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No:- AICAEA/HQ/A-1/2020/Cir-1                                                                                     Dated: 21.02.2020

All National Executive Members,
All Branch Secretaries,
All Unit Secretaries,

Dear Comrades,
The 16th All India Conference of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association was held at Hyderabad from 3rd to 5th January, 2020 in Com. Sukomal Sen Nagar and Com. Guru Das Gupta Manch, Sundaryya Viganan Kendram, Hyderabad along with the 8th Conference All India Conference of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II and 8th National Convention of National Women’s Committee of National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations. The open session was held jointly on the 3rd January 2020 in the Hall of Sundaryya Viganan Kendram, Hyderabad. On the same day 8th National Convention of National Women’s Committee was held during the post lunch session. Com. Usha Banopally, Chairperson, Women’s Committee, Confederation of CGE&Ws and Com. (Smt.) Gita Bhattacharjee, Joint Convenor, Women’s Committee, Confederation of CGE&Ws was the man speaker.
On the basis of the reports Submitted by Com. Bivash Bhattacharjee, Convener, Minutes Sub-committee for the 16th AIC, the deliberations and decisions taken in the Conference are being reported herewith.
On 3rd January’20 after flag hoisting and paying homage to Martyrs, the Joint inaugural Session was inaugurated by Com M.Krishnan. Secretary General, Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers. Before that, the presidium was composed of Com A.Huparikar, President, AICAEA, Com Chinmay Mukherjee, President, AICAEA, CAT-II and Com L. Swaminathan, Chairperson, National Women’s Committee.
In the evening, the Secretary General submitted the draft of Secretarial Report. The House was adjourned for the day.
On 4th January’20 the separate delegate sessions of AICAEA and AICAEACAT II were started in two separate halls.  The delegate session of AICAEA was presided over by the presidium comprising of Com Ajit Huparikar, President, Com B. Sitaram, Working President, Com Rupak Bhattacharjee, Vice President and Com. Smt. Laxmi Swaminathan, Chairperson, Women Committee.  Representatives of all the Branches took part in the discussion on Secretarial report and requested some names to be included in the homage part.  Then the secretarial report was accepted by the house.

Review of the functioning of the Organization -
(a)     Functioning of Central Headquarter, Branches and Units.
(b)     Membership mobilization
Delegates took part in the discussions against this agenda item and those are as below:
#  TS & AP informed that 11 units have completed their conference, Branch conference was completed.  It has been suggested by the Branch that, share of membership subscription may be Rs. 40-20-20.  And in conferences delegate fees of National Executive should be levied. Sports should start in national level. Accounts report was accepted.
#  Delegates from Delhi stated that, in Delhi, 14 units and Branch conference was completed. Problem related to granting of honorarium at CBDT and compassionate appointment of MEA were Discussed.
#  the Delegates from West Bengal Branch reported that, out of 32 units’ 24 units and branch conference was completed. Problem prevails relating to compassionate appointment in Supply and Jute cell.
# In Mumbai, 16 units and branch conference was completed. Requested formation of Membership data bank through digitalization was requested.
#  Tamil Nadu Branch reported that, 19 units, and branch conference was completed. Problem discussed were transfer from Chennai to Guntur, CBEC, Madurai, Not passing the tour bill of meeting with CGA. Departmental passed MTS but not receive promotion order.
#  Karnataka, 6 units, branch conference completed.
#  North East, 9 units, branch conference was completed. Problem:   transfer case and branch quota not receive from Central Head Quarter.
# Nagpur; 9 units and branch conference was completed. Problem: Branch Quota and compassionate appointment.
The Sec Gen. summed up the agenda and the accounts reports was accepted by the house and it was decided by house that: _ 
1.        Reminder system in WhatsApp Group for any programme by CHQ shall continue.
2.        Digitalization  committee should be formed
3.        National sports and cultural committee of NFCAA should be formed and two names are selected by the house one Chairman: Com Gautam Chakraborty, MHA. Shillong, and Convenor Com Arijit Lahiri, Mines, West Bengal
4.        Regarding AAO Examination: Organizational fight to continue and national Executive has been empowered to spend upto Rs:-2, 00,000/- for Court/CAT Case.
While reviewing financial position of the association, it was that a huge amount of expenditure has been incurred towards travelling expenses of Secretary General for organizational Tour as Finance Secretary of Confederation. Confederation will be approached for reimburse the said expenditure in the bank account of AICAEA.
After that the House was adjourned for the day.

