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Represented By
National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations (NFCAA)
[All India Civil Accounts Employees Association]
[All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II]
All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officers (Civil)
Central Office: -                                                                                                           Address for Communication:
Room No. 351, ‘B’ Wing,                                                                             17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
Loknayak Bhawan,                                                                                                              Kali Bari Marg,
Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003                                                                                  New Delhi-110001

No.COC/CA/2019/Circular-8                                                                                Dated: 09.08.2019

          The Federal Executive / National Executive members
          /Branch Secretaries of NFCAA and AIAPAO(C) and conveners of COCs
Dear Comrades/Friends,

In support of the settlement of its 21 (twenty one) Point Charter of Demands and in protest against the adamant Controller General of Accounts who did not meet any of the Associations during his 26 (twenty six) months tenure as CGA, the Co-ordination of Committee of Civil Accounts Employees Association had directed all office bearers of its affiliates and important functionaries to resort to continuous “SIT IN” in front of senior most Officers of their respective stations. Accordingly, the COC representatives stationed in Delhi sat in front of the office of Controller General of Accounts and the Branch level COCs throughout the country had started sitting in front of the offices of their stations on day to day basis.
As soon as the present Controller General of Accounts took over the charge on 1st August 2019 after the retirement of the earlier Controller General of Accounts, the Co-ordination Committee, vide its letter dated 1st August, 2019 congratulated and assured full co-operation of the Co-ordination Committee to him. In its letter, the Co-ordination Committee also requested CGA to settle 7 (seven) most important demands; but at the same time decided to continue the SIT IN programme till the issues are considered and they reach to a logical end. The apex level Coordination Committee vide another letter dated 6th August, 2019 once again requested the present Controller General of Accounts to provide the opportunity of giving oral deposition in support of the demands it has submitted. But due to non-response, the apex Co-ordination Committee continued its SIT IN and directed all other Branch COCs to adopt suitable supportive programmes according to the local conditions.
On 8th August, 2019, the lunch hour meeting in front of the Controller General of Accounts had adopted a detailed Resolution demanding immediate settlement of the issues and stop torturing the employees and officers of the organization. On the basis of the decision of the meeting, a team of 8(eight) member delegation went to the Controller General of Accounts to hand over the Resolution to him personally. 
The Controller General of Accounts instantly met the delegation, accepted the Resolution and informed the delegation that, he has already examined the demands in consultation with his office and a formal meeting on the demand shall be convened by him in the next week. In case the Associations are not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, they have their democratic right to protest. The delegation thanked Controller General of Accounts for the positive gesture he has shown.
