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NFCAA Circular

(All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category –II)
10/42, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi: - 110060

No: NFCAA/HQ/A-1/2009/Cir-7 Dated: 6/10/2009
All Federal Executive Members,
All Women Committee Members,
All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II

Dear Comrades,
Despite our best effort to have dialogue on pending demands and settlement of 6 CPC related issues, present CGA has not responded positively so far. Last week, we pursued the matter with CGA for fixing up the date and time of meeting with us. But there is no response from the CGA.
You are well aware that, there are thousands of vacancies in various cadres in the Civil Accounts Organization But none of the authorities of Civil Accounts organization has taken any initiative to fill up the vacant posts. The Ministry of Home Affairs has sanctioned to open ten new Pay and Accounts Offices under the Ministry. Unfortunately, the CCA Home had committed to the Govt. that, newly created offices shall be operated by him without any regular Group-D, LDC and Accountant/ Senior Accountant.
On the other hand, the Pr. CCA, CBDT has engaged himself in the job of creating Group A posts by abolishing the Gr-B, C-D posts.
None of the heads of the Department of Civil Accounts Organization has so far granted the benefit of MACPS to group C & D employees.
It is true that, JAO/AAO has been merged, but they have not been granted the benefit of grant of grade pay of Rs. 5400/- on completion of 4 years.
All other pending issues such as, vacation of vindictive actions, grant of recognition to AICAEA Category –II, promotion of non-matriculate Gr-D, issuing of gradation list of different cadres and implementation of check off system etc, have been kept in the cold storage by the office of the Controller General of Accounts. Moreover, the office of the Controller General of Accounts is not endorsing the orders and correspondences to the Association by observing the DOPT norms.
Departmental authorities of all other departments have met and discussed the problems arisen out of 6 CPC recommendations with their respective employees Associations by now and taken up the anomalies with the appropriate higher authorities except CGA.
After implementation MACPS, three types of senior Accountants are going to be emerged in the Civil Accounts Organization. Members who had been recruited as LDCs/Clerks will reach up to the grade pay of Rs. 4600/- even after grant of 3 financial up gradations under MACPS. Those persons who could not get the II ACP benefit prior to 01/01/2006 shall reach up to the grade pay of Rs. 4800/- after 3 upgradation through MACPS while the Senior Accountants who had been recruited as Accountant and got the benefit of II ACP prior to 01/01/2006 will be getting grade pay of Rs. 5400/- after grant of 3 up gradations under MACPS. Such a situation is totally anomalous and can not be accepted. These apart, the Group-D employees are not going enjoy the effect of MACPS.
According to the recommendation of 6CPC and subsequent notification issued by the Government of India, Accountants are to be placed in the Pay band PB-2. But CGA office has been pursuing an adamant attitude against it. When JAO-AAO has been merged, there is no reason that Accountants should not be upgraded and merged with Senior Accountants.
The cadre of DEO is not required in the organization any more and despite recommendations of CPC to merge the cadres by the process of de-lairing of different types of cadres, CGA has not taken any initiative for the merger of this cadre with the cadre of Accountant.
Status accorded to Private Secretaries after implementation of 6CPC recommendations is most humiliating. They have been downgraded by the Government from Gazetted to non-gazetted and extended grade pay of Rs.4200/- instead of Rs.4800/-. There is no initiative on the part of the authorities to resolve this serious issue.
Functionally there is no necessity of LDC in the Civil Accounts Organizations and hence we have demanded for the upgradation of the post of LDCs as Accounts Assistant. CGA has taken all initiative to upgrade the post of CCAs as Pr. CCAS and in Ministries/Department like, MORTH, UD & Finance etc., but there is no initiative on the part of CGA to upgrade the post of LDCs.
