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No: AICAEA/HQ/A-1/Cir-3/2015/2571-2631                                                     Dated: 28th November, 2015

            All National Executive Members,
            All Branch/Unit Secretaries,

Dear Comrades,
The extended national executive meeting of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association was held on 6th & 7th November, 2015 in New Delhi. All National Executive members attended the meeting. However, Com. K.M. Chauhan, Asstt. Secretary General, (Ahmedabad) was absent without intimation and Com. P. Manna, Asstt. Finance Secretary, (Shillong) also not attended on personal grounds. Com. R.D. Fanibhare, AICAEA, Branch Secretary, Nagpur Branch, Com. Ravinder Kumar, Secretary, NFCAA and President AICAEA, Delhi Branch, Com. Harbans Lal, Branch Secretary, AICAEA, Delhi Branch and Com. Jagdish Kumar, Branch Secretary, AICAEA Cat-II, Delhi Branch attended the meeting as special invitees.
Keeping in view the scheduled meeting between the official side and the National Executives of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association under the Chairpersonship of CGA on 6th November, 2015 at 3 PM, the meeting took up the item No:- 2 for discussion first.
Agenda No: 2 Meeting with the CGA authorities on 6th November 2015 on the demand of cadre review and the Charter of Demands submitted
The meeting reviewed the status of each items of agenda referred to CGA authorities for discussion through the 20 point Charter demands. After detailed discussion on each items the meeting finalized its approach on them. It was also decided that, authorities would be insisted to discuss the issue of Cadre Review with the representatives COC of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers Associations. It was also decided that the issue of grant of recognition to All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II shall be one of the prime issues for discussion. However, no issue shall be discussed with less importance and equal amount of stress shall be given on all items. Thereafter, the meeting was adjourned till 7th November, 2015.
The meeting resumed at 9.30 AM on 7th November, 2015
Agenda No: - 1 Review of the decisions of last meeting
The meeting took up the 1st item of agenda for discussion. Secretary General placed the minutes of the last meeting held on 23rd September, 2015 in Delhi. The house confirmed the minutes and accepted the proceedings.
Agenda No: - 2 Meeting with the CGA authorities on 6th November 2015 on the demand of cadre review and the Charter of Demands submitted
The meeting reviewed the outcome of the meeting held with the authorities on 6th November, 2015 under the chairpersonship of CGA. After initiating the item by Secretary General, each and every National Executive member expressed their opinion regarding the outcome of the meeting. It was the unanimous view of the entire house that there was a positive response of CGA in particular towards the items discussed. However, so far as the demand of Cadre review is concerned, CGA was not ready to take up the issue with the Ministry of Finance any further on the plea that the Ministry had stated that a holistic view on this matter in respect of totality of organized Accounts and Audit Cadres shall be taken by the Ministry of Finance only after the 7th CPC recommendations are submitted/implemented.
But the meeting could not appreciate the above approach of the authorities on the ground that, in persuasion of the recommendations of 6CPC Government itself had issued guidelines for cadre review. As such the cadre review has been done in many departments including the Group-A (ICAS) officers of Civil Accounts organization and some of the departments it is under process. Hence there is no logic of postponing the cadre review of Group B & C officers of Civil Accounts organization beyond the recommendations of 7CPC and tagging it with the cadres of other departments/ organizations.
Therefore, after detailed discussion it was decided by the meeting that AICAEA shall approach all other constituents of COC of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers Association for holding a joint convention of three Associations at Nagpur within 25th November, 2015 with the objective of launching serious struggle in the near future and Nagpur Branch had accordingly, agreed to organize the convention.
Agenda No: - 3 Implementation of decisions of the COC of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers Associations and functioning of COC at different levels
In view of the developments discussed under the agenda item No.2  and due to inadequate preparation for the proposed walk out on 18th November, 2015  it was decided that, other constituents of COC of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers Associations shall be requested to postpone the programme and take a concrete view in the Convention.