Immediately after the discussion with the Controller General of Accounts, the apex level Coordination Committee reviewed the outcome of the discussion and the development being a major breakthrough, the Co-ordination Committee decided that all agitational programmes shall be suspended due to the positive response of the Controller General of Accounts and assurance of his personal intervention.
The Co-ordination Committee therefore, congratulates the rank and file membership for this success and calls upon all Branch COCs to suspend all agitational actions.
There is no doubt that, 8(eight) days continuous united struggle by the Associations of Co-ordination Committee is one of the ever longest united and historical movement  of  the Co-ordination Committee and it has further ornamented this united forum.
The lion share of the credit of the success goes to Delhi as the National and Branch leaders of Delhi have sacrificed two weeks leave and participated in the “SIT IN” ignoring the scorching sunlight and torrential rain. Not only this, a large section of Civil Accounts Employees had participated in lunch hour demonstration every day which is also a major contribution to the movement particularly in a station like Delhi.
The Branch Co-ordination Committee, Mumbai where the Secretary Generals of AIAPAO (Civil) and AICAEA CATII are also stationed, stood as solid pillar to the movement under the leadership of the National and Branch levels. The Co-ordination Committee resorted to relay fast from 6th August, 2019 in addition to “SIT IN” programme from 30th July, 2019.
The Branch Co-ordination Committees with major number of membership like West Bengal and Tamilnadu & Pondicherry held continuous programmes throughout the states by organizing SIT-IN, Dharnas, unit wise demonstrations and Black Badge working etc.
The Branch COCs with comparatively smaller numbers of members such as North East (both Shillong & Guwahati), AP&TS, Nagpur, Pune, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Bihar, Kerala, Nashik etc. have exerted their best efforts in support of the continuous struggle. They resorted to intense programmes such as SIT-IN, Dharnas, unit wise demonstrations and Black Badge wearing with best of their capabilities. Smallest stations with single units like Farakka, Madurai, Aurangabad and many others have contributed their best by holding programmes of different natures in support of the 8(eight) days continuous programme.
The Co-ordination Committee is indebted to all members, Branch Co-ordination committees and Branches and Units of all the three constituent Associations of Co-ordination Committees who made this historical struggle a grand success and helped in opening a very wide door for dialogue with the highest authority of the organization.
The members of delegations meet the Controller General of Accounts on 8th August, 2019 are-
1.   Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Joint Convener, apex COC
2.   Com. Ravinder Kumar, Chairperson, COC, Delhi.
3.   Com. K.K. Yadav, Joint Convener, COC, Delhi.
4.   Com. Dharampal Singh, Asstt. Secretary General, AICAEA.
5.   Com. S.C. Bamrara, Working President, AICAEA, Delhi Branch.
6.   Com. Manoj Kumar, Organizing Secretary, AICAEA, Delhi Branch.
7.   Com. Vimal Kumar, Asstt Secretary, AICAEA, Delhi Branch.
8.   Com. Ganesh Safi, Addl. Secretary, AICAEA, Delhi Branch.
As usual, our distractors tried to disorient the movement by spreading false information, ridiculing the efforts of our leaders and passing personal derogatory remarks against them in the social media. Those who do not have any tradition of struggle or objective for bringing betterment for the member, they are surviving only with undue favour  of authority and wasting their time in fighting against our efforts and of late defining what is SIT-IN and what is Dharna? Our leaders maintained their cool, ensured reprisal only by deeds and participated in the programmes with ever increasing numbers. We are extremely grateful to our members.

