Thursday, March 26, 2015


This Federal Executive Meeting of the National Federation of Civil accounts Associations represented by All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Associations Category II, held on 25th and 26th February 2015 in Delhi, deliberated on the following-
1.      Functioning of the office of the Pr. CCA, CBEC in violation of   the instructions of the Government of India as well as the instructions of Controller General of Accounts,
2.      Declaring 66 regular DEOs as surplus by the Pr. CCA, CBEC without following the DOPT norms,
3.       Harassing the employees in different forms by the Pr. CCA , CBEC ,  
4.       Interference and creation of hindrance to the democratic functions of the Service Associations by the administration of Pr. CCA, CBEC.
The meeting noted that-
·         The Principal CCA, CBEC has unilaterally taken the decision to bring reform in the working procedure in the revenue accounting system thereby, causing the future of the employees engaged in the work in jeopardy. The step taken by the Pr. CCA, CBEC is clear violation of norms of the DOPT OM. No. 3/42/87JCA dated 25th January, 1988 which specifically directs for consultation with the employees Associations before introduction of any new technology.
·         The Pr.CCA, CBEC, vide an order dated 3-10-2014, adopted manpower calculation method for the Civil Accounts setup of CBEC, in isolation,   ignoring the fact that there is laid down procedure under SIU Norm duly prescribed by the Controller General of Accounts in terms of the instructions of  the Government of India. It is so condemnable that the office of the Controller General of Accounts who is the custodian for the Civil Accounts set-up and also the Accounting Head, had never been consulted before issuance of such an unilateral order adversely affecting the man power position in the Civil Accounts Set-up nor the same was brought to the knowledge of the Controller General of Accounts even after the issuance of such an order.
·         The Pr. CCA, CBEC vide his order No. Admn/1(17)9/DEO/2014-15/1427 dated 22-01-2015 unilaterally decided to declare the Data Entry Operators, numbering 66, who had been working in the department for more than thirty years, as surplus without following the laid down procedure prescribed by the Government of India in this respect and also keeping the Controller General of Accounts in dark about this order, who is the superior authority for prescribing the Recruitment rules for different categories of Civil Accounts Employees and responsible for cadre management in Civil Accounts Organisation.
·          The Pr. CCA, CBEC has not reimbursed the TA claims of large number of employees who performed election duty in 2013, so far, despite a clear direction of the Election Commission. The difficulties faced by the employees in respect of obtaining signatures in the TA Bills from the concerned officers of Election Commission was explained by the staff Association to the administration of Pr. CCA, CBEC on 15th May 2014 in a meeting, but the Administration, in spite of giving a written assurance in this regard, had not taken any action for payment of the election duty TA to the employees in terms of the said assurance.
·         As a matter of normal routine , all Departments of the Government of India are issuing open pass to the functionaries of employees Associations especially who are the Members of  National Council /Departmental  council , JCM and working in the Service Associations on Foreign Service terms .  But in spite of issuance of a formal a direction by the Controller General of Accounts in this respect and furnishing all relevant documents and facts by the Associations, the Principal CCA, CBEC has not been issuing the open pass to the Secretary General of the Association for last six months on the plea that he is working in the Association on Foreign Service terms. This action on the part of administration of Pr. CCA, CBEC is not only abusing of Government of India instructions but also an intentional interruption to the functioning of the Association.
·         The administration of the Principal CCA, CBEC is directly interfering in the internal functioning of the Associations and threatening employees individually that disciplinary actions shall be initiated against the employees in case they take part in the Association meeting even during lunch hour. The administration of Pr. CCA, CBEC is also not allowing the employees particularly the AAOs to become the members of service Associations.
·         70 percent of the total space available in the Principal Accounts of CBEC has been occupied by two officers only while rest of the employees and officers who are approximately fifty in number have been forced to seat and work in left out 40% stuffy accommodation having no basic facilities, thereby not only violating the space norms prescribed for each employee by the Government of India but also causing all sorts of health hazard to the working employees due to crowded working atmosphere.
·         Not to speak of sitting arrangements, the Pr. CCA, CBEC is not even ready to honor the Government instructions on extending the facilities of hospitality allowance and other kind of working facilities to the Group-B employees which are made available by the Government of India in respect of these categories of employees.  He refused to extend these facilitates to the entitled class of employees but at the same time taking advantage of his official position he  enhanced the rates of these facilities for the Group-A Officers working at his Office only which are denied to others in outstations/field formations.
·         Apart from the above, the Principal CCA, CBEC has totally stalled the welfare measures of the employees. His administration is not deducting the membership subscription through the procedure of check-off-system and remitting to the Association regularly. All Transfer requests of employees made through the service Associations have been rejected by the Pr. CCA, CBEC while he favored the transfer cases of some of the individuals, selectively. The benefit of MACP, promotion and personal claims etc. are a far cry for the employees.
·         The Associations have persistently requested the Pr. CCA, CBEC discuss and resolve the issues across the table by holding discussion. But he preferred to ignore the requests.
This meeting therefore, observed with grave concern that effort of the Associations to settle the problems across the table has failed miserably and the administration of Pr. CCA, CBEC has been evading discussion with employees Association by postponing and refusing them persistently.   However, when the employees of entire country resorted to organizational action in the form of Dharna on 11th of February 2015, the administration of Pr. CCA, CBEC offered to meet the representatives of the Associations on 25th February, 2015.  Accordingly, the national level office bearers of the Associations from different parts of the country had proceeded for the meeting. But the Administration of Pr.CCA, CBEC conveyed the association in the late hours of 23rd of February 2015 that it had postponed the date of the meeting on 10th April, 2015.   
In view of the above situations, this meeting resolves to urge upon the Government and the Controller General of Accounts to kindly intervene and remove the stalemate created by of the authorities Pr. CCA, CBEC and   their provocation to employees to create unrest at the earliest.
The meeting also resolves that if this resolution is ignored, the employees throughout the country shall resort to organizational actions and the Association shall not be responsible for disruption of normal functions of offices in the penultimate days of closing of financial year.
The meeting resolves to forward this Resolution to the Finance Minister, Government of India, Secretary, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Secretary Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, Government of India, Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers, Secretary, Staff side National Council, JCM and all others concerned.

A.K. Mehta,                                                                                                                 K. Venkatasubramanian
Member, Presidium                                                                                                         Member, Presidium 

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