Monday, July 16, 2018

Com Stephen Khongwar, exPresident of N E Branch AICAEA expired on 13/7/18. May his soul rest in peace. During the formation days of N.E.Branch of AICAEA, Com Khongwar was like a strong pillar, and worked very hard along with Com. V. Bhattacharjee for its growth. Entire membership of the Association will always remember his contribution.

 Com. Janmejay Bhattacharjee (Sr. AO), Shillong

Pray for departed soul of Com. Stephen Khongwar. He was elected Asstt. Secretary General in Chennai Conference in 1994 where Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee was elected Secretary General for the first time. Red salute to the great leader who led the Associationduring early years.

Com. S. K. Dutta( ex Vice President of AICAEACAT II)   

Com. Janmejay Bhattacharjee (Sr. AO),and Com. S. K. Dutta( ex Vice President of AICAEACAT II) from Shilling and Guwahati respectively have detailed about the contribution of Com. Stephen Khongwar, Ex Assistant   Secretary General  in Building up the undivided All India Civil Accounts Employees. All India Civil Accounts Employees Association was a composite Association of all cadres upto 2002.  It was divided by CGA to destroy the united movements. But they could not succeed till AICAEACAT II could be divided in 2015-16.

Com. Khongwar was one of those leaders during whose time no authorities could dare to make attempt of acting against the employees.  Com. Khongwar had played a very important role in keeping the members of North East united and militant. 

Com. Khongwar had stood beside me personally on every matter.

He was a great leader.

NFCAA offers its Red Salute to Com. Khongwar. 

V. Bhattacharjee
Secretary General

The members of North East Branch of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association condoles the demise of Com.Stephen Khongwar with heavy heart.Com. Khongwar was the Branch President of N.E. Branch, AICAEA for many years and was also Asstt. Secretary General of Central headquarters AICAEA during the period 1994-1997.He was a great leader and lead the Branch Association very effectively during the Early Years. He sacrificed a lot for the cause of the employees. Under his strong leadership, the members of the Branch Association participated in several movements and resolved a number of issues. His demise is an irreparable loss for the Association. The members wish his departed soul to rest in eternal peace.

C. K. Banerjee
Branch President
N.E. Branch

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