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No:- AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2019/665-667                                                                              Dated: 19.12.2019

Smt. Soma Roy Burman,
Controller General of Accounts,
            Department of Expenditure,
            Ministry of Finance, 
            4th Floor, GPOA, Block-E, INA, 
New Delhi – 110023
Subject: - Harassment and terrorization to the Employees and non-compliance of Orders of CGA by CCA, Steel and Mines and his administration - request for intervention regarding.
            I on behalf of this Association have been directed to refer the above mentioned subject and draw your kind attention to the following few lines:-
1.      As per the Government of India decisions, the Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Mines was declared as Head of Department from the very date of its inception in 1976 in terms of the provision of Chapter 5 of DFPR. It was done keeping in view that the Head Quarters office of GSI under the Ministry of Mines is located in Kolkata since its formation. Thus from 1976 onwards,  CCA, Ministry of Steel had been conferred the status of Head of Department for Ministry of Steel and CA, Ministry of Mines, Kolkata for the erstwhile Department of Mines and Ministry of Mines at present.
2.      Immediately after taking over the charge of CCA, Steel and Mines, the present CCA took steps for discontinuation and withdrawal of powers of the head of the Department of from CA, Ministry of Mines, Kolkata on the plea that the same should rest with the CCA, Steel and Mines.  
3.      The Budget allotment by GSI HQ (as the D.G. Finance sits in Kolkata office) for the Civil Accounts set up was being provided to the CA, Kolkata who used to re-allocate the same amongst Pr.AO & PAO's GSI conveniently.  After withdrawing the head of the Department status of CA, Kolkata, the GSI HQ has been asked by the present CCA, Steel and Mines to send the total Budget allotment to the Principal Accounts office instead of Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Mines Kolkata in violation of the forty years long well settled system. Fall out of the change in system has finally victimised the interest of the employees at large and it would be clearly evident from the penultimate portion of the contents of this letter. 
4.      Alongwith withdrawal of powers of the head of the Department from the CA, Mines, Kolkata, the present CCA and his administration took simultaneous steps of forceful withdrawal of some of the Accountants/ Senior Accountants by pick and choose method from Kolkata, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Lucknow etc.  and their redeployment to the Principal Accounts Office, Ministry of Mines, Delhi on the ground of shortage of Accountants in the office.   But none of the employees were issued formal transfer orders and they were kept under the strength of their respective PAOs. However, due to agitations by its Branches, when this Association had sought intervention of higher authorities, CGA office had kindly intervened into the matter. As a result of this, no unwilling officials had been brought to reorganised Principal Accounts of Ministry of Mines in Delhi by the CCA, Ministry of Steel and Mines and his administration other than one of the Accountants from PAO, GSI, Lucknow who was successfully isolated by the administration of CCA, Mines, New Delhi.  The employees of the said office was also threatened by the administration of CCA, Mines that, in case of any form of protest by the employees or by the local Association, all such officials who shall be pioneering the protest shall also be ordered for posting to Delhi. The innocent employee concerned was so deeply traumatised that, he had reported to Delhi office without even waiting for disposal of his representation submitted by him in this regard.
5.      It was extremely surprising to note subsequently that, when a few employees from various other stations had been forcefully posted to Principal Accounts Office of Ministry of Mines, Delhi, a set of the employees from Principal Accounts Office of Ministry of Mines, Delhi has been shifted to Principal Accounts Office of Ministry of Steel, Delhi by retaining them in the strength of the Ministry of Mines. Though such a step has been taken ignoring the basic principles of transfer policies prescribed by the DOPT but it seems required  caution was taken by  administration of CCA to avoid the complications of inter Ministry transfer of Accountants/ Senior Accounts from Ministry of Mines to Ministry of Steel for which the CCA is not competent. We have ascertained from our sources that, those employees of Principal Accounts Office of Ministry of Mines have been moved out of the office and deployed in Ministry of Steel who are well known honest and integral workers for decades.

       Apart from the above, our Units and Branches from different parts of the country have brought the following facts of harassments to our information:- 
  1. Unnecessary delay in settlement of personal claims for months’ togather:- Apart from delaying other personnel claims, even in reimbursement of medical claims, the CCA, Ministry of Steel and Mines and his administration are harassing the employees. In spite of having clear permission from CGHS, the administration of CCA, Mines is raising unnecessary objections and delaying the reimbursements for months’ togather. Examples : - 
a)        The administration of CCA, Mines has been asking to provide separate dependency certificate from the employees along with the bill in spite of having CGHS cards.
b)        In Hyderabad most of the empanelled hospitals are not allowing treatment on credit. Therefore, after clearing the hospital bills by the low paid employees of their own   they require to wait for at least 3months to get their reimbursements. Similar condition has been reported by the Kolkata office also.
c)         Inspite of production of emergency certificates from the competent medical authorities in the cases of emergency treatments for both indoor and outdoor treatments, the administration of CCA, Mines is denying reimbursements of medical claims. One of the employees of PAO, GSI, Jaipur who has retired from Government Service in August 2019 has not yet been reimbursed his medical claim he had submitted during his service period.
  1. Delay in respect of all administrative matters: - The management of the Administration of CCA, Ministry of Mines has collapsed to such an extent that the employees are not getting their routine nature benefits on time in spite of the fact that the government of India has been routinely advising the heads of the Departments not to delay in implementing governments decisions with regard to the benefits applicable to the lower level employees. But the employees are facing a situation of total harassment with regard to their promotions, MACP, confirmation and other related issues in respect of Gr-B (ng) and Gr-C employees.
  2. Unnecessary harassments for allotment of budget:  Some of Units and specially our Kolkata Unit has informed that the Principal Accounts office is unnecessarily  harassing the office in allotting the budget  on one plea or the other and it causes serious problems for the employees.
       Your office vide OM No. A-22014/1/2018/MF.CGA/AAO/IMT/88, 89 and 90 Dt.25/10/2019 has implemented the standing rotational transfer policy in respect of AAOs and subsequently clarified that all AAOs transferred shall be in the status of stand relieved on 30th November 2019. But the CCA, Steel and Mines has not relieved the AAO working in the Administration of Principal Accounts Office, Ministry of Mines so far. We know, we may be questioned for raising this matter, but at the same time, we also hope that you would be kind enough to appreciate that one of the prime reasons for the birth of this letter is connected with the fact of piecemeal implementation of the orders of CGA by the heads of the departments according to their conveniences which is having both direct and indirect adverse impact on the categories of employees this Association is representing. In fact, the lower grade employees are facing the treatment of domestic servants from the CCA, Steel and Mines and his administration. 

       Therefore, on behalf of this Association, I request you to kindly intervene and settle the following:-
1.     Arrangement for restoration of the status of Head of the Department to Controller of Accounts, Ministry of Mines, Kolkata.
2.     Reposting of all unwilling employees who have been dislocated from their original station or office of posting with the intention of harassment to them by the administration of the CCA, Steel and Mines.
3.     Stopping all sorts of harassments and terrorisations by the CCA, Mines and his administration to the lower level employees.
4.     Taking appropriate action to ensure implementation of orders of CGA by the heads of departments of Civil Accounts organisation so that the sanctity of the status of the CGA is maintained and the employees work with confidence and due dignity.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Secretary General
Copy for kind information and necessary action to:- 
1.     Shri Binoy Kumar, Secretary, Ministry of Steel, Room No. 291, New Delhi – 110001.
  1. The Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Room No. 320, ‘A’ Shastri Bhawan, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi – 110001.
(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General

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