Recently, CGA has constituted a four member committee headed by Shri D.D.K.T. Dason, Sr. AO, Ministry of External Affairs for the purpose of determining the status, cadre structure and effect on the Pay-Scale after implementation of 6CPC recommendations etc of the Gr-B cadres of Civil Accounts Organization. The said committee has been asked to submit its report to CGA within three weeks time.
The committee had however, invited us for an informal discussion on 30th September, 2009. Com. A. K. Mehta, Vice President, AICAEA, Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, Com. S. Bandyopadhyay, Finance Secretary and Com. M. B. Singh, Asstt. Secy. Genl., AICAEA attended the meeting. In response to our query, we were informed that the committee was constituted at the instance of Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance has asked CGA and C&AG to send their recommendations on the subject matter discussed above. When we insisted that, for determining the Pay and other related issues pertaining to AO/Sr.AO may be discussed with the AIAPAO©, chairperson of the Committee informed that the Committee would also deal with the issues of other categories of Civil Accounts Employees and submit its recommendations to the CGA. This committee informed us that, it proposes to recommend the following to the Government of India in co-ordination with other Accounting authorities-
Merge the AO/Sr. AO, place it PB-3 with Grade Pay of Rs: 6600/-. Dispense the system of induction in GR-A. Earmark 33 &1/3% of post to the level of Under Secretary and 33&1/3% at the Director level.
Grant of Grade Pay of Rs.5400/- to AAOs on completion of 4 years service.
Merge the cadre of Accountant and Sr.Accountant in PB-2 with grade pay of Rs:- 4200/-
Elevate the LDC as Accounts Assistants with grade pay of Rs.2400/-.
While reacting to the situation, we discussed the necessity of resolving the situation arisen after the implementation of MACPS. We have also demanded that –
DEO cadre should be merged with the cadre of Accountant without any further delay.
Private Secretaries should be bailed out from the humiliating situation by grant of higher pay scale to them.
The discussion was inconclusive and we were told that, there might be another round of discussion in case of necessity.
No doubt, above discussed development is appreciable, but such informal interactions are having no implications on us. So far, CGA office has not responded to any of our demands and opened up dialogue on them. Unless there is direct discussion formally, we cannot conclude that our demands are enjoying the consideration of the authority and those would be settled.
In view of the above situations, it has been decided in consultation with the Federal Executive members and Branch Secretaries that, there will be Branch wise Dharma from 11 AM to 3 P.M on 3rd November 2009 at all Branch Headquarter. All Branch Committee members and Unit Committee members shall sit for Dharma. Memberships are to be mobilized by the Branches accordingly by highlighting the 16 points charter of demands furnished below.
The Dharna may preferably be organized in front of the senior most officer of the station.
If you do not mobilize the members and implement the Programme effectively authorities would not respond positively and it will boomerang on us.
For the purpose of mobilization of members, following Federal Executive members shall visit the stations indicated against them before 10th November 2009. The Branch Secretaries of the stations concerned are here by requested to do the needful accordingly.
D. Saikia, ASG, AICAEA, (Guwahati,) S. P. Roy, President, AICAEA Cat-II, A. K. Bhattacharjee, Vice President, AICAEA(Kolkata),
Shillong, Guwahati,
Shantanu Bhattacharjee, Shubhendu Roy Choudhury (Kolkata)
Patna & Ranchi,
T. R. Janardanan, President NFCAA, M. P. Pondit, Secretary General, AICAEA-II (Mumbai), K. Venkata Subramanian, ASG, AICAEA (Madurai), M.Elumalai, Vice President, B. Sitaram, Secretary, NFCAA (Chennai).
Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry, Trichy.
R. K. Chourasia, Addl. SG, AICAEA, A. B. Sunil Kumar, Addll. SG, NFCAA
Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda,
L. K. Salve, President, AICAEA (Mumbai) A. K. Chawla, Asstt. Secy. General, AICAEA (Pune).
M. S. Bharne, Vice President, G. D. Fulzele, ASG, AICAEA (Nagpur).
Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad,
A. K. Mehta, Vice President, AICAEA(Delhi),

