Tuesday, May 2, 2017


    All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
Category II
Central Office: - KOLKATA 700001                                                         Address for Communication:-
                                                                          1. COUNCIL HOUSE STREET (1ST FLOOR)
                                                                                                       KOLKATA 700001
NO.AICAEA CAT II/CHQ/2017/27                                                              Dated. 27.04.2017
The Controller General of Accounts
Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure
Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
E- Block ,GPO Building –INA
New Delhi 110023

  Subject:- Allowing the bunching benefit  to Assistant Accounts Officers  as per the       recommendations of 7th Central Pay commission- Regarding.
                        I am to directed refer to the Department of Expenditure, Implementation Cell order no. 1-6/2016-IC dated 07th Sept. 2016 on the subject cited above.
                   It is found that the AAOs with Grade Pay of 4800/- and drawing pre revised pay ranging from Rs.14900/- to 17,910/- had been fixed at the minimum pay of Rs. 47600/- as per 7th CPC. But as per order, the AAOs pre revised pay having pay range between Rs. 15350 to Rs. 18360 are also eligible for bunching of pay w.r.t. their juniors who were drawing lesser pay as on 31.12.2015. A comparative statement w.r.t.  Shri Babu Balram Jee is enclosed for ready reference.
                                       In absence of your clear order, different ministries are treating the matter in different ways, resulting the uncalled for discrepancies and irregularities
                            Under these circumstances, I request you to kindly issue a conclusive order, stating the eligibility criteria and a ready reckoner of pay fixation after bunching in terms of old pay. This will end the confusion and delay in settling the cases further.
Enclosure:-  as stated above                                                                      Yours sincerely,
                                                                                     (DEBRAJ SINGHA ROY)

                                                                                     SECRETARY GENERAL

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