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All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarters
Phone No. 011-23345070, Mob. No. 9868520926 e-mail:-

Central Office: -                                                                                            Address for Communication:-
16-A, Akbar Road Hutments,                                                                                  17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
New Delhi: - 110011                                                                                                                  Kali Bari Marg,
                                                                                                                                                     New Delhi-110001

No:- AICAEA/HQ/A-3/2016/891-894                                                                               Dated: 03.09.2016

            Shri Anthony Lianzuala,
            Principal Chief Controller of Accounts,
            Central of Board of Direct Taxes,
            9th Floor Loknayak Bhawan,
            Khan Market,
            New Delhi – 110003

Subject: - Official meeting with the National Executives of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association – request regarding.


                I would like to bring it to your kind information that, since various issues concerning with the employees of your Department in different parts of the country are lying pending with your office for years together, we had approached your administration several times and requested to settle those issues. But, your administration did neither respond to any of the issues positively nor took any favourable action on them. As such the employees are suffering extremely and they have now become highly restive.

          In view of this situation, undersigned had met the CCA, CBDT for three times and requested him to settle some of the issues. He had kindly discussed the issues in details and assured that, he would ensure settlement of the issues at the earliest.
But, it could be observed by us that, inspite of his best effort to resolve the problems of employees; the administration of your office was not inclined to resolve any of the issues on one plea or the other.

          Under such circumstances, I have been directed by the Association to request you to kindly intervene personally and convene a meeting with the National Executives of this Association at your earliest convenience so that the items are discussed at your level and your administration obeys your direction at least.

          The pending items we would like to discuss in the meeting are enclosed herewith.

          Since our National Executive members are spread over different parts of the country and we propose that the representatives of the affected units may also be allowed to attend the meeting, we request you to kindly direct your administration to intimate us the date of the meeting atleast a fortnight ahead so that our outstation representatives could be able to procure their confirmed travel tickets and travel comfortably.

          Further, the status of the meeting shall be of the level of 3rd tier of JCM Scheme. Therefore, all authorities concerned may kindly be requested to reimburse the TA/DA of the officials/representatives of the Association as per their entitled class.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Enclo:- as stated above

Secretary General
Copy to:-
1.   The All National Executive members.
2.   The All Branch Secretaries concerned with the request to convey the contents of this letter to the CBEC Units of their Branches.
3.   The Secretary General, AICAEA Cat-II, Cochin.

Secretary General


1.                  Filling up of vacant posts in all Zonal Accounts Offices:-
In the Zonal Accounts Office, Cochin post of one LDC and 5 Accountants are vacant since long time. Similar situation prevails in all offices like Bhubaneswar, Patna, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai etc. The vacancies may therefore, be filled up immediately.

2.                  Provision of LDC and MTS for each section of Pr. Accounts office and each ZAO:-
All offices are in need of these posts. While the new posts for new ZAOs had been created, these posts were not created. Three Sr. Accounts Officers are working in the ZAO, CBDT, Cochin. MTS post has not been sanctioned to ZAO, CBDT, Cochin so far. One Casual worker is attending all these works. One post of MTS may therefore be sanctioned/allotted to ZAO, CBDT Cochin and also other offices confronting similar condition.

3.                  Grant of annual Honorarium to all employees without discrimination:-
Many offices have not been granted annual honorarium for more than two years. Hence all employees may be granted annual honorarium without any discrimination.

4.                  Settlement of all pending Compassionate appointment cases:-
a.          Shri Ajay Bagchi, S/o late Shri Arnab Bagchi, Senior Accountant expired on 28.10.2012 Kolkata
b.         Mrs. Potana, W/o late Shri H.B. Potana, Senior Accountant Ahmedabad expired on 12.05.2015.
c.          Smt. Archana S, widow of late Sri. S. Suresh, Senior Accountant, FPU Calicut expired on 08.01.016.

5.                  Settlement of all transfer requests:-
Under mentioned transfer requests have been forwarded on sympathetic ground to your office by the authorities concerned and these are yet to be considered favorably.
Shri Vikas Mandal, Accountant                    to                     Ranchi/Kolkata/Durgapur
ZAO, CBDT, Cochin

Shri P.A. Azeez, Sr. Accountant                                            ZAO, CBDT
PAO, GSI, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad              to                     Hyderabad

Shri Rahul Gupta, Sr. Accountant                                        ZAO, CBDT
Pr. CCA, CBEC, New Delhi                             to                     Kanpur/Lucknow

Shri Ajay Pal, Accountant                                                     ZAO, CBDT
PAO, CPWD (WZ), Mumbai                          to                     Bhopal

