Monday, April 18, 2016

Visit to  Units of Madhya Pradesh : A Brief Report
Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General and Com. N.K.Sharma, Finance Secretary, All India Civil Accounts Employees’ Association visited Bhopal on 7th April 2014. Com Hari Prasad from PAO, CBEC, Indore had co-ordinated in the matter. On 7th April these office bearers visited the PAO, CBEC, Bhopal first. A warm welcome was offered to the visiting leaders by the officers and staff of the Unit. Despite the unit being very small, the members have formed a small unit Committee and assured to extend their full co-operation to the Branch and Central Headquarters Association.
 During lunch hour a combined meeting of the representatives of PAO, CBEC, Bhopal, ZAO, CBDT, Bhopal, PAO, Chemical & Petro-Chemicals, Bhopal and PAO, CBEC, Indore were present. the meeting was presided over by Com. Hari Prasad form PAO, CBEC, Indore. Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General and Com. T .K. R. Pillai, leader of the Co-ordination Committee of Central Government Employees and Workers, Madhya Pradesh addressed the meeting. Com. N,K. Sharma, Finance Secretary also greeted the members. In this meeting a Unit Committee of ZAO, CBDT, Bhopal was formed and it was further decided that a convention of representatives of all Units of Madhya Pradesh shall be organized in the third week of April 2016 to form the Madhya Pradesh Branches both AICAEA and AICAEA CATII. The formalities of filling up of membership forms etc. were decided to be completed before the Branch Conference. After the meeting was over, the visiting leaders along with the newly elected Committee members of the units met the Sr. Accounts Officers available in the ZAO, CBDT. In course of the discussion the officers have assured their full cooperation towards the local Unit and Branches.
Thereafter, the visiting leaders alongwith Com. Arun Pathak and Com.Rakesh Tawaria newly elected Presidents of ZAO, CBDT and PAO, CBEC, Bhopal respectively visited the PAO, Chemicals &Petro-Chemicals. A warm reception was given in the office by the Senior Accounts Officer, AAO and other staff members of the Office. After brief discussion on various matters, a Unit Committee was formed in the unit and members have assured that, membership subscription etc shall be regularized immediately.

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