Saturday, July 25, 2015


[All India Civil Accounts Employees Association]
[All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II]
Represented as NFCAA
[All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officers (Civil)]

No.COC/CA/2015/Circular-3                                                                                   dated 23-07-2015

               The National Executive/ Federal Executive members/ Branch Secretaries
               of NFCAA and AIAPAO(C)

Dear Comrades,
            A meeting of the Co-ordination Committee was held today in Delhi. Following Comrades attended the meeting.
1.      Com. S.S. Chauhan, Chairperson, COC and President AIAPAO (C).
2.      Com. V. Bhattacharjee, Joint Convenor, COC and Secretary General, NFCAA and AICAEA.
3.      Com. A.B. Sunilkumar, Joint Convenor, COC and Secretary General, AIAPAO(C).
4.      Com. N.K. Sharma, Finance Secretary, AICAEA.
5.      Com. Ravinder Kumar, Secretary, NFCAA.
6.      Com. R.K. Gupta, Asstt. Secretary General, AIAPAO(C).
            Com. K.K. Yadav, Addl. Secretary, AICAEA, Delhi Branch attended the meeting as an observer.
            The meeting was presided over by Com. S.S. Chauhan, Chairperson.
            At the very outset, meeting reviewed the progress on the decisions taken in the last meeting held in Kolkata on 18thJune 2015. It was observed that the Resolution adopted by the said meeting was forwarded to the Controller General of Accounts and the declaration adopted was circulated to all. Moreover, some of the Branch/State level COCs is on the verge of formation.  As per the call of the Co-ordination Committee, the officers and employees in Cochin, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai had organized lunch hour demonstration on 9th July 2015 to observe the united action day. A Resolution has been adopted in these meetings and forwarded to the CGA.
            The meeting therefore, hailed the members and appealed upon all to expedite formation Branch/State level COCs so that of the demand of Cadre Review of Group B&C employees could catch the imagination of the members and the struggle for achievement of the demand could be intensified.
            Before taking further decision, the meeting also reviewed the outcome of the informal discussion held between CGA and a few representatives of AIAPAO(C ) on 22nd July 2015 and also the decisions taken  by the 14th All India Conference of AICAEA and the 6th All India Conference of AICAEA Cat-II held jointly in Chennai from 15th to 17th July 2015. After detailed discussion, the meeting decided that the Co-ordination Committee shall proceed unitedly and directed all Branches and Units to implement the following action programmes from the united platform of Co-Ordination Committee.
1.  Demands day on 18th August 2015
On this day, all members shall wear back badge. Unit/Branch wise lunch hour demonstration at all stations shall be held and decision in this regard shall be taken by the Branch level COCs. A resolution from the demonstration spot shall be adopted and forwarded to CGA by the Units/Branch level COCs.
2.   Joint Day Long Dharna on 10th September 2015.
A Joint Day Long Dharna shall be organized by the Branch level COCs on 10th September 2015 in front of the office of Sr. most Officer of the station. All office bearers of the Branches of AICAEA, AICAEA Cat-II and AIAPAO(C) shall sit for day long dharna by taking leave.
3.   Half day walk out on 14th October 2015.
Totality of the officers and employees shall stage half day walk out on 14th October 2015. The modalities about this programme shall be decided by the apex level COC and informed to all. 
It has also been decided by the meeting that the publicity material in respect of the demands and above programmes shall be prepared by the apex COC and forwarded to all concerned. 
The meeting appealed upon all National Level Office bearers, Branches and Units to take proper initiative to form COCs at the Branch level and implement the programmes effectively.
The meeting also discussed the call of one day strike on 2nd September 2015 given by the central Trade Unions, Independent Federations and Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers. In this respect it has been decided that:-
1.      As per the call of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers’, members of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat-II shall participate in the strike.
2.      The Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers Organizations (CCGGOO) has not so far issued call for strike. The AIAPAO(C) shall therefore extend moral support and decide some supportive action programmes.

It has also been decided that the Branch Conference of AIAPAO(C) Delhi Branch shall be held on 12th August2015 wherein the President and Branch Secretary of AICAEA shall be invited and the Branch level Co-ordination Committee of Delhi shall be formed.
With warm greetings

(V.Bhattacharjee)                                                                                                                   (A.B.Sunilkumar)
Secretary General                                                                                                                   Secretary General
    AICAEA                                                                                                                                 AIAPAO(C)
& Jt. Convener                                                                                                                           & Jt. Convener

Composition of COC at different levels
At apex level, Presidents of NFCAA and AIAPAO(C) shall be Chairpersons and Secretary Generals of both organizations shall be the joint conveners. All other office bearers shall be the Committee members.
At the state/region/branch levels Presidents of the Branches of NFCAA and AIAPAO( C) shall be the Chairpersons and Branch Secretaries of both organizations shall be Joint Conveners. All other office bearers shall be the Committee members.

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