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The extended Federal Executive meeting of the National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations was held in Delhi on 3rd & 4th October 2012. Majority of the Federal Executive Members and representatives of the Branches invited were present in the meeting.
Agenda item No. 1. Review of the decisions last meeting:-
At the very outset, the meeting reviewed the decisions of last extended Federal Executive meeting held on 26th July 2012 in Delhi. The performance of Civil Accounts Employees in the call of March to Parliament on 26th July 2012 was reviewed by the meeting. It was observed by the meeting that the targeted number of participants set by the 5th Federal Council meeting held at Pune on 15th & 16th June 2012 could not be achieved.  Altogether 400 participants were there against the targeted number of 600. No Branch except A. P. Branch could send the number of participants allotted. Some Branches/Stations/ Units did not depute a single person even. After detailed discussion, the house had concluded that, organizational weakness is the cause behind the inability of NFCAA to fulfill its quota. While expressing opinion in this respect the Federal Executive members and representatives of the Branches had mentioned about the financial constraint of the Branches on account of reduction in membership and also a general reluctance of the employees in the organizational activity.
            The meeting had unanimously decided to overcome the weakness and take corrective measures for improvement of the performance of the Civil Accounts Employees in the future activities.
Agenda item No:-2. Decision of Confederation - strike call on 12/12/2012 in support of 15 point charter of demands- preparation & implementation thereof.
            The meeting discussed the item at length. Com. K. K. N. Kutty, Secretary General, Confederation had attended the extended Federal Executive meeting and addressed the house.  Through his hour long speech, Com. Kutty explained the reasons for making the strike on 12th December 2012 a success. He dealt on the core issues behind the 15 points Charter of Demands of confederation. It was explained by him that the charter of demands we have adopted is the product of the wrong and antiworker polices of the Government of India. Workers of this country are fighting  against the policies of the Government since 1991. We should make the strike on 12th December 2012 a grand success so that we are able to create pressure on the Government. Com. Kutty appealed upon the leadership of NFCAA to take their best effort to make the strike on 12th December 2012 a grand success.
            After the deliberations of Com. K.K. Kutty, the meeting formally endorsed the call of strike on 12th December 2012 given by the Confederation and appealed upon the Civil Accounts Employees of the country to prepare, participate and make the strike a grand success in the Civil Accounts Organization. The meeting decided that, in order to mobilize the members, following actions shall be taken-
1.    A close connection with the COCs of respective stations/states shall be maintained by the units/Branches.
2.    All directives and programmes decided by the COCs shall be implemented by the units and Branches.
3.    Leaders of National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations (NFCAA) shall undertake extensive tour to different stations and Federation headquarters shall finalize and circulate the tour programme at the earliest.       
Agenda Item No: 3.Finalization of proposal for cadre review:-
            The sub-committee comprising Com. T. R. Janardanan, Mumbai, Com. K. Venkatasubramanian, Madurai, Com. A. K. Mehta, Delhi, Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Delhi, Com.  S. P. Roy, Kolkata, Com. A. Huparikar, Hyderabad, Com. T. A. Makhwana, Ahmadabad and Com. Arjun Singh, Lucknow formed for preparing the proposal for cadre review had met on 3rd October 2012. After detailed discussion, the sub-committee unanimously recommended a proposal for Cadre Review in the Civil Accounts Organization.
            As per the recommendations of the sub-committee, the extended Federal Executive Meeting discussed and unanimously decided to demand for cadre review before the authority. The basic proposal is as under.

MTS:                         Grade Pay Rs. 1800/-
Accounts Assistant: Grade Pay   Rs.2400/- (By upgrading the post of LDCs)
SeniorAccountant Grade Pay: Rs. 4600/-   (Posts of Accountants to be merged. DEOs are to be re-designated as Sr. Accountants and merged with their existing strength.)
AAO:                       Grade Pay Rs. 5400/- in PB-2.  30% posts   by promotion of Sr. Accountant on seniority and 70% by AAO © examination.
(Matter of Stenos, PAs etc. to be decided after discussion with the concerned employees).
