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[All India Civil Accounts Employees Association]
[All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II]
Represented as
National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations (NFCAA)
Central Office: -                                                                   Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                                   17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                                                                 Kali Bari Marg,
                                                                                                                  New Delhi-110001
[All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officers (Civil)]
Central Headquarters: -                                                                                 Address for Communication:-
2/10 Jamnagar House,                                                                                                 C/o Film Division,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                         Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Phase –I                                        Building4th Floor, 24, 
Dr. G.Deshmukh Marg,
 Mumbai- 400026

No.COC/CA/2016/Corr-11                                                                                            dated 07-12-2016

          Shri M.J. Joseph,
          Controller General of Accounts,
          Ministry of Finance,
          Department of Expenditure,
          4th Floor, GPOA, Block-E, INA,
          New Delhi – 110023

Subject: - Forwarding of representations submitted by the Officers and Employees of Civil Accounts organization in support 11point Charter of demands of the Co-ordination Committee of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers Associations

             The members of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II and All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officers (Civil) from entire country have represented to your good self urging upon you to kindly undertake and implement the Cadre Review in respect of Group “B” and “C” Officers and Employees of Civil Accounts organization and settle ten other long pending demands in respect of all cadres. We on behalf of this Co-ordination Committee forwarding those representations signed by more than three thousand officers and employees of the organization  for your kind perusal.
            So far as the issue of Cadre Review is concerned, all major departments of Government of India have undertaken cadre review in respect of Group “B” and “C” cadres of their respective departments. The Cadre Review of ICAS cadres have also been done five times by the Civil Accounts authorities after the formation of the Civil Accounts organization in 1976 by reducing the existing promotion prospects of AO/Sr.AO. But the Cadre Review of group “B” and “C” cadres of Civil Accounts organization was not done even for a single time.
            Apart from the issue of cadre review, group  “B” and “C” officers and employees are suffering extremely for non-settlement of ten other very important issues connected with - conducting various departmental examinations, posting/promotion of AAO (Civil) qualified persons in 2013 and 2014, grant of recognition to AICAEA Category II, continuation of the status and  facilities of recognition to AIAPAO(Civil), grant of promotion to Senior Accountants as AAOs under 10% promotion quota,  grant of upgraded pay scales to AAOs (GP 5400 after 4 years) and Senior Accountants (at par with Assistants of Central Secretariat i.e.GP 4600), extension of Gr-A Status and higher pay scales to AO/Sr. AO (PB3 GP Rs. 6600 i.e. level 11 and GP Rs. 7600i.e. level 12  after two year), grant of parity to secretarial (Stenographers) cadres with Central secretariat secretarial cadres, upgradation of LDCs as Accounts Assistant (GP 2400) and Accountant( GP 4200),  merger of DEO with Accountant/ Senior Accountant, extension of the benefit of treatment of  joining to the post of JAO/AAO after passing the examination as fresh appointment as has been done by CAG, adoption of mutually agreed transfer policy, giving timely promotion to AOs/Sr.AOs to the higher posts and ACP/ MACP benefits to other cadres by conducting DPCs regularly, grant of benefit of II ACP to Sr. Accountant from the date passing competitive examination/ 1st July of the next year of passing open examination conducted by SSC, grant of financial up gradations to MTS under ACP/MACPS at par with CAG’s organization, Grant of Headquarter allowance to Sr.PS/PS/Stenos posted in CGA office, removal of anomaly in grade pay arisen in PAO, CRPF after amalgamation of the office in Civil Accounts Organization, relaxation for revision of option for fixation of pay in the revised pay structure for persons promoted to the grade of Asstt. Accounts Officer (AAO) after 01.01.2006, suitable office accommodation with amenities to CHQ of AIAPAO (Civil) and alternative accommodation and amenities to the Central Office of AICAEA etc.

            In the formal meeting held on 15th November 2016 between the official side of CGA and the representatives of the Co-ordination Committee of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers Associations under the Chairpersonship of Joint Controller General of Accounts, the official side had assured staff side that the issue of cadre review shall be finalized and submitted to Department of Expenditure and expeditious settlement of ten other pending issued would also be done within a period of one month.

          The assurances given by the official side was discussed by the meeting of the co-ordination committee on 16th November2016. The meeting was happy to find that the Civil Accounts authorizes have kindly appreciated to plight of the officers and employees of the organization. Hence the meeting had unanimously decided to defer it’s decision of staging day long protest Dharna on 16th November 2016 in front of Block-E, GPOA, INA, New Delhi for a month(Reference- Resolution dated 16th November 2016 forwarded vide letter No. COC/CA/201/Corr-5 dated 16-11-20-16).

          We hope, after examining the enclosed representations of the Officers and employees, you would kindly appreciate their sentiments and take early favourable actions so that, we being the representatives of them are not placed  to revive our decision of  staging the day long Dharna and stage the same in front of Block-E, GPOA, INA, New Delhi on 16th December 2016 .

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Enclo:- as stated above.

     (V.Bhattacharjee)                               ( Debraj Singha Roy)                                           (A.B.Sunilkumar)
Joint Convener, COC and             Acting Secretary  General                       Joint Convener, COC and                              Secretary General                       All India Civil Accounts                                       Secretary General
All India Civil Accounts       Employees Association Category II       All India Association of Pay
Employees Association                                                                              and Accounts  Officers  (Civil)

(G.K.Nair)                                                                                                                      (S.S.Chauhan)
Chairperson COC and                                                                              Chairperson COC and
President,                                                                                                                 President,
National Federation of                                                                    All India Association of Pay
Civil Accounts Associtions                                                                        and Accounts  Officers  (Civil)

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