The apex level JAC had met at Delhi on 1st October 2009. The meeting after a review has issued joint tour programme and directed all units to observe DEMANDS DAY ON 5TH November, 2009. We endorse the call and request all to organize Branch wise demonstration (not Unit wise) on 5th November, 2009 at Branch Headquarter and Unit wise meetings in the stations which are away from Branch Headquarter without fail.
The National Executive meeting of the Confederation held on 13th September, 2009 has decided that triennial National Council meeting will be held on 4th, 5th and 6th December, 2009 at New Delhi. Detailed information in this respect shall be published in the Accounts Crusader of October, 2009.
Many Branches and Units have not yet collected and remitted the 1% percent of the arrear received by the members after implementation of the 6CPC report. Some of the Branch Secretaries have expressed verbally to Federation headquarter that, the amount being very heavy members are reluctant to pay. On cross verification of such report it could be learnt by the Federation Headquarter that, some Branches have not taken any initiative to collect the amount and approached the members.
Since 2nd installment (60%) of the arrear have now been received by the members, we once again appeal to all the Branches and Units to collect and remit the outstanding dues from their respective Units/ Branches within 30th October, 2009.
With warm greetings,
Secretary General

1. Filling up of all vacant posts by direct recruitment, promotion and absorption of deputationists on agreed terms and no outsourcing and off-loading of works of Civil Accounts.
2. Vacation of vindictive actions against employees and officers of the organization and taking appropriate action against officers’ responsible for victimization and vindictive action.
3. Restoration of 594 posts kept in operational abeyance.
4. Settlement of 6 CPC related issues-
Upgradation of LDCs by re-designating them as Accounts Assistants and grant of following Pay scales and Grade Pay to different cadres-
a) Accounts Assistant PB-1 with Grade Pay Rs. 2400/-
b) Accountant/DEO Gr.A/Steno Grade– II PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs. 4200/-
c) Sr. Accountant/ Steno Grade- I PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs. 4600/-
d) Sr. Accountant with II ACP PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs. 4800/-
e) Asstt. Accounts Officer/ PS PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs. 4800/-
PB-3 with grade Pay Rs.5400/-
On completion of four years.
5. Implementation of MACP scheme by removing its anomalies.
6. Grant of recognition to AICAEA CAT-II and implementation of Check-Off system as per Government instructions.
7. Augmentation of Additional Staff strength required in PAOs of Ministry of Home Affairs and creation of justified posts immediately.
8. Formation of Department of Accounts under Controller General of Accounts.
9. Conversion of DEO as Accountant.
10. Promotion of all left out non-matriculate Group-D qualified Departmental examination before 0ctober2003 and restoration of 5% promotional Quota to the post of LDC.
11. Increase in promotional quota for Senior Accountant as AAO to 20% of posts of AAO and removal of condition of 53 years of age for promotion.
12. Grant of benefit of II ACP to Sr. Accountant appointed as Accountant on passing Departmental Competitive Examination conducted by SSC.
13. Separate toilet facilities and Rest Room facilities for women employees in all offices.
14. Issuing of Gradation lists of all cadres immediately.
15. Provision of amenities to the Central Office of the Association.
16. Supply of copies of orders/OMs of general interest of staff to the Association in terms of the Government of India as well as CGA’s instructions and placement of orders/ Circulars in the website of CGA.


Ph. 0120-2881727/011-2578 5070

Reference: - JAC/Circular-08/2009 Dated: 3/10/2009
Chief Executive of Constituent Organisations &
Conveners of Local JACs.

