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17/2 – C, P & T Quarters, Kali Bari Marg, New Delhi: - 11001

No: JAC/Circular – 03/2012                                                      Dated: 4th September, 2012



            Chief Executives of Constituent Organizations,

            Conveners of local JACS


Dear Comrades,


            The extended meeting of JAC was held in Delhi on 26th July 2012 & took the following decisions;


            The meeting felt that all constituents of the JAC are passing through a state of dormancy and therefore the prime task of the JAC is to reactivate functioning of limbs of JAC i.e. the Apex as also local JAC. The Railway Accounts Association, whose representatives had proposed the programme of mass casual leave, withdrew this call and did not participate in this programme. Ever since then their participation in Apex JAC and local JACs has been affected. Whereas Postal Accounts authorities sanctioned Mass Cause Leave on 08/04/2010, the IA & AD administered heavy doze of victimization - 23000 charge sheets were issued which were withdrawn after extracting regrets from employees. Not only this the authorities are not granting permission even to hold G. B. meetings in most of the offices Heavy punishments have been imposed in Kerala and Hyderabad Units for organizing peaceful Dharnas, General Body meeting etc. This spree of victimization on account of total intolerance of IA & AD Administration towards collective functioning of employees Associations has severely demoralized the Audit and Accounts employees. This has affected the functioning of JAC in most of the centers.


            The other development noted by the meeting was the cadre reviews which are taking place in IA & AD & other Organized Accounts these days. It has been learnt that C & AG has finalized cadre review unilaterally and the All India Audit and Accounts Association/All India Audit & Accounts Officers Associations have merely been informed about their proposals. The All India Postal Accounts Employees Association is represented on the Joint Committee constituted by the All India Postal Department for cadre review. Accordingly the proposals submitted by the Postal Accounts Association which are based on Charter of Demands of JAC are being processed by the Joint Committee & the Postal Department. National Federation of Civil Accounts in the process of formulating its cadre review proposals based on charter of Demands of Apex JAC which are to be submitted to the C.G.A.

A)    If each Department is to undertake these reviews separately the result would be that traditional uniformity of cadre restructure now obtaining in IA & AD and other organized Accounts Establishment is likely to be dented.

B)    The meeting ratified the decisions of the Confederation to organize a days strike on 12.12.12 in support of the charter of demands & called upon all constituents of JAC & their Units to organize a campaign amongst their members to educate them on the contents of charter of demands i.e. what these demands are, why these demands have been raised & a need for direct action by which alone Government would be compelled to consider & settle these demands.


            Taking the above developments into account the meeting felt that Apex JAC should formulate the following two demands & mobilize the employees through a phased programmes of action in support of these demands and implement the call for strike on 12.12.12.


1)      Vacate victimization of Audit & Accounts employees & allow staff Association to undertake democratic functioning i.e. meetings & other peaceful collective protest actions.

2)      Appoint a Joint Committee of Officers & staff representatives of federations of IA & AD and other Organized Accounts & undertake cadre review.


The meeting decided that all constituents of the JAC should hold in next 3 months their working committee meetings in which representatives from each unit formation are invited to discuss & ratify the above twin demands & formulate their proposals for cadre review. The decisions of these CWC meetings may be intimated to the Apex JAC.


All constituents of JAC would direct their Units to elect/nominate their representatives (two in number) to man the local JAC which should be communicated to the Apex JAC through their Federation the Apex JAC shall then fix date of meeting of local JAC & nominate some leader from Apex JAC to attend that meeting & help revive the functioning of local JAC.


            The Apex JAC will meet Again in the months of November 2012 to consider the decisions taken by the CWC meetings of constituents of JAC and reports an campaigns launched in each centers (through State Committees of Confederations & local JAC) to mobilize & motivate C-G- employees to be on strike on 12.12.12.


With warm greetings,

Yours faithfully,





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