Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Comrades,
It is one of the demands of ours that the Circulars/Orders issued by the CGA office should be uploaded in the website of the CGA so that every one could be aware of, and get first hand information on the happenings at the CGA office.
As soon as the new CGA has assumed office and as assured by him in the meeting held with him on 4rh September 2012, orders are being posted on the CGA site itself.  We thank the CGA and his administration for his efforts in this regard. We are hopeful that this practice would ever be continued.

Some of the members might have noted that on 19th October 2012, CGA office has published combined seniority list of Sr. Accountants for consideration AS AAOs against the 10% promotional quota.  

By close scrutiny of the same, it may be noted that some of the Ministries/Departments have been left out from the list. Non-inclusion of names of Sr. Accountants of left out offices has made the list an incomplete document. This fact has been acknowledged in the OM itself by the CGA  Office which says that datas have been compiled on the basis of the informations  received by them and it is a provisional one only.

So it is suggested that those Sr. Accountants  who have rendered 10 years of service in the grade and who have crossed 53 years of age on 01.01.2012  and whose names have been left  out in the list,  may  immediately submit their service details, as per the Statement enclosed along with the list of names published by the CGA. Members concerned are also requested that as soon as they become aware about the non inclusion of their name, despite their eligibility, they should submit the details immediately through proper channel with copies to respective Unit/Branch Secretaries by quoting the OM of the CGA cited above, .

We request all the  Federal Executive/ Women Committee members/ Branch/Unit  Committee members to ensure that no office or no eligible Sr. Accountant is left out in this process.

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rajivpathak278 said...

SUBJECT:-Combined Seniority list of Sr. Accountants for promotion as AAO under 10% seniority quota - OM No. A-32016/5/2011/MF.CGA(A)/AAO/CSL 10%/762 dated 16th October 2012 and No.A.35018/1/ 2012/MF.CGA/AAO /CSL.10 %/882, dated.8-11-2012

The list prepared by the office of CGA and published on their website appears to be wrongly prepared.

As per norms mentioned in the Notification dated.11-07-2000 issued by the Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, New Delhi regarding the rules regulating the method of recruitment to the post of Lower Division Clerks, Accountant and Senior Accountant in the Central Civil Accounts Service-Rule-5(1) and (2)(a),(b) and (c).

From the said select lists, the Controller General of Accounts shall prepare a Combined select list of candidates in accordance with the provisions contained in sub-para (C) as below:-

The Inter-se seniority of the candidates from different Ministries in the combined select list shall be determined on the basis of length of service rendered by them in the feeder grade and in terms of general principles for determining seniority in this regard as laid down by the Government from time to time.
Hence, a separate List of Accountants /Sr. Accountants under Direct Recruitment Quota is to be prepared separately by the CGA and the Principal Accounts Office, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.

Here the term feeder grade means the date of appointment of an Accountant in the grade which reckons for deciding the seniority of a Senior Accountant for the post of a Senior Accountants list by taking into account the length of service from the date appointment of an Accountant and than deciding the Seniority of a Senior Accountant as on dated.i.e.01-01-2012.
Example:- 2(Two) different cases are being given below for your reference please:-
1st case (a).Date of Appointment of an Accountant is 13-11-1983.
(b).Date of Appointment of Senior Accountant is 01-04-1987.

2nd case (a).Date of Appointment of an Accountant is 13-11-1980.
(b).Date of Appointment of Senior Accountant is 07-07-1989.

Here the Seniority of a Senior Accountant in the grade would be decided from the date of appointment of an Accountant (feeder grade for the Senior Accountants post) upto the date of appointment of a Senior Accountant. So the Senior person is in the 2nd case cited above where the Accountant has been appointed on 13-11-1980 is much earlier than the person who was appointed as Accountant on 13-11-1983.
• For further clarification in the matter, I am enclosing 2(Two) sets of separate combined Seniority / Gradation lists of Senior Accountants of the office of (a) The Principal Chief Controller of Accounts, Central Board of Excise and Customs, AGCR Building, New Delhi
Gradation List of Senior Accountants as on 01.01.2012 BACK

SNo Title Name of Officer/Official DOB CAT Date of appointment in Govt. Service Date of appointment in present Grade Date of appointment in the Grade which reackons for seniority Date of posting under CBEC Place of posting Remarks
1 Shri Biswanath Malakar 14-Mar-1953 UR 14-May-1971 1-Apr-1987 14-May-1971 1-Mar-2002 Kolkata-II
2 K.S. Ghosalkar 16-Aug-1952 UR 6-Mar-1974 1-Apr-1987 6-Mar-1974 1-Oct-1976 Vadodara
3 Kedar Nath Biswas 7-Jan-1952 SC 8-Aug-1974 1-Apr-1987 8-Aug-1974 1-May-1977 Kolkata-II to be retired on 31.01.2012
4 Sarah Jose 3-Jun-1952 UR 3-Jan-1977 22-Jul-1988 3-Jan-1977 29-Dec-1984 Cochin,Customs Unilateral transfer from PAO, Supply, Cochin
5 Rajeev Agarwal 11-Jan-1958 UR 27-Dec-1977 1-Apr-1987 27-Dec-1977 1-Aug-2003 Ghaziabad

(2). ALL INDIA ELIGIBILITY LIST OF SENIOR ACCOUNTANTs OF Department of Postal Accounts AS ON 01 SEP 2009. for your information and kind action. Both these lists are available on the internet.