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Minutes of the meeting held on 13-10-2015 between the CA, Mnistry of Home Affairs(on behalf of PCCA, MHA) and  the representatives of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association 

SUB: Minutes of the meeting with the representatives of the association for the discussion and the settlement of the issues concerning with the staff.
A meeting was held  on 13.10.2015  at 11.30 AM in the conference room of PAO CISF New Delhi under the chairmanship  of Dr. Gautam Talukdar, Director(Acctts), PAO CRPF New Delhi with the representatives of the association of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association New Delhi for the discussion and the settlement of the issues concerning with the staff. The meeting was attended by the association members and officers/officials of PAO CRPF, CISF and Pr AO M/O Home Affairs New Delhi  as per the list attached at Annexure ‘A’.

 At the outset of the meeting, Dr. Talukdar, Director (Acctts), PAO CRPF New Delhi welcomed the members of association and highlighted that   as objectives of Association and the Management are the same, the agenda items should be discussed in the positive and right spirit within the framework of the Govt. Rules.

 All the Agenda items were discussed at length as under:

(1)               Agenda items No. 01: Filling up of the vacant posts
The matter was discussed at length. Director (Accounts) CRPF informed   the vacancy position in PAO (CISF) Kolkata stating 27 Sr.Acctts/Acctts have been positioned against sanctioned strength of 35 and only 8 posts are vacant.   Similarly, 32 Group B & C officers/officials have been posted against sanctioned strength of 39 posts in RPAO (CISF) Chennai and only 7 posts are vacant. It was further informed by Sr AO(Admn),Pr Accounts Office, M/o Home affairs that  total of 165 dossiers for the post of Accountants have been received from the o/o CGA and  offer of appointment to these individuals have  already been issued.
 Besides this, it was informed by matter regarding creation of 781 Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ new post of accounts cadre has been cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the same is under active consideration in the Ministry of Finance. Further, he informed since the inception of Paramilitary Force, their strength in Ministry of Home Affairs has increased tremendously whereas in its comparison strength of the civil accounts cadre remained static. Even in the parallel sister accounts cadre viz Controller of Defence Accounts, the ratio between accounts staff and defence Personnel’s is 1:96 whereas in the paramilitary force the gap is much bigger as 1:794. Dr. Talukdar, Director ( Accounts) CRPF  expressed his concern over this and appreciated that  in spite of acute crunch of the staff in the civil accounts cadre in M/o Home affairs, the personal claims of the paramilitary personnel’s are cleared expeditiously in time bound framework  of seven days and there is no pendency as on date. 
 (2) Agenda items No. 02: Removal of Anomaly in the Grade pay of the Senior Accountant
It was informed that some of the Inspectors (Min) of CRPF Department working with PAO (CRPF) drawing Grade pay Rs. 4600/- were inducted in CCAS cadre to the post of Senior Accountant in the pay band Rs. 9300-34800 (PB-2) with Grade pay of Rs. 4200/- w.e.f. 7-4-2011.  In terms of Para 2 of Pr.AO OM dated 7-4-2011, they will continue to draw pay at the rate at which they were drawing pay before induction in the CCAS cadre and the difference between the grade pay, presently being drawn by them and the grade pay to which they will be entitled to on induction into the CCAS cadre will be paid to them as ‘Personal Pay’ to be absorbed in future increment.  However, the above adjustment would not be applicable where officials have already got financial up-gradation under the MACP scheme. It was  interpreted by the members of  association that due to grant of  the financial up-gradation of MACP to Junior, the Pay of junior has become more than those who got regular promotion as Inspector thereby resulting in anomaly.  
After discussion, it was decided that since the option was available to  all the inspectors at the time of their induction in the CCAS cadre,  no case of anomaly arises with their juniors who got financial up gradation under the MACP scheme. During discussion ,it was also transpired that some of the inspectors who were in the pipeline of promotion as Subedar Major, were inducted as AAO in the CCAS cadre in the grade pay of the  Rs 4800/-which created discrimination. It was decided to examine all such cases and to place them afresh with recommendations before Pr CCA M/o Home Affairs for review.
(3)Agenda items No. 03: Grant of benefit of Modified assured career progression scheme
It was informed that MACP cases upto 30.09.2014 have been completed and the subsequent cases are in process .Director (Acctts), PAO CRPF New Delhi directed Sr AO(Admn), Pr Accounts office M/o Home Affairs to process all the pending cases of MACP  expeditiously positively
(4) Agenda items No. 04: Induction of inspector (M) in CCAS as SrActt
Matter was discussed and it was decided that since it is policy matter, the same is to be taken up by CGA  through Pr CCA M/o Home Affairs.
 (5)Agenda items No. 05: Request for consideration of the Transfer cases of SrAcctts
It was decided that genuine cases will be considered after evaluating the vacancy position at the respective stations.
(6)Agenda items No. 06: Re designation of Constable Daftry as LDC instead of MTS in the CCAS cadre- end of discrimination
It was informed that the matter is pending in the Hon’ble High court. The deptt. will take appropriate action in  this  matter as per the direction of the Hon’ble High court 
(7) Agenda items No. 07: Remuneration To MTS for Performance of additional duties. It was decided that OTA may be allowed for putting in extra hours of official duty.  Budget provision in this regard will be provided by Pr.AO M/O Home Affairs New Delhi  .
(8)Agenda items No. 08: Posting of Husband and wife in the same station
Matter was discussed at length   and it was decided that representations from the concerned personnel’s may be obtained and the cases forwarded to Pr. Accounts Office for consideration as per merit.
(9)Agenda items No. 09:  Removal of discrimination in grant of Transfer TA:  As per TA rules, request for grant of transfer TA to the officials transferred to Kolkata cannot be acceded, to since officials were transferred on their own request.  However, Director (Accounts) desired that the aggrieved officials may submit their claims alongwith representation to the Director (Accounts) CRPF for examination which will be forwarded to Pr. Accounts Office for review.
(10) Agenda items No. 10: Grant `   of MACP In r/o Smt. Kalpana Dutta
Director (Acctts), PAO CRPF New Delhi directed Sr. AO (Admn.)  Pr Accounts office M/o Home Affairs to examine and process the case MACP expeditiously
(11) Agenda items No. 11: Compassionate Appointment
Director (Acctts), PAO CRPF New Delhi directed Sr. AO (Admn) Pr. Accounts office M/o Home Affairs to process the case in the light of guidelines issued by the DOPT in this regard.
12. Creation of 781 posts in B&C category in DAO of MHA:-
(a)  The case of creation of 781 additional posts in Group B & C level was submitted to D/o expenditure. However D/o Expenditure advised to re-issue the requirement/number of posts as per SIU norms and the same is being shortly finalised and will be sent to D/o Expenditure, MOF.
(b)  Separately, DAO has already taken up with the office of CGA for creation of additional posts for internal audit functions -creation of such posts will require approval of MOF.
            The meeting ended with the vote of thanks to the Chair.

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