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All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
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No:-AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2019/515-517    Dated:03.10.2019

       Dr. Shakuntala,
       Chief Controller of Accounts,
       Ministry of Commerce & Textiles,
       Room No. 532-A, Udyog Bhawan,
       New Delhi - 110011

Subject:- Protest Dharna against non-settlement of long pending issues concerning with the employees working in the Civil Accounts Organization under Ministry of Commerce.


I on behalf of this Association have been directed to state that several issues concerning with the employees working in different Pay and Accounts Offices of Ministry of Commerce are pending for years togather.
1.                Inaction on Compassionate appointment:-
Shri Sudeep Kumar Mandal, S/o of Late Pradeep Kumar Mandal, Ex-MTS (in PAO, Supply, Kolkata) was offered appointment as Accountant on compassionate ground vide order dated 28.07.2017. Shri Sudeep Kumar Mandal had responded and submitted all documents including his Medical fitness report and Character certificate etc. within the due date to the Sr. AO (Admn), O/o CCA, Supply, Kolkata on 17.08.2017. From 1st October, 2017, the establishment of CCA, Department of Commerce/Supply Division was closed down by the Government and the CCA, Ministry of Commerce was entrusted with the responsibility of the Department in respect of the residual work, administrative work and other functions. In connection with the compassionate appointment of Shri Sudeep Mandal, it was assured by the then CCA, Ministry of Commerce to the Secretary General of AICAEA that, since the process for appointment in respect of the person concerned was completed, he would be accommodated against the vacancies/posts transferred from CCA, Department of Commerce (Supply Division) to CCA, Ministry of Commerce. But inspite of repeated representations by the Shri Sudeep Kumar Mandal and request by the Association for not less than twenty times to your administration, Shri Sudeep Mandal has not been ordered to report for duty till today.
It is pertinent to record here that, after the death of late Pradeep Mandal, MTS, his son was brought up by his mother with lots of miseries. As the meagre pension being received by them was not sufficient for their survival, wife of late Mandal had worked as domestic help in the houses and now being a cancer patient, she is counting her days as she does not have the money for her treatment.
Shri Sudeep Mandal being a member of SC category and being economically backward deserves priority dealings in terms of the policies of Government of India. But, your administration seems to be handling his case from the caste bias outlook and kept him away from joining the Central Government service for the last two years.