Status of departmental demands and further course of action to be taken. (Joint session of Delegates of AICAEA and AICAEACAT II was held on 05/01/2020)
Demand Raised by the delegates from different Branches are as below:
# Delhi: AAO exam should be held twice in a year, AICAEA and AICAE, CAT-II should meet once in a year.
#  West Delhi Branch: Allowing MTS to appear AAO Civil Exam.  Victimization of two staff in home, N.D
#  West Bengal Branch: Centralized AAO exam in N.D. problem Jute Cell, DFP should be increased in PAO Office.
#  Mumbai: AAO exam in new syllabus, question pattern should be informed by authority in advance. 10% Quota for Sr. Acctt. to AAO, gradation list for all cadres.
#  TS & AP: Membership subscription should be 40-20-20, Examination Calendar by CGA should be published, DPC in twice in a year
#  West Bengal Brach (CAT-II): Two AAOs relieved from Ministry for joining CPWD division, but those divisions have been abolished. Proposal:- day long Dharna Branch and also infront of CGA office.
            The Sec Genl. gave a brief on agenda 5, it was pointed out that
1.     8th Jan ’20 entire civil accounts employees should be involved.
2.     Membership subscription should be given to branch at the ratio of 50:50.
3.     Examination calendar should be made available.
4.     Some resolution should be adopted
5.     Centralized compassionate list by CGA should be made available.
6.     Gradation list of all cadres should be made available.
7.     Day long Dharna in middle of Feb’20 by Branch and Two days Dharna at New Delhi. One day in CGA office, and next day in North Block for the purpose of cadre review and 22 point charter of Demand.
Amendment of the Constitution of All India Civil Accounts Employees’ Association.
 There is not proposal, so the matter was closed.

7. National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations and building up of united movement of officers and employees of Civil Accounts organization.
8. “Joint Action Committee of Accounts and Audit Employees and Officers Organizations”–building up of united movement of Accounts and Audit Employees and Officers.
9  Role of Civil Accounts Employees in the Confederation activities and Working Class movements.
were clubbed.
All the Branches participated in the discussion regarding the above item nos. All Branches agreed the JAC will be restored, without JAC, no demands will be achieved.  West Bengal Branch informed that revival of JAC, Audit & Accounts Association West Bengal formed S.K. Vyas memorial Committee. West Bengal Branch joined. They are doing various social work and appealed to all state that they should also form such committee and central Head Qtr. may took lead on the matter. Then Agenda was closed.

Policy, programme and Resolution(s).
Resolution on the following matter had been adopted
1.      Increasing of DFP of each PAO
2.      Regarding settlement of  22 points  charter of demand(seeking meeting )
3.      Jute cell , Kolkata
4.      Transfer of CPWD division where that division has been abolished.
5.      Appeal to join social work forming S.K. Vyas Memorial Committee etc. involving other departments.

Election of National Executive Committee for the next term.
A new 17 Members were elected unanimously and it has been reported separately.

 Election of Auditor.
Com.K.Venkateshan from Tamilnadu and Pondicherry Branch was re-elected as the Auditor for the next term.

It was decided that next Conference shall be held in Delhi.


Total Delegates: 101, Male: 93, Female: 8,

Age 46 to 60 yrs. 61 delegates, Age 31 to 45 Years: 22 delegates, upto the Age 30 yrs. 11. Above 60 years: 6 participants.

After the Vote of Thanks, the conference was declared completed by the presidium.

(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General

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