Dear Comrades,
Available leaders of the Constituents of apex JAC had met in Delhi on 1st October 2009. Comrade M. S. Raja, Chairman and SG, AIA & A A, Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Convener, and SG, AICAEA, Com. N. Srinivasan, GS, AIRASA, Com. P. Rajanayagam, GS, AIPAEA, Com. R. N. Gupta, ex- SG, AIAPAO (C), Com. A. K. Mehta, Vice President, AICAEA, Com. M. B. Sing, ASG, AICAEA, Com. Somprakash, All India Audit & Accounts Association, and Com. D. P. Khuntia, CWC member, AIRASA attended the meeting.
The meeting reviewed the decisions of the joint National Executive meeting of constituents of apex JAC held at Delhi on 21st July 2009. The meeting observed that, the circular conveying the decisions taken in the meeting was delayed by a month due to ailment of Convener. However, the circular was issued on 31st August 2009 and all local JACs were asked to fix the meetings within a month’s time and intimate the date to apex JAC. But no local JAC has so far intimated about the date of the meeting fixed by them.
The meeting therefore, took the stock of the situation and directed all local JAC Conveners to take appropriate measures for revival of JACs at the local level and fix the meetings. The meeting requested the Chief Executives of the Constituents of apex JAC to forward a copy of the circular being endorsed by them to their field formations.
It was reported in the meeting that, CGA and C&AG, at the instance of the Ministry of Finance have been making certain proposals for bringing certain changes in the cadre structures of Accounts and Audit cadres. Controller General of Accounts has formed a committee for the purpose and this committee, had held an informal discussion with the representatives of AICAEA on 30th September 2009. This committee has informed the AICAEA that, it proposes to recommend the following to the Government of India in co-ordination with other Accounting authorities-
Merge the AO/Sr. AO, place it PB-3 with Grade Pay of Rs: 6600/-. Dispense the system of induction in GR-A. Earmark 33 &1/3% of post to the level of Under Secretary and 33&1/3% at the Director level.
Merge the cadre of Auditor/ Accountant and Sr. Auditor/Accountant in PB-2 with grade pay of Rs:- 4200/-
Elevate the LDC as Accounts Assistants with grade pay of Rs.2400/-.
The Apex JAC meeting decided to reserve its comments as no formal proposal has been received. The meeting stressed on the need of strengthening of JACs at all levels for achievement of the charter of demands of JAC.
It has also been decided by the meeting that, 5th November 2009 shall be observed as DEMANDS DAY by holding lunch hour Demonstration at all Units and Branches and send a Resolution (draft of the resolution enclosed) to the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and the respective heads of the Organizations with endorsement of copies to JAC headquarters.
It has been decided by the meeting that, joint visits shall be under taken to the following stations as the first phase programme of joint tours.

Name of Leaders
Com. M. S. Raja, Chairman, Com. P. Rajanayagam, GS, AIPAEA, Com. N. Srinivasan, GS, AIRASA and Com. M. P. Pandit, AICAEA CAT II
9 & 10 Nov.2009
Com. M. S. Raja, Chairman, Com. P. Rajanayagam, GS, AIPAEA, Com. R. K. Chaurasia, Addl. SG., AICAEA Plus one leader from AIRASA.
12 Nov. 2009
Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Convener, Com. M. S. Raja Chairman, Com. M. P. Pandit, SG, AICAEA, Cat-II plus one representative from AIRASA,
16/17 Nov. 2009
Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Convener, Com. M. S. Raja Chairman, Com. M. P. Pandit, SG, AICAEA, Cat-II,
18/19 Nov.2009

With warm greetings



This meeting of the (name of Unit) ________held today the 5th November 2009, urges upon the Government of India to negotiate and settle the following Demands of the Accounts and Audit Employees and Officers with the apex level Joint Action Committee of Accounts and Audit Employees and Officers organizations.


1. Implement arbitration award by granting higher pay scale notionally w.e.f.1-1-1986 and effectively w.e.f 1-1-2006.
2. upgrade LDCs by re-designating them as Acctts/Audit Assistants and following pay sales to different cadres-
Acctts/Audit Assistant PB-1 with Grade Pay Rs.2400
Accountant/Auditor/ Steno Gr.II PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4200
Sr. Accountant/Auditor/ Steno Gr.I PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4600
SO/JAO/AAO/PS PB-2 with Grade Pay Rs.4800
PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.5400
On completion of 4 years.
Accounts/Audit Officer PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.6600
Sr. Accounts/Audit Officer PB-3 with Grade Pay Rs.7600
3. Grant ACP on departmental hierarchy basis.
4. Grant one increment and Grade pay of Rs.4800 from the day of passing JAO/SOG examination.
5. Grant three increments on passing departmental confirmatory examination.
6. Step up pay of Senior Promotees who exhausted ACP in the event of junior drawing more pay and getting ACP in compliance with apex court judgment.
7. Grant recognition to Railway Accounts Staff Association.

The meeting resolves that the copies of the Resolution adopted shall be forwarded to the Prime Minister of India, South Block, New Delhi, Finance Minister, Government of India, head of the organization and the Convener, Apex JAC of Accounts and Audit Employees and Officers organizations, New Delhi.

President of the meeting

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