Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dear Comrades/Friends

In pursuance of the letter dated 11th February, 2017, a Delhi based delegation of COC of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers Associations, reached exactly at 12 PM on 17th February 2017 to the Secretariat of CGA to meet Smti. Archana Nigam, CGA. The Secretariat of CGA informed that, CGA had gone for a meeting in North Block. The delegation when insisted that, since they had gone to meet CGA with prior intimation, the COC should have been informed about the non-availably of CGA in the office for the meeting, the secretariat of CGA requested the delegation to wait at the reception. However, nearly 200 to 300 members from different parts of the city of Delhi had reached CGA office in the meantime and a massive demonstration had started. Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, Com. Ravinder Kumar, Working President, Com. (Smti.) Kamlesh Kumari, Member Women Committee NFCAA, Com. V.C. Sharma, Working President, Com. S.C. Bamrara, Finance Secretary, Com. Harbans Lal, Branch Secretary, AICAEA, Delhi Branch and Com Jagdish Kumar, Branch secretary, AICAEA CAT II, Delhi Branch explained the situation to the members.

Reports of demonstration and photos from Kolkata, Shillong, Guwahati, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin and Mumbai etc.  had started coming in the NFCAA whatsapp group by that time.

While the demonstrations were in the peak, it was observed by demonstrators of Delhi that, some of the senior officers had hurriedly moved out of CGA office and later on it could be learnt that CGA had called the files to North Block.

At about 4 p.m. the delegation of COC when went to CGA Secretariat to convey that till CGA meets the delegation and settles the issues, the protest throughout the country shall continue on 20th February too and a sit-in shall also be there in front of CGA office, one of the joint CGAs Shri P.K. Berwah entered the Secretariat of CGA and started talking at the top of his voice defending official side. He stated that the request of courtesy meeting sought by COC vide its letter dated 2ND January 2017 has (now !!) been put up to CGA.  However, the members of the delegation gave appropriate replies to the Jt. CGA who went way thereafter.

When delegation left the CGA office, Jt. CGA telephonically asked Secretary General, NFCAA and one of the Joint Conveners of COC of Civil Accounts Employees’ & Officers’ Associations to meet him with 2/3 persons. But the delegation decided to meet CGA only.

Dear Comrades, our struggle shall continue till the demands are settled. It has been decided that the representatives of apex COC of Civil Accounts Employees’ & Officers’ Associations shall resort to a sit-in programme from 12 p.m. of 20th February 2017 onwards in front of CGA office. We appeal upon the members of Delhi to extend their whole-hearted support   to the struggle launched and gather in front of CGA office on 20th February 2017 in large numbers during lunch hour.
All local COCs are requested to organize lunch hour demonstration once again on 20th February, 2017 in front of senior most officers of their respective stations.


(A.B.Sunilkumar)                                     ( Debraj Singha Roy)              (V.Bhattacharjee)             
Joint Convener, COC and                         Secretary  General              Joint Convener, COC and  Secretary General                                 All India Civil Accounts                       Secretary General
All India Association of          Employees Association Category II              All India Civil Accounts     and Accounts  Officers  (Civil)                                                              Employees Association

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