Shri Santosh Kumar Barnwal, Accountant                         ZAO, CBDT
PAO, Printing Nashik                                     to                     Durgapur

Shri Anil Kumar Sharma, Sr. Accountant                            ZAO, CBDT
MHA, New Delhi                                            to                     Jaipur
6.                  Local transfers strictly on the basis of CGA Circular dated 15.12.2015:-
As per CGA OM No:- C-11021/63/15/CVO/Office Guidelines/1419 dated 15.12.2015 employees working in identified sensitive posts may be related after specified period. Therefore, this may be implemented transparently.
7.                  Rest room for ladies staff in the ZAOs where 30% employees are women.
8.                  Regularization of temporary status employees – Case of Shillong, Cochin and Bhubaneswar regarding:-
Shri Atul Malakar, working in ZAO, CBDT, Shillong as temporary status employee is yet to be regularized. Since all the documents sought by the Principal Accounts Office have already been provided by the ZAO, CBDT, Shillong, the regularization case of Shri Malakar may kindly be settled without any further delay. Since, there is no MTS in the office, he may be regularized against the post. Similar situation is there in ZAO, Bhubaneswar and it may therefore be also settled. Smt. Sarada aged 48 years is working ZAO, CBDT, Cochin for the last 6 years. She may be regularized.
9.                  Strengthening of Internal Audit wing:-
a.             The internal Audit wing may consist of one AO, one AAO and two Sr. Accountant/Accountant. Otherwise it is very difficult to complete the work in time bound manner. In Cochin the Audit work is entrusted with one Sr. AO, one AAO and one Accountant. One more Accountant may be posted in Audit wing.
b.            Routine works such as pay fixation, anomaly, Post-check, verification of qualifying service etc. may be excluded from the Internal Audit wing. Because, to complete these works department have to sent service books to Accounts Office. Most of the time the Audit party in tour as per approved tour programme and the service books of the department staffs have to be kept pending in the Accounts Office and it cause some grievance from the department.
10.              Incentive to ZAO staff regarding:-
            TARANG-Scheme – a free BSNL SIM card scheme offered to CBDT staff (Income Tax Department) under 1% incentive scheme on Direct Tax Collection. This facility may be extended to ZAO staff because they are also a part of CBDT collection work such as daily reporting of CBDT collection and checking of delay in remittance to Govt. Account etc. More over the ZAO staff are fully entrusted with establishment matters of the Income Tax Department. In the same way, Railway Department has provided travelling pass to Railway Accounts staff and the Defence Department also provided Canteen Facility to Defence Accounts staff.

11.              Imparting Training to staff:-
a.             All staff of the level of Group-C may be given PFMS training.
b.            Frequent Training may be given to all staff in the RTC regarding Accounts and establishment matters.
12.              Implementation local rotational transfer in respect of Sr.AO/AO/AAO:-
As per policy of CGA local rotational transfer may be implemented uniformly in respect of Sr.AO/AO/AAO.
13.              Proper office accommodation for ZAO, CBDT, Ahmedabad:-
Office building of Zonal Accounts Office, CBDT, Ahmedabad is working at 2nd Floor of Vasupujya Chambers, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. During the earthquake of 2001 this building was severely damaged and owner of the building has not paid any attention toward repair and maintenance of the building. Moreover heavy rains in past years after 2001 have damaged the base of this building. Now building is not in good and usable condition. Income Tax Department has also vacated its office from this building due to the same reason. Building may collapse at any moment.

In revenue section there are 28 banks preparing and sending scrolls from 020 to 030 heads. Weigh of the scrolls each date is very heavy and being dumped on 2nd and 3rd Floor since 2005. These weight has crossed all the limit of safety and flooring of third floor has lost its capacity to bear more weight and may collapse at any time costing lives of staff of Zonal Accounts Office, Ahmedabad. Moreover theses papers of scrolls may catch fire at any moment as there is no provision of fire safety and security.

14.              Removal of outsourced employees working against Accountant and Sr. Accountant:-
Outsourcing person are working on the post of Accountant/Sr. Accountants moreover they are handing the work on computer using departmental software. These persons should be removed from Pre-check Unit Ahmedabad immediately, as work of PCU is conducted on the basis of rules and regulation of Central Govt. which cannot in any condition be given to the staff of agency of outsourcing. The key and passwards for operating payments are given to them is not in the interest of Govt. safety and security. This may please be ordered to stop.

15.              Proper internet connection to ZAO, CBDT, Ahmedabad:-

Internet connectivity in RAMS server not available even at the time of Accounts period. Separate Net connection should be provided to Revenue section of the office. 

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