With warm greetings,
(A.B.Sunilkumar)                                     (Amol V Sule)                                      (V.Bhattacharjee)
Joint Convener, COC and                Secretary General                       Joint Convener, COC and                            Secretary General                            All India Civil Accounts                                Secretary General
All India Association of Pay             Employees Association                         All India Civil Accounts
and Accounts  Officers  (Civil)                  Category II                                Employees Association

This lunch hour meeting being held in front of the office of the Controller General of Accounts, Block-E, GPO Complex, INA, New Delhi-110023 today the 8th of August, 2019 as a part of the continuous SIT-IN programme throughout the country from 30th July, 2019 by the affiliates of the Co-ordination Committee of Civil Accounts Employees & Officers Associations (represented by All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II and All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officers (Civil)) expresses its total disappointment against the indifferent attitude of the Civil Accounts authorities towards the genuine and years long pending issues concerning with the employees and officers of Civil Accounts Organization.
On assumption of office by the present Controller General of Accounts on 1st August, 2019 the Co-ordination Committee vide its letter dated 1st August 2019 requested him to kindly resolve 7 (seven) most important  issues out of 21(twenty one)issues pending for years together. 
Due to non-response of the Controller General of Accounts, the Co-ordination Committee vide its letter dated 6th August, 2019 has once again requested him to give an opportunity for oral deposition in support of the issues it has requested to settle.
In last forty two years, there were no Cadre Review of Group B & C Employees while there were five Cadre Reviews for Group-A cadres (ICAS Officers) in violation of the DOP&T instructions and this is discrimination in itself.
Due to persistent agitations of the Co-ordination Committee for last two years, the proposal for Cadre review of Group B&C cadres was agreed to finalise through an Internal Cadre Review Committee formed  in January, 2018  But  this committee has  arbitrarily prepared some of the proposals in respect of the cadres like Accountant/Senior Accountant  which is the largest cadre and Date Entry Operators ignoring bipartite agreement / Government orders/ recommendations of the Pay Commissions etc. and the Controller General of Account has  reportedly forwarded the proposal to Department of Expenditure with such unscientific and unrealistic recommendations.
On the pretext of introducing new pattern of the AAO (Civil) Examination, the Civil Accounts authorities are not conducting any examination for the last two years causing serious damage to the future prospects of the employees who are eligible to appear the examination. Moreover, the authorities have taken the position that the exemptions earned in less than eight papers by the candidates in the existing pattern of Examination shall not be carried over to the new pattern to be introduced which is against the natural justice while candidates cleared the 8(eight) papers of the same examination have been appointed as AAOs and even promoted to the next grade. These attitudes of the authorities have created a very deep crisis in the organization. While 800 (eight hundred) post of AAOs are reportedly vacant , the eligible candidates have  not been allowed to appear the examinations for the last two years and on the other side the candidates who have already acquired exemptions in existing pattern are being denied to clear their residual portions of papers to appear and thereby demolishing their  career prospects .
Further, despite provisions in the Recruitment Rules, the Civil Accounts authorities are not granting promotion to the Sr. Accountants as AAO under 10% promotional quota for the last five years and withholding  legitimate due benefits to them.
Due to non-filling of vacancies of AAO by promoting from the feeder grades by the method of examinations and seniority based promotions, a serious backlog in the promotion prospects of totality of cadres below the level of AAO of Civil Accounts Organization has arisen and all cadres at the level of feeder grades i.e. Accountant/ Sr. Acctt, DEO, LDC, Stenographers and MTS have become the victims of such a condition as majority of employees are retiring from government service without having a single promotion in their entire service life.
The All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II which represents the AAOs is the second major Association with 21% membership in terms of the CCS (RSA) Rules 1993. But the office of the Controller General of Accounts is not granting recognition to this Association as the office of the Controller General of Accounts is not relying on the PFMS system which has been introduced by the office of the Controller General of Accounts itself and its field formation are not able to support authenticating the PFMS Data.
The counterparts of Senior Accounts Officers in other departments have been accorded status of Group ”A” officers but the Civil Accounts authorities are not taking any initiative to grant the Group “A” status to the Sr. AOs of Civil Accounts Organization.
The Civil Accounts authorities are not caring for the issue of long due Grade Pay of Rs:- 5400/- to AAOs with effect from 1st January, 2006 and not pursuing the matter effectively with the Government  and this condition  has created serious disappointment among the Assistant Accounts Officers who are technically qualified instruments for smooth running of the Civil Accounts system.
Since the Civil Accounts Organization is functioning electronically, there have been repeated incidents  of cyber-crime and innocent officers and employees are becoming victims of it, the Associations are repeatedly requesting the Civil Accounts authorities to take adequate measures to protect the employees and officer and impart them proper training and safeguard their rights. But no action is being taken in this regard by the office of the CGA. No scheme to impart any form of training to the employees below the level of AAOs has been devised by the Civil Accounts authorities despite repeated requests by the employees organisations concerned.
This meeting considers that the above situations and indifference of the authorities are nothing but ignorance to the concerns of the lower grade employees and officers and also tortures to them which have created serious resentment and restiveness among the employees and officers and if the Civil Accounts authorities do not take a rational approach, the ongoing unrest would intensify further. 
The meeting therefore, once again urges upon the Controller General of Accounts to resolve the issues across the table and create an atmosphere of congeniality in the organization.
The meeting resolves to hand over the copy of this Resolution to the Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, GPOA Complex, New Delhi and forward its copy to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure, Government of India, New Delhi for his kind and early intervention and favourable action.         
(Ravinder Kumar)
President of the meeting

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