60% + 10% of cadre strength augmentation to be proposed giving full justification on different counts
It has also been decided by the meeting that, before placing the demand formally before Controller General of Accounts, it shall be placed before   the   apex   JAC for its consideration and
Secretary General shall take appropriate steps in this respect.
Agenda item No: - 4. e-payment & our position
            The decisions taken on this issue in the earlier meetings had been reviewed by the meeting. It was observed that the issue was not properly carried to the lowest level of the organization and the consequence of the implementation of e-payment was not explained to the members. As such the  appeal for opposition to e-payment system did not pick up its tempo and taking advantage of the situation, authorities have implemented the scheme in large numbers of pay and Accounts Offices.
            After a self critical analysis of the entire situation, the meeting took following decisions unanimously –
1.    Opposition to the e-payment system shall continue. Units and Branches shall be pursued to oppose the e-payment system.
2.    All Federal Executive members/ Branch/Unit Executives shall ask the authorities in writing to disburse their payment either in cash or by cheque.
3.    The item shall be incorporated in the Charter of Demands.
Agenda item No: - 5. Apex JAC Meeting held 0n 26th July 2012- implementation of the decisions regarding.
            The decisions taken in the apex JAC meeting held on 26th July 2012 was reported by the Secretary General in the federal Executive meeting. The apex JAC meeting had endorsed the call of Strike on 12th December 2012. The said meeting has decided to formulate following demands-
a)      Vacate victimization of Audit and Accounts Employees and allow staff Association to undertake democratic functioning i.e. meetings and other peaceful protest actions.
b)      Appoint a joint Committee of Officers and staff representatives of Federation of IA&AD and other organized Accounts and undertake cadre review.
As per the directive of apex JAC meeting, the extended Federal Executive meeting nominated following Comrades as representatives for manning the   local   JACs at
different stations-
Com. R.G.Bharne
Com. R.K.Chaurasia.
Com. P.M.Menzes
Com. Rajesh Singh
Com. A.Huparikar
Com. A. Srinivas
Com. P.M.Viswamitra.
Com. Shantanu Bhattachatrjee
Com. Sukhamay Biswas
Com. Chinmay Mukhapadhyay
Com. Jaidev Maity
Com.Arjun Singh
Com.Abhay Kumar
(shall be nominated by the Branch)
Com. S. Venkateshan
Com.Usman Basha
Com. G. K. Nair
Com. P. K. Gopi
Com. Anil P. George
Com. Pias George
Northeast(Shillong and Guwahati)

Com. Gautam Chakraborty
Com. C. K. Banerjee
Com. S. K. Dutta
Com. Bivash Deb
Com. S. Bandyopadhyay
Com. Virender Singh
Com. R.K. Verma
Com. A.K. Mehta
Com. Bhagawan Misra
Com.T. A. Makhwana
Com. K.M. Chauhan
Com. A.A. Shah
Com. P.M.Viswamitra

Rest of the stations has been directed by the Federal Executive meeting to nominate the persons and send their names to federation headquarters immediately.
Agenda item No: -6. Meeting with CGA- proposal regarding.
            To begin with, Secretary General reported the outcome of the discussion held with CGA on 4th September 2012. It was observed by the meeting that  necessary action against some of the assurances given by CGA has been initiated by his office.  These are placing of transfer orders and other orders of general interests in the website of CGA, increase in the promotional quota for Sr. Accountants and repair of the official Accommodation provided to the Association etc.  However, assurances regarding undoing paycut imposed on a section of the employees by the CA, CBDT, Mumbai and a few more issues have not been implemented yet.
            The punitive measure imposed on one of the lady members of AICAEA CAT II by the ZAO, CBDT, Hyderabad for her participation in the General Strike on 28th February 2012 was condemned by the extended Federal Executive meeting. The meeting directed the (a) Branch concerned to organize protest action against the local authorities and (b) Federation headquarters to take up the matter with the appropriate higher authorities.
            The meeting also reviewed the outcome of the discussion held with CCA, Home on 4th July 2012. It was observed that, the authorities have taken an adamant stand of operating CCTV Cameras inside the office room of PAO, BSF, New Delhi ignoring the norms in vogue and the privacy of the employees working in the office. The meeting passed a Resolution protesting the adamancy and autocratic attitude of the authorities of Ministry of Home Affairs and forwarded the same to the authority concerned and the CGA demanding immediate removal of the CCTV Cameras from the office room. The meeting directed the Branch concerned to organize protest actions in this regard.
