Friday, March 1, 2019

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Address for communication: C/o. Films Division, M/o. Information & Broadcasting, Phase - I building ,4th floor, 24, Dr. G. Deshmukh Marg, Mumbai – 400026
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NO.AIAPAO( C)/CHQ/2018-19                                                           Dt.28-02-2019


All the Branch Secretaries/Presidents/Executive members,
National Executive Members,/Active members (where association Branches not yet formed,)

Dear Comrades/Friends,

     Please find enclosed the copy of Letter No. COC/CA/2019/Corr-2 eq53e 28-02-2019 addressed to the Controller General, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi for your information. The copy of COC circular No. COC/CA/2019/Cr 3 dated 14-02-2019 also enclosed for ready reference.

     The copy of hand bill also enclosed for your information and intensive campaign .
     It is evident that the authorities are not honoring the decisions arrived at in the various meeting had previously and the main issued of Cadre Review are being dilly dallying . It is to be remembered that due to sustained  organizational struggle the Cadre Review Committee was constituted. The previous cadre review occurred only for ICAS and all Group C & B sections are denied the justified cadre review. In these situation only we decided to strengthen the COC of civil accounts officers and employees associations and achieved in formation of Cadre Review Committee.

     It is very much relevant to defeat the  divisive forces crept in the civil accounts movement and trying to reverse the wider unity of PAOs SrAOs AOs, FOs achieved by historical merging of existing two associations and  formed the All India Associations of PAOs(Civil) and functioning very effectively in a democratic manner  as per the constitution of the  Associations. Our goal of achieving the 100 % membership shall be given more important in these circumstances of divide and rule policy adopted with the blessing of vested interest groups.

     With due consultation with  major branches it is decided to have participation of maximum PAOs SrAOs AOs FOs from all over India in the Two Days Program on 12th and 13th March 2019. The minimum quota allotted are as given below and effort shall be made to participate maximum . The stations/Branches  near to Delhi and  Delhi Branch may  try to participate maximum possible

      1. Gujrat Branch – Ahmedabad                            :  1
      2. Bihar Branch – Patna                                        :   2 (including National Executive Member   )
      3.  Mumbai Branch  - Mumbai                              :   4-5 (Including National Executive Members)
       4.   Pune Branch – Pune                                      :    1
      5.  Nagpur Branch – Nagpur                                 :    1
      6.   Nashik Branch –Nashik                                  :    1
      7.   West Bengal Branch – Kolkata                      :    4-5 (including National Executive Members)
       8.    N E Branch – Shillong, Guwahati                :    1
       9.    Jaipur Branch – Jaipur                                     :   1
      10.   Telenghana &  AP Branch-Hyederbad         :    2 (including National Executive Member)
      11.   Karnataka Branch                                          :    1
       12.   Kerala Branch                                                                      :    1
       13.  T& P Branch-Chennai                                   :    4-5 (Including National Executive Member)
       14.   UP Branch – Luknow, Bareilly                  :    2-3 (Including National Executive Member)
       15.    Delhi Branch – New Delhi                         :    15 to 20 (Including National Executive Members)

Yours fraternally

A.B. Sunilkumar
Secretary General


 LONG          LIVE      AIAPAOs(C)

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