While reviewing the functioning of COC, it was observed that many stations/Branches have not yet formed the COC. Since the strength of the movement would be dependent on the quality of unity, the meeting once again called upon all Branches to take sincere effort for formation of COCs at the state/ Branch level without any further delay.
Agenda No: - 4 Implementation of the decisions of the Confederation
The Confederation had given a call for week long campaign programme in support of the Charter of Demands which had to culminate on 6th November, 2015. The NJCA had decided that NJCA members would stage a day long dharna on 19th November, 2015 in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and Central Government Employees of entire country should wear Black badge on that day and organize demonstrations.
It was reported by National Executive members/Branch representatives that the programme was held in Mumbai, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin/Trivandrum, Lucknow, West Bengal, Delhi and Bhubaneswar. However, Dharna shall be held by COC Delhi on 16th November, 2015 instead of 6th November, 2015. Programme of 19th November, 2015 shall also be observed.
The meeting appealed upon all Branches to participate in the programme of 19th November whole heartedly and make it a success.
Agenda No: - 5 Organizational review
a)   Enhancement of membership and continuation of Foreign Service of Secretary General.
CGA vide orders dated 28th October, 2015(copy annexed) has approved the amendments made in the constitution of the Association by the 14th All India Conference held from 15th to 17th July 2015 in Chennai and directed all heads of Civil Accounts organization and DDOs to effect deduction of membership subscription under the revised rate of Rs:- 80/-(Rupees eighty)only per member per month.
In view of this the meeting directed all Branches/Units to request the DDOs to effect deduction of subscription @ Rs:- 80/- from the month of November, 2015.
However, the meeting noted with concern that the membership subscriptions are not coming from a large number of employees/ Units.   As such, the functioning of the Association will stop and Foreign Service of Secretary General shall discontinue if the condition does not improve immediately. The meeting therefore, appealed upon the Members/Units/Branches to ensure deduction and remittance of their subscription under new rate with effect from November, 2015.
b)     Unit and Branch Conferences and Branch level women convention.
The meeting noted with utmost dissatisfaction that, despite repeated requests some of the units and Branches have not conducted the Unit/Branch Conference and Branch level women convention. Since it is against the democratic norm and interests of the members, the meeting once again directed all such Branches to complete their unit and Branch Conferences.  UP East Branch and Rajasthan Branch assured that the task shall be initiated/completed within last week November 2015 in consultation with the Secretary General.
Agenda No: - 6 Outcome of the meeting with CA, MHA – regarding
Due to insistence of the Central headquarters, a meeting on 13.10.2015 was held with CA, Ministry of Home Affairs. Apart from the available office bearers of AICAEA, representatives of the West Delhi Branch attended the meeting. Most of the issues were of PAO, CRPF which constitutes the Delhi West Branch.  Though the Draft Minutes of the meeting has been prepared in consultations with the Association, but final minutes is yet to be issued.
In response to the demand of filling up of vacant posts it was reported by the official side that, 165 dossiers were received and appointment letters were being issued.  It was also informed by the official side that around 761 posts of different cadres have been sanctioned/approved by Ministry of Finance. One of the most important fact revealed by the official side in the meeting that – in the Civil Ministries/Departments the ratio of staff strength between the Accounts and main Ministry/ Department is 1: 794 whereas the same is 1: 96 in the Ministry of Defence which is a discrimination.
Agenda No: - 7 Misc, if any with the permission of chair.
Com. Maundekar, Asstt. Secretary General discussed the problems arisen in PAO, GSI, Nagpur after introduction of Biometric attendance system in isolation. Since the Association is not opposed to the biometric system if it not linked to Aadhar Card, the meeting directed him to ask the Unit concerned to send a detailed note in this regard through the Branch for examination of Central headquarters.  
The meeting thereafter was declared over by Com. Shantanu Bhattacharjee, President.
With warm greetings,

Secretary General

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