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All India Civil Accounts Employees Association



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Central Office: -                                                                                 Address for Communication:-

16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                             17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,

New Delhi: - 110011                                                                          Kali Bari Marg,           

                                                                                                           New Delhi-110001


No: AICAEA/HQ/A-3/2012/1912-1972                                                   Dated: 7th September, 2012



            A delegation comprising Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, AICAEA, Com. A. K. Mehta, President, AICAEA Cat-II and Com. S. C. Bamrara, Asstt. Secretary General, AICAEA met Shri S. M. Kumar, Pr. CCA, CBDT on 31st August 2012 to discuss some of the important issues pending with his office.


            Brief resume of the meeting is furnished below:-


1.      Filling up of vacant Posts:-


Pr. CCA, informed that, large numbers of dossiers have been received and offer of appointments to the person concerned are under issue. The newly created ZAOs are being arranged to be manned. No irrational step of dislocating to any individual shall be taken and there shall not be inconvenience to anyone. Persons who have come on deputation basis and seeking absorption shall be considered on priority basis.


2.      Regularization of Temporary Status Employee – case of Shillong


After discussion, ralevant papers of the case was handed over to Pr. CCA. He assured to look into to the matter favorably.


3.      Removal of discrimination in granting promotion to the post of Accountant.


It was pointed out by the staff side that, some of the Accountants from Kolkata had not been accorded due seniority with reference to their juniors. In response to the request of the Association, CGA has issued instructions in this regard on 19th April 2012. However, the formal orders granting seniority to them is due to be issued by the office of Pr. CCA, CBDT. As desired, by the Pr. CCA, copies of relevant documents have been submitted to him and he assured expeditious action on this matter.


4.      Grant of promotion to Sr. Accountants under 10% Promotional quota:-


It was stated by staff side that, a good number of Sr. Accountants of CBDT setup who were recruited in 1978 have not been granted promotion as AAO under 10% promotional quota while their juniors have already been promoted.


List of such persons and copies of relevant correspondences have been handed over to the Pr. CCA and he has assured to look into the matter.


5.      Delegation of Financial Powers to Zonal heads.


Pr. CCA informed that, he has already issued orders in this respect.


6.      Grant of Honorarium to all:-


Matter shall be considered prospectively. No part case shall be reviewed.


The staff side brought it to the notice of Pr. CCA that the CA, CBDT, West Zone ordered paycut for the persons participated in the General Strike on 28th February 2012. Since crores of workers of the country participated in the strike and no pay out order was issued by the Government India, it is an unjustified action of CA, CBDT, West Zone, Mumbai. Therefore, the paycut may be undone. Pr. CCA, assured to consider the request favorably.    






(V. Bhattacharjee)

Secretary General


Copy to:-


1.      All National Executive Members.

2.      All Branch Secretaries.

3.      Secretary General, AICAEA Cat-II.

4.      President, AICAEA Cat-II.

5.      President, NFCAA


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