Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Represented By
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category -II
Central Office: -                                                                                                                    Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                                                                                   17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                                                                                                         Kali Bari Marg,
                                                                                                                                                                                New Delhi-110001

No. NFCAA/HQ/A-1/Cir-2/2017                                                                               Dated: 31.01.2017

            All Federal Executive Members,
            All Women Committee Members,
All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II

Dear Comrades,
We hope, all of you have received the Circular No.1/2017 dated 24/01/2017 containing the details about the necessacity of holding lunch hour demonstration on 9th February2017 in front of the Pay and Accounts Offices of CBEC. In the said Circular, the sufferings of the employees working in CBEC units have been explained in details. In view of the same, we request you once again to hold the programme without fail and forward the Resolution that has been asked to forward to all concerned.
The problems on which the programme has to be done are listed below. On 27.01.2017, the Pr. CCA, CBEC has been issued a letter by the Central Headquarters of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association requesting her to convene a meeting as per her commitment on 9th August 2016 so that the long pending problems of the employees are settled. The letter is available in the website ( of NFCAA.
While organizing the programme, our members of CBEC units may be explained the situation properly and requested to participate in the programme without fearing the threatening of the authorities. They may be told that, even without participating in any protest action they are facing harassments and vindictive actions. Therefore, the time has now come to display the unity and resist the atrocities of the authorities boldly. It is the united action which would settle all problems.
The demands are:-
1.                 Filling up of all vacant posts in all PAOs.
2.                 Creation/Expansion of PAOs in proportion with the expansion/creation of Commissionerates of Central Excise.
3.                 Provision of LDC and MTS for each section of Pr. Accounts Office and each PAO.
4.                 Vacation of all vindictive actions and settlement of victimization in PAO, Central Excise, Madurai
5.                 Grant of annual honorarium to all employees without any discrimination.
6.                 Conversation of DEO as Accountant/Sr. Accountant.
7.                 Promotion of better employer- employee relations: Posting policy for fresh recruits to ensure posting of candidates to convenient stations – no selective transfer – immediate consideration of pending transfer requests e.g. –
(a)      Shri Rahul Gupta, Accountant, Delhi to Kanpur.
(a)               Shri A. Rangaraj, MTS, Chennai to Trichy.
(b)               Shri Ashwajit Meshram, LDC, Pune to Nagpur.
(c)                Ms. L. Lanitha, MTS, Madurai to Coimbatore/Cochin
(d)               Shri R.M. Burde, Accountant, Surat to Nagpur.
(e)               Shri S. S. Jagdish, LDC, Guntur to Chennai.
(f)                 Shri R. Raj Kumar, MTS, Chennai to Madurai or Tuticorin or Tirunelveli. 
8.                 Settlement of all mutual transfer requests.
9.                 Clearance of long pending compassionate appointment cases.
10.            Clarence of all pending MACP cases.
11.            Reimbursement of cost of Briefcase/ official bag/ladies purse to the staff and officers as being reimbursed by other heads of the departments of Civil Accounts Organization.
12.            Reimbursement of hospitality expenses to the AAOs as being reimbursed by other heads of the departments of Civil Accounts Organization.
13.            Provision of water dispensers to ensure supply of basic amenities like drinking water cooling arrangement of the rooms occupied by the staff.
14.            Local transfers of staff in terms of the policy prescribed by CVC and circulated by CGA.
15.            Supply of adequate stationery items and supply of towel and utensils etc. atleast once in a year.
16.            Withdrawal of order of revision of the official passed 50% papers(s) of the Departmental Confirmatory examination.
17.            Provision of Association room for the purpose of Office of the Unit Association.
18.            Provision of Ladies Common Room in offices where 30% employees are women.
19.            Enhancement of quantum of amount of money for the superannuation functions.
The resolution to be adopted on 9th February 2017 and forwarded to various authorities is annexed once again.

With warm greetings,

Secretary General


This meeting of members of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II being held under the banner of National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations _____________________ (Name of Station) ______________________ Branch today the 9th February, 2017 noted that, in pursuance of the discussion held been the Pr. CCA, CBEC and the representatives of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association on 9th August, 2016, the Central Headquarters of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association had submitted the list of items on 28.08.2016 for discussion in a formal meeting between the representatives of Association and official side of Pr. CCA, CBEC.
But it is nearly six months, the Principal Chief Controller Accounts, Central Board of Excise and Customs did not fix any meeting. The Central Headquarters of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association issued repeated request letters for convening the meeting. But no response was received. When personally inquired, the administration of Principal Chief Controller of Accounts, Central Board of Excise and Customs refused to arrange any meeting between the Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts, Central Board of Excise and Customs and representatives of the Association.
The meeting therefore, once again urges upon the Pr. CCA, CBEC to kindly convene the meeting early so that the congenial atmosphere in the organization continue to prevail.
Resolved that the Resolution shall be handed over to the Head of office of PAO, CBEC (Name of Station) forward its copies to:-

1.     The Principal Chief Controller of Accounts, Central Board of Excise and Customs, R.No.105 ‘B’ Wing, A.G.C.R. Building, I.P. Estate, New Delhi – 110002.
2.     The Controller General of Accounts, Ministry Finance, Department of Expenditure, 4th Floor, GPOA, Blcok-E, INA, New Delhi-110023.
And endorse to Secretary General, NFCAA, 17/2-C, P&T Quarters, Kali Bari Marg, New Delhi - 110001.


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