministry of Finance,
Government of India,
North Block, New Delhi- 110001.
2.      Controller General Of Accounts,
Ministry of Finance,
Department of Expenditure,
Loknayak Bhawan,
Khan Market,
New Delhi- 110003

3.      Principal Chief Controller of Accounts,
Central Board of Excise and Customs,
AGCR Building, 1st Floor,
New Delhi-110002.

4.      Secretary General,
National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations,
New Delhi.

5.      Secretary General,
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association,
New Delhi.

6.      Secretary General,
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II,

President of the meeting.


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