Wednesday, February 4, 2015

C.B.E.C. Authorities Not Ready to Settle the 20point Demands and interfering into the internal functioning of the Association –  PREPARE FOR SUSTAINED AND INTENSIFIED ORGANIZATIONAL ACTIONS 

The issues of non-settlement of the demands and non–renewal of open pass/official Identity card to Secretary General purposefully by the authorities of Pr. CCA, CBEC was taken up with CGA authorities by the Federation Headquarters. Responding to the request of Federation Headquarters,   Addl. CGA had intervened into the matter and informed us that the CCA, CBEC expressed her desire to meet us.
But, when we approached CCA, CBEC, she refused to meet on the plea that she would meet us after discussing with Unit President of CBEC, Delhi Unit. However, the Federation headquarters continued its persuasion.  Nearly after a week, CCA agreed to meet with an astonishing precondition that Unit President of CBEC Unit shall be called by the official side while we had already informed her in advance that Unit President of the CBEC Unit, Delhi shall be the part of the Delegation that wished to meet her.
Finally, a delegation  comprising Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Secretary General, Shri N.K. Sharma, Finance Secretary and Shri S.C. Bamrara, Asstt. Secretary General, AICAEA had met the CCA, CBEC on 15th January 2015 in presence of other officers and unit President of AICAEA, CBEC Unit, Delhi.  The Delegation had requested her to settle the long pending issues through mutual dialogue and maintain a congenial atmosphere in the organization. The delegation also pointed out that, even the TA for election duty performed by the employees in the General election last year is yet to be paid. But CCA refused to settle any of the issues including the issue of renewal of the Official pass/ identity card to Secretary General not only by advancing various illogical arguments but also on the ground that the Association had resorted to agitations. However, facing the strong arguments of the Delegation and probably out of the fear of interference of Election Commission, she asked the officers present in her chamber to initiate actions to make of payment of TA for performing the election duty by the employees. Reacting to the issues like reimbursement of cost of Briefcase/ official bag/ladies purse to the staff and reimbursement of hospitality expenses to the AAOs, CCA raised the question of competence of the authorities who grant such facilities and asked her officers to refer the matter to DOPT.   
Although majority of the demands of the 20 point Charter of demands are relating to the employees working in the office of Pr. CCA, CBEC itself, but CCA declined to agree to this fact and tried to convey to the delegation that she does not care if there are agitations demanding settlement of the problems of the employees working in other stations.
As the reactions of CCA, CBEC were not in favour of resolving the demands but reflection of her desperate attempt of isolating the local Unit Association of Delhi from Branch and Central Headquarters by interfering into the internal functioning of the Unit Association, the Delegation strongly contested her approach and demanded settlement of the issues already discussed with her on 15th May 2014. But she evaded the situation and threw the ball to the court of Pr. CCA stating that, she has no reservation to discuss the issues once again with the National level representatives of the Association provided she is asked by Pr. CCA, CBEC to do so.The delegation however, conveyed her that though the meeting shall be sought with Pr.CCA only but the Association shall not have any objection to discuss with any authorized representative of Pr. CCA.
As a follow-up of the discussion, the Central Headquarters of AICAEA has written a letter to Pr.CCA, CBEC on 21st January 2015 requesting him to convene a meeting with the National Executives of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II.Dear Comrades, it is very clear that the authorities of CBEC are not ready to settle the demands or maintain congenial atmosphere. Instead, they want to disrupt the functioning of our organization. Therefore, if there is no favorable response to our letter within a fortnight, we shall have to resort to intensified organizational action and all of you are requested to prepare the members accordingly. 

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