            The effect of lateral induction of the persons encadred in the Civil Accounts Organization from PAO, SSB, PAO, BSF and PAO, CRPF was considered by the meeting. It was agreed by the meeting that such type of lateral induction into the cadre is bound cause harm to the seniority of existing employees of the organization. But the meeting also noted that, large number of persons alongwith their posts have come to the organization and hence the effect of their lateral induction would be insignificant. The meeting therefore, decided not to raise the issue any further in the greater interest and unity of the Civil Accounts Employees. 
            As regards fixing of meeting with CGA, the meeting of the Federal Executive authorized Federation Headquarters to take early necessary action. The meeting also directed Federation Headquarters to reorient/ reformulate the Charter of Demands with inclusion of Cadre review and opposition to e-payment and through drooping of some of the issues stands settled or could be settled through writing letters.
Agenda Item No. 7 Implementation of decision of 5th Federal Council meeting.
A review report of the decisions taken in the 5th Federal Council meeting held at Pune on 15th and 16th of June 2012 was placed by the Secretary General. It was observed that review of many decisions had been done while dealing with various agenda items of the meeting. It was however observed that the decisions regarding improvement of functions of organization, fund position and organizational tours for revival of defunct Branches etc were not effectively implemented.
 As regards visit different stations is concerned, only a few Federal Executive Members implemented the decisions.  Although Bihar, Odisha and Jharkhand were visited jointly by both Secretary Generals, Branches have come to existence in Odisha only.
Agenda Item No.  8. Review of Organizational position.
            It was observed by the meeting that, at some stations Branches do not exist. From Patna the subscription for AICAEA CAT II is coming but no subscription is coming from the membership of AICAEA. No Branch exists in Bihar. More or less similar situations are prevailing at various other states/stations like Punjab, Jharkhand, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. The Branch in Delhi has gone defunct. . the newly formed West Delhi and Southend Branch are functioning despite limitations.  Units of some of the Branches like Karnataka, Nashik are paying subscription and implementing the directives of the organization but not sending their representatives to the national level meetings. Units of few Branches like Rajasthan Branch have been paying subscription but not taking part in any activities due to inertness of the branch leadership.
The Nagpur Federal Executive Meeting held on 22nd March 2012 had appealed upon the members to contribute. Rs. 200/- from the arrears of enhanced qualification pay for sharing by units- (Rs. 50/), branches (Rs.50/-), Central Headquarters of AICAEA (Rs.100/-) and Fede- ration Headquarters (20% of total amount accumulated in Headquarters of AICAEA) and Rs. 500/- from the arrear due to grant of increment before pay fixation under revised pay from 01-01-2006 for sharing by units (Rs. 100/-), Branches (Rs.200/-), Central Headquarters of AICAEA (Rs. 100/-), federation headquarters (20% of total amount accumulated in headquarters of AICAEA) and Rs.100/- could be remitted to Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers).
It was reported in the meeting that headquarters has so far received contributions against arrear qualifications pay from two Mem- bers of PAO, Central Excise, Madurai unit, West Bengal Branch and partially from Mumbai Branch only. Rest is yet to respond. However, some of the Federal Executive members have reported that, collections have already been started in their Branches.
The meeting requested all units/ members to remit their due contributions immediately and directed the Branches to send the share of Central Headquarters within 15th November 2012.
Agenda Item No9.Misellenaous.
          Different federal Executive members while participating in the discussion referred many issues relating to the members of their respective Branches/stations. Secretary General assured that all such issues have been recorded in the minutes register of the meeting and shall be taken up with the authorities concerned..
            Next All India Conferences are to be held at Kolkata. Representatives of West Bengal Branches have informed that they are preparing for conferences and soon they shall form the Reception Committee, for the Conferences. In the meeting for formation of Reception Committee Secretary General shall be invited.
Thereafter the meeting was declared over by the President with request of implementing the decisions of the meeting whole heartedly. .

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