2.                Non- settlement of stalemate of PAO, Jute Cell,  Kolkata:-
PAO, Jute Cell, under PAO, Textiles, Kolkata was formed with 20 employees including 2 PAO/Sr. AO, 2 AAO in 2017 just at the juncture of closing down of CCA Supply office. Immediately after joining in the new office of PAO, Jute Cell, 1 Sr. AO, 1 AAO and 2 Sr. Accountants were posted in two spells in the office of the Jute Commissioner, Kolkata to pass Jute procurement Bills. It was assured that it was an interim measure. But even after more than 2 years they are being forced to work there in an irregular manner and under huge pressure in a soft were “Jute smart” which is alien to Civil Accounts Organisation. Our West Bengal Branch resolution dated 10.07.2018 forwarded to you holds good in this regard.
As per decision taken by the Union Cabinet and along with O/o. the CGA Order No:- A/32014/1/2/2014/Misc/MFCGA(A)/Gr.B/1294 dated 07.03.2017 and Chief Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Commerce & Textiles letter No. PAO/AMOCT/Staff Strength/Trf/ Jute/ 2016-17/1312 dated 15/21/03/17 conveyed vide CCA, Supply O.M. No:- A.12030/1/Staff Disp/Admn/16-17/2034-40 dated 28.03.2017 have given effect of transferring personals (Sr. AO-2, AAO-2, Acctt/Sr. Acctt-12, LDC-2, MTS-2) from PAO, Supply Kolkata to PAO, Textiles, Jute Cell, Kolkata. The RPAO Textile, Jute Cell was established for performing PAO function for the payment of Jute bills received from Jute Commissioner, Kolkata. But it has been observed that:-
1.   Though all officials were transferred from PAO, Supply, Kolkata to RPAO, Textiles, Jute Cell, Kolkata on 21.07.2017, PAO function related to procurement of jute bags is being done in the office of Jute Commissioner, Kolkata instead of PAO, Jute Cell and for this purpose one Sr. A.O., one AAO and two Sr. Acctts. of PAO, Jute Cell, Kolkata  have been deployed vide order of Principal Accounts Office No:- A.12030/1/Staff. Disposal/Jute/Part/2017-18/529 dated 23.08.2017 to the office of Jute Commissioner.
2.   All the pending claims related to procurement of jute bags up to 31.10.2016 are still being performed by PAO, Jute Cell but the follow-up actions are being done in PAO, Textile Kolkata.
3.   Maintenance of attendance and their salary is being paid from PAO, Textiles, Kolkata.
It is therefore, not clear whether
1.    4(four) officers and employees of Civil Accounts organization placed under the disposal of Jute Commissioner have been working on deputation basis or transferred or by any other rules of the Government of India.
2.    The Jute Commissioner has been decided to function as PAO, Jute Cell also in place of PAO.
3.    CGA has decided to operate the PAO, Jute Cell, Kolkata without DDO code and PAO, code.
Under the above back ground the Association had requested the following in the interest of Civil Accounts Organization and its employees and officers:-  
i.     Re-transfer the 4 officers belonging to PAO, Jute Cell for all purpose and intent.
ii.   Vesting of PAO functions relating to procurement of Jute bags now being done in the O/o the jute Commissioner to the PAO, Jute Cell, Kolkata.
iii. Ensuring full functioning of PAO, Jute Cell, Textiles as PAO, of the office of the Jute Commissioner etc.
But unfortunately no action in this regard has been taken.
3.                Non –settlement of MACP cases:-
It has been reported by our Mumbai Branch that several MACP cases of Mumbai offices are pending with your office for more than a year and despite repeated requests your office has not taken any action in this regard while As per para 6 of DOPT's O.M. No. 35034/3/2008-Estt. (D) dated 19.05.2009 repeated in the OM No.35034/3/2008-Estt. (D) 18th February, 2015 “the Screening Committee would follow a time-schedule and meet twice in a financial year - preferably in the first week of January and first week of July of a year for advance processing of the cases maturing in that half. Accordingly, cases maturing during the first-half (April September) of a particular financial year would be taken up for consideration by the Screening Committee meeting in the first week of January. Similarly, the Screening Committee meeting in the first week of July of any financial year would process the cases that would be maturing during the second-half (October-March) of the same financial year.”
Due to non-settlement of MACP cases by your administration has not taken any action in this direction and the employees have been denied to have their legitimate benefits.
4.                Non-filling up of vacancies:-
It has been reported by our Tamilnadu and Pondicherry Branch and West Bengal Branch   that the Pay and Accounts Office of Chennai and Kolkata are suffering from acute shortage of staff, but your office is not taking any action to resolve the problems prevailing in the office.
This Association has made several attempts to discuss the above matters with you and your Controller of Accounts. But neither you nor your Controller had ever agreed to meet the representatives of this Association for a discussion on the pretext of being busy every time.
Therefore, on behalf of this Association I request you once again to kindly arrange a discussion on the issues discussed above for their settlement through mutual dialogue.
However, I am constraint to inform you that, if no favorable response is received from your end, the Branches of this Association located in Delhi. Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata shall stage day long Dharna in front of your offices on 14th/ 15th of October, 2019. In Delhi, the programmee of Dharna shall be organized in front of your office and for the consequential disturbance due to such for such a condition, this Association may not kindly be made responsible while it is the authorities and not the Association who does not resolve the issues amicably and bilaterally.
Thanking you,
Yours’ Sincerely
(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General
Copy to:-
1. The Secretary, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi – 110011.
2. The Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, 4th Floor, GPOA, Block-E, INA, New Delhi – 110023 his kind attention is invited to this Association’s letter No:- AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2018/402-404 dated 07.09.2018.
3. General Secretaries/ Secretary Generals of all fraternal Unions/ Associations with the request for extending support.
4. All National Executive members and Branch Secretaries for necessary action.

(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General

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