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No:- AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2016/1028                                                                                     Dated: 03.12.2016

            The Controller General of Accounts,
            Ministry of Finance,
            Department of Expenditure,
            4th Floor, GPOA, Block-E, INA,
            New Delhi – 110023

Subject: - Item No. 9 (v) of minutes of the meeting held on 15th November, 2016 between the official side of CGA Office and staff side representing the Co-ordination Committee of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers Associations.


            I have been directed to refer to the above mentioned subject and state that, this Association vide item No:- 9(v) requested to consider the demand of grant of two financial upgradation to MTS under ACPS who had completed 24 years of service before implementation of MACPS. It was requested that the scheme may be implemented in the manner in which the O/o Principal Director of Audit, Economic and Services Ministries, Delhi vide order No:- AMG.1/Admn-1/32 dated 25.06.2014 has implemented in respect of the MTS working in that Department. In the very first para of the said orders it has been very correctly discussed that:-
“Consequent upon acceptance of the recommendation of 6th Central Pay Commission, all the erstwhile Group-D posts viz. Safaiwala, Water Man, Chowkidar, Mali, Farash, Peon, Senior Peon, Daftri, Junior Gestener Operator, etc. have been upgraded and merged in Pay Band-I (Rs. 5200-20200) with Grade Pay of Rs. 1800/-. The Post of Record Keeper was also merged in the same Grade Pay of Rs. 1800/-. Headquarters’ office vide its letter No. 197-Staff Entt.I/Pay/52-2014 dated 13.02.2014 has also clarified that all the officials who were MTS as on 01.01.2006 and completed 12/24 years of regular service on 01.01.2006 and between 01.01.2006 and 31.08.2008 are eligible for grant of 1st and 2nd financial up-gradation under ACPS and 3rd financial up-gradation under MACPS on completion of 30 years of regular service. In terms of the headquarters’ office aforesaid clarification, the financial up-gradation already granted to the officials of MTS cadre (as on 01.01.2006) of this office and the office of the Pr. Director of Audit, Scientific Departments, New Delhi (common cadre) has now been reviewed and revised, as per the Appendix hereto, from the date shown against each.”

            This decision has been authenticated by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India vide letter No: - 708-staff hak 1/254-2014 dated 04.06.2015   relevant paras of which states the following-
“…………. that the revised pay structure after obtaining on job training the non-matriculate MTS have  been placed in PB-1with Grade Pay of Rs.1800/-i.e. equivalent to the matriculate MTS as on 01.01.2006. Hence, on job training to non-matriculate MTS place them at par with Matriculate MTS w.e.f 01.01.2006.
2.             Further, the promotions earned/financial upgradation(s) earned under ACP scheme in past to those post(s)which now carry the same Grade Pay of Rs.1800/- due to merger of post(s)recommended by 6th CPC are to be ignored for the purpose of grant of financial up gradation under ACP/MACP Scheme. Hence, on completion of 12/24 years of service between  01.01.2006 and 31.08.2008 such MTS are eligible for consideration of 1st and 2nd financial up gradation under ACP Scheme  to higher grade pay of Rs.1900/- and 2800/-  respectively  subject to fulfillment of required condition under para 6 below Annexure-I to DOPT’s OM No.35034/1/97-Estt.(D)dated 09-08-1999. Also in case such MTS are granted 2nd financial up gradation to the grade pay of Rs. 2800/- under ACP Scheme, they shall be eligible for 3rd financial up gradation under MACP Scheme on completion of 30 years of service on or after 01.09.2008.”
            It is evident that the Organization of C&AG has taken above decision on the basis of the Illustration-I below para 5 of the Annexure-I of DOPT OM No:- 35034/3/2008-Estt. (D) Dated 19th May 2009 (copy enclosed). The para five of the DOPT OM is reproduced below:-

“5.  Promotions earned/upgradations granted under the ACP Scheme in the past to those grades which now carry the same grade pay due to merger of pay scales/upgradations of posts recommended by the Sixth Pay Commission shall be ignored for the purpose of granting upgradations under modified ACPS.

        Illustration –I
        The pre-revised hierarchy (in ascending order) in a particular organization was as under:-
            Rs. 5000-8000, Rs. 5500-9000 and Rs. 6500-10500

(a)  A Government servant who was recruited in the hierarchy in the pre-revised pay scale Rs. 5000-8000 and who did not get a promotion even after 25 years of service prior to 01.01.2006, in his case as on 01.01.2006 he would have got two financial upgradations under ACP to the next grades in the hierarchy of his organization, i.e., to the pre-revised scales of Rs. 5500-9000 and Rs. 6500-10500.
(b)  Another Government servant recruited in the same hierarchy in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 5000-8000 has also completed about 25 years of service, but he got two promotions to the next higher grades of Rs. 5500-9000 and Rs. 6500-10500 during this period.
In the case of both (a) and (b) above, the promotions/financial upgradations granted under ACP to the pre-revised scales of Rs. 5500-9000 and Rs. 6500-10500 prior to 01.01.2006 will be ignored on account of merger of the pre-revised scales of Rs. 5000-8000, Rs. 5500-9000 and Rs. 6500-10500 recommended by the Sixth CPC. As per CCS (RP) Rules, both of them will be granted grade pay of Rs. 4200 in the pay band PB-2. After the implementation of MACPS, two financial upgradations will be granted both in the case of (a) and (b) above to the next higher grade pays of Rs. 4800 in the pay band PB-2.”

            It appears from the note dated 12.08.2016 of DOPT (forwarded to this Association by your office on 22.08.2016) that the DOPT is now contradicting its original OM dated 19.05.2009 which has been implemented in all departments of the Government of India.
            Therefore, this issue deserves further discussion and a fresh reference to DOPT as well. But, it has been recorded in the minutes that:-
“DOPT has not accepted the proposal. Association was accordingly intimated vide this office letter dated 22.08.2016.  Matter closed”
            Closure of the item unilaterally by the official side is not acceptable to the staff side on the following grounds:-

1.      The MTS working in the organizations of C&AG and CGA are Central Government Employees and Service conditions of Central Government Employees are regulated by one single authority through DOPT and Ministry of Finance.
2.      The MTS working in the organizations of C&AG and CGA are the part of organized Accounts cadres. The Government of India and the Central Pay Commissions have been always giving the same treatment to all cadres of both the organizations.
3.      Treatment of same group of Employees differently by same employer (i.e. Central Government) is untenable and these poor paid lowest grade employees should be accorded justice.
4.      Since the MTS of other Central Government Department are having the benefit, the MTS of Civil Accounts Organization should not be deprived in isolation.
            Therefore, we request you that, instead of closing the item, it may kindly be taken up with the Government effectively.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Enclo:- as above

Secretary General

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