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Represented By
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category -II
Central Office: -                                                                                             Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                                                   17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                                                                                Kali Bari Marg,
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No. NFCAA/HQ/A-1/Cir-3/2016                                                                                                        Dated: 17.04.2016

                All Federal Executive Members,
                All Women Committee Members,
All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II

Dear Comrades,
     Till we prepare this circular, we have received the reports of observance of “Protest Day” on 12th April, 2016 from Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Shillong and Nagpur. Enthusiastic Participations had been reported from the stations like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bhubaneswar and Cochin. Apart from these Branches, no other Branch has sent any report so far which is definitely not appreciable. From some of the Branches, it has been reported by our members that, it was indifference and lethargy of Branch leadership due to which the programme was not held. In Mumbai the programme was not held due to ill health of Branch Secretary, AICAEA and absence of some of the leaders from the station.
      Though we congratulate all those members who have participated and made the programme successful but at the same time we do not appreciate non-implementation of the programme by rest of the Branches.
     The situation in the Civil Accounts Organization has turned to be very serious. The attitude of Civil Accounts authorities towards the interests of Gr.B and C Employees has pushed the future of the employees to total uncertainty and great danger.
The Civil Accounts authorities have not conducted any departmental examination within last one and a half year except Departmental confirmatory examination for Accountants on 19th December 2015 which was conducted due to continued pressure from the employees organizations.
Since no AAO (Civil) examination was conducted by the CGA authorities after October 2014, the promotion prospects of hundreds of the Group-B and C employees is in jeopardy. The examination for 2016 has also become due in the month of October-November 2016. But till now the authorities have not taken any decision in this respect also.
The All India Civil Accounts Employees Association vide its letters dated 09.03.2016 and 31.03.2016 had requested CGA to appreciate the plight of the employees and conduct all departmental examinations without further delay. But the CGA has neither responded to the letters so far nor con-veyed the decision of conducting the examinations.
Several posts in the grade of AAO are lying vacant in different parts of the country and due to this; the works of the organization are suffering very badly. Majority of the existing AAOs are shouldering the
burden of attending additional work load of other AAOs and most of the Senior Accountants are performing the duties of AAOs due to non-availability of AAOs.
These apart, while many AAOs are awaiting transfer to their choice stations on completion of their tenure and their families are suffering without any fault of theirs, the candidates who had qualified the AAO (Civil) examination 2014 have been awaiting their posting orders as AAOs for last one years. Moreover, no promotion under 10% seniority promotion quota was granted to any Senior Accountant to the post of AAO in the year 2015. As such, all senior most Senior Accountants are retiring from service without even getting the benefit of adhoc promotion as AAOs.
In the discussion held with CGA on 11th December 2015, he had informed that, work is in progress to resolve the problem and soon a decision would be taken to grant promotion to all eligible candidates as AAOs. But even after four months CGA has not taken any decision.
It is most shocking to find that while hundreds of the AAO (Civil) Examination qualified candidates are waiting for their promotion since 2014, the authorities have decided to bring persons form departments of Delhi Government as AAOs on deputation basis overlooking the fact that sufficient numbers of qualified and eligible candidates are available in the Civil Accounts organization itself.
The All India Civil Account Employees Association vide its letters dated 10.03.2016 and 31-03-2016 requested CGA to fill up of vacant of posts of AAOs by granting promotion to the eligible candidates declared as passed in the AAO (Civil) Examination 2014 and on seniority basis and also grant promotions to employees of other cadres in chain link manner.
Due to non-conducting of departmental examinations other than AAO (Civil) examination, rest of the employyees especially MTS and LDCs have not got any promotional benefit for the last one and a half years.
In fact, the departmental examinations had been stopped on the ground of some foul play in the examination process. But it is very surprising to find that while the main responsible cadre for the happenings are enjoying all benefits of promotions and upgradations etc., the innocent Group B and C employees have been grossly made the victims.
Responding to the Government directions the apex level Joint Action Committee of Accounts audit and employees organizations has submitted a memorandum to the Cabinet Secretary. It was decided by a subsequent meeting of the apex JAC that all constituent organizations shall approach their respective heads of the organizations for discussing the 7th pay commission related issues so that a follow-up action on this matter could unitedly be taken by the constituents of apex JAC.
In terms of subsequent decision of the leadership of Co-ordination Committee of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers organizations, the Central Headquarters of All India Civil Accounts Emplo-yees Association had requested CGA through the email dated 3rd March 2016 to convene a brief meeting with a composite delegation of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II and All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officers (Civil).
But CGA has not met the delegation despite several requests and it would cause serious damage to the future of the officers and employees of Civil Accounts organization.
Several issues discussed in the formal meeting held between the Official side of CGA authorities and the National Executives of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association on 6th November 2015 have not yet been settled which are going to adversely affect on the Civil Accounts Employees.        
        Dear Comrades, considering the gravity of the situation, the Federation Headquarters, after consultation with all Federal Executive members and Branches has decided to move forward with more intensified organizational actions. It has been decided that, all Branches shall hold Branch level joint dharna on 6th May 2016 by the Branches of All India Civil Accounts Employees Asso-ciation and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II. All Branches and Units are hereby requested to hold the programme and follow the following guidelines so that participation of maximum number of members could be ensured and the Dharnas could be widespread and
successful -
1.       The dharna should be a centralized one and organized in front of the senior most officer of the station.
2.       The dharna should commence at 11 AM sharp and continue till 3 PM.
3.       All Branch Committee members and Executive Committee members of Units should sit for Dharna.
4.       A massive lunch hour demonstration should be held at the Dharna spot.
5.       Proper publicity of the demands among the members should be given by massive postering, publishing handbills, holding floor meetings and visiting the units.
6.       Leaders of All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officer (Civil), local Joint Action Committee of Accounts & Audit Officers Organizations and local co-ordination committees should be invited to inaugurate the Dharna and address its lunch hour meeting etc.
7.       Enclosed resolution should be adopted in the lunch hour meeting and handed over to the senior most officer of the station. Copies of Resolution should be forwarded to the Controller General of Accounts and Secretary General, National Federation of Civil Accounts Association directly.
8.       Stations where more than two units are there and the Branch headquarters is located in some other station (e.g.  Guwahati, Kanpur and Faridabad etc.)should implement the programme like Branches and take other actions as discussed in the sl.No.5.6&7.
9.       Stations where only two units are there and the Branch headquarters is located in some other station (e.g.  Puducherry, Madurai, Indore and Siliguri etc.) should not however organize the Dharna but hold joint lunch meeting in the bigger office, adopt the resolution and take other actions as discussed in the sl.No.5.6&7.
10.   Stations with single units (e.g. Rajkot, Guntur, Trichy, Agra and Dibrugarh etc.)should not also organize Dharna.  But they shall hold the lunch hour meeting, adopt the resolution and take other actions as discussed in the sl.No.5.6&7.
11.   All Branches/ Units should send a brief report and photographs of the programme to the federation headquarters either by email or by wattsap immediately after the programme is over.
                We hope our Federal Executive members and Branch Secretaries shall appreciate the situation and implement the programme with total sincerity.
With warm greetings,
Secretary General

