Sunday, May 13, 2012



This joint meeting of the members of the National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations represented by All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association category II held today the May 10, 2012 in front of the Office of the Controller General of Accounts, Loknayak Bhawan Khan Market,   Delhi expresses its strongest resentment against the indifferent attitude of Civil Accounts authorities towards the genuine problems and  demands of the Civil Accounts Employees.

In the meeting held between the CGA and the National Executives of AICAEA on 12th December 2011, CGA had promised to take up the issues like grant of higher pay scales to MTS, DEO, Accountant, Senior Accountant, AAO, PS as well as creation of posts and MACP discriminations etc. with the Government. CGA had also assured to settle the issues like grant of recognition to AICAEA (CAT- II), Compassionate appointments, grant of four increments on qualifying DCT and filling up the vacant post etc.

But after the lapse of two months CGA released minutes of the meeting, denying all commitments and closed down, unilaterally, 12 out of the 20 items discussed.

Through the letter dated 17th March 2012 and letters dated 4th April 2012 AICAEA and the NFCAA repeatedly requested CGA to honour the assurances he had given to the Civil Accounts Employees of the Country and issue the actual minutes of the meeting in consultation with the National Executive of AICAEA as per JCM norm .

Several requests have been made to CGA to grant recognition to AICAEA CAT II which is having membership strength of more than 35% of the Assistant Accounts Officers and they are subscribing to the Association.  It was clarified to CGA that, since the DDOs are not following the norms of check-off system and not providing the informations based on the facts, an artificial shortage of membership is being reflected in the reports.

Further, the e-payment system is going to create havoc in the Civil Accounts Organisation. The NFCAA had therefore requested CGA to listen the views of the employees' representatives on this issue before implementing it unilaterally.

But CGA and his officers have deliberately preferred to ignore the requests of the Associations.

            There are several official complaints against the behavior and corrupt activities of the local head of office of PAO, Central Excise Madurai and this matter was brought to the Knowledge of CGA by the Central Excise Department and all Employees Associations concerned. But the Civil Accounts authorities have been shielding such an officer.

            In addition to the above, it may also be recorded here that, CGA office has not been extending any co-operation in discussing and resolving the issues concerning the employees. Inspite of repeated requests none of the officers of  CGA office has been providing a minutes time even to discuss routine nature staff problems where involvement of CGA is not at all required.

            This meeting therefore, condemns the anti-employee and adamant attitude of the Civil Accounts authority and demands immediate settlement of the grievances of the Civil Accounts employees.

            Resolved that the copies of the Resolution shall be forwarded to the Hon'ble Finance Minister of India, the Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, the Controller General of Accounts and all others concerned.







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