Thursday, October 1, 2015

Held on 17th July 2015

The very first meeting of the newly composed Federal Executive was held on 17th July 2015 at Chennai immediately after the 14th/6th AICs of AICAEA/ AICAEA Cat-II and 6th National Convention of Women’s Committee were over. The meeting was presided over by Com. G. K. Nair, President, NFCAA In this meeting representatives of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II had made brief reporting’s of the decisions taken in the Delegate sessions of the Conferences. On the basis of these reporting, following decisions were taken.-


Since the call of strike on 2nd September 2015 has been endorsed by the Joint Delegate session of the Conferences, it shall be implemented unitedly and the NFCAA shall take joint effort to mobilise the members. Joint tour programme shall be drawn up and all federal executive members shall move jointly to make the strike a grand success. Branches/ stations/State/Regions like Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, NE, M.P. Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Karnataka shall be visited.   All Branches shall make their own tour programme too and ensure visit of all Units within 15th August 2015. Members should be explained the 12 point charter demands raised by the Central Trade Unions and 10 point Charter demands of the Confederation.
Further, as per convention, joint strike notice shall be served to CGA by both Associations on 11th August 2015 in terms of the direction of the Confederation.


In pursuance of the decisions taken in the joint Delegate session, it has also been decided that while visiting the stations, the demand of cadre review and 19 other pending demands should be explained to the members. Importance of the demand of achievement of Cadre Review and its implementation before implementation of the 7CPC recommendations should be explained to the members and they should also be requested to participate in the organizational actions.
Following organizational actions have been adopted by the meeting for persuasion of the demand of Cadre Review and 19 other demands.-
1.     Demands day on 18th August 2015; - On this day, all members shall wear black badge. Unit/ Branch wise lunch hour demonstration at all stations shall be held.
2.     Joint Day Long Dharna on 100th September 2015:- A Joint Day Long Dharna shall be organized by the Branches on 10th September 2015 in front of the office of Sr. most Officer of the station. All office bearers of the Branches of AICAEA and AICAEA Cat-II shall sit for day long dharna by taking leave.
3.     Half day walk out on 14th October 2015:-Totality of the members shall stage half day walk out on 14th October 2015. The modalities about this programme shall be decided and informed to all.  


Following decisions were taken by the meeting:-
a)   All Branches (both AICAEA and AICAEA CATII) which have not held their Conferences and Branch level Women Convention shall complete those within 31st August 2015. Alongwith Branch Conference and Women Convention they shall also form the Local level NFCAA as well as COC of Civil Accounts employees and officers and make it functional.
b)   Uniform rate of membership subscription of Rs.80/- shall be there and both Associations shall simultaneously write to the CGA in this regard.
c)   Effort shall be taken by federation headquarters to improve the coverage of the issues and correspondences of both Associations in the Accounts Crusader.
d)   Both Affiliates of NFCAA, in terms of the Article 14 a) of the Constitution of NFCAA, shall remit their due share of quota to federation @10% of the monthly subscription received from the members.  The quota of subscription shall be remitted to the Federation headquarters not later than the 20th of every month and it should commence immediately.


Attention of the Federal Executive meeting was invited by the Federal Executive Members of Mumbai that, on a suspected misappropriation of the Government money, the Civil Administration has intervened in to the acts of some of the officers of PAO (CG, PDTM), Mumbai. It has created an atmosphere of fear in the office and caused serious problems to the employees working in the office. In consideration of this situation, the meeting passed a resolution urging upon the Civil Accounts authorities to intervene into the affairs and protect the innocent employees from harassments. The meeting appreciated the role being played by the Branches and leadership of the Mumbai Branch in dealing the matter. The meeting also decided that all sorts of help and support shall be extended to the members who are innocent and facing various difficulties

Thereafter the meeting was declared over with vote of thanks to the Chair.

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