The joint Day long dharna of the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association ……………………………….. Branch and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category-II ………………………………… Branch which represents all Group C employees and AAOs of Civil Accounts Organization respectively held today the 6th May, 2016 records its strongest protest against the pendency of the genuine demands of various categories of employees and urges upon the CGA to immediately settle following demands:-
1.      Conduct the AAO (Civil) Examination immediately.
2.      Issue orders for posting of all candidates qualified AAO (Civil) examination, 2014
3.      Grant promotions to the Senior Accountants as AAOs who are eligible for promotion under 10% promotion quota.
4.      Issue orders for transfer of the AAOs completed their tenure posting period and awaiting
posting to their choice stations.
5.      Cancel the decision of CGA office to bring persons from other departments/ organizations as AAOs on deputation basis and grant adhoc promotions to the eligible persons of Civil Accounts organization itself in case vacancies exist after issuing orders for promotion to the persons discussed in Sl. No. (1) and (2) above
6.      Give appropriate recommendations to Cabinet Secretary on 7CPC related matters after convening meeting with the combined delegation of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association, All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II and All India Association of Pay and Accounts Officers (Civil).
7.      Settle following pending issues discussed in the formal meeting  held on 6th November 2015:-
(i)                Adoption of mutually agreed transfer policy for AAOs and implementation of the existing policy transparently without any discrimination.
(ii)              Counting of service for grant of benefit of II ACP to Sr. Accountant appointed as Accountant–
(a)From the date passing departmental competitive examination conducted by SSC
(b)From the 1st July of the next year of passing open examination conducted by SSC as per orders of DoPT and MHA.
(iii)            Grant of Pay Scale of Rs. 1350-2200 from 01.01.86 to DEOs as has been granted by the Defence Accounts Department as well as in terms of the CAT judgments.
(iv)             Removal of injustice to newly recruited Accountant in the matter of granting 1st increment through rectification of the procedure of Departmental Confirmatory test and also imparting training to the candidates.
(v)               Grant of two financial up gradation to MTS under ACP scheme who had completed 24 years of service before implementation of MACP Scheme as has been done by the O/o the Pr. Of Audit and Director, Economic and  service Ministries, Delhi vide order dated 24.06.2014.
(vi)             (a) Grant of Headquarter allowance to Sr.PS/PS/Stenos posted in office of CGA.
(b) Improvements in promotional avenues of secretarial assistance through creation of posts and promotion of eligible persons working in Civil Accounts organization.
(vii)           Removal of anomaly in grade pay arisen in PAO, CRPF after amalgamation of the office in Civil Accounts Organization.
(viii)         Relaxation for revision of option for fixation of pay in the revised pay structure for persons promoted to the grade of Asstt. Accounts Officer (AAO) after 01.01.2006.
(ix)             Grant of honorarium for checking of pay fixation cases and pension cases after implementation of 6th CPC recommendations.
(x)               Provision of alternative accommodation and amenities to the Central Office of AICAEA.
The meeting resolves that if the Civil Accounts authorities do not respond to the request made through this resolution, then the employees will have no other option but to resort to intensified organizational actions.
The meeting further resolves to hand over this resolution to the senior most officer of the station and forward its copies to the Controller General of Accounts, New Delhi and the Secretary General, National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations, New Delhi.

(President of the meeting)

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