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Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee, a legendry leader of the Working Class movement and Central Government Employees movement of the country passed away on 22nd March 2017 at Bangalore at about 2.45 pm. He was 77. 
Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee had started his service career as an UDC in AGs Office, Assam, Shillong in 1962.  Out of his affinity towards the causes of the working class and their rights, he had aligned himself with the Association activities of the Department and finally became the General Secretary of the Association. During the joint strikes of the Central Government Employees in 1967 and 1974 he had played a pivotal role in organizing the strikes and had to remain underground during the struggles. He was suspended from service and faced various departmental actions as a leader of the movement.
Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee was the founder General Secretary of the Regional Co-ordination Committee (popularly known as RCC) of Central Government Employees and Workers, North Eastern Region which had spearheaded many united struggles of the Central Government Employees and brought various special facilities for the Central Government Employees working in the North Eastern Region. The Demand of 25% North Eastern Region Allowance which had gained the popularity in the name of Special (duty) Allowance was raised by the RCC under the leadership of Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee. As a result of his life time struggle, the Special (Duty) Allowance which was earlier been granted only to the Gr.A officers deputed from outside the Region had finally been extended to all Central Government Employees of the Region.
Apart from Central Government Employees movement, Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee contributed a lot to the working Class movement of N.R. Region. He was the office bearers of various trade Union forums and closely associated with left movements.
Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee was the Assistant Secretary General of the All India Audit and Accounts Association, New Delhi from 1986 to 1991. He was elected as Secretary General of the Association in February 1991 and continued till October 1993. He worked as Vice President of All India Audit and Accounts Association from 1993 to 2000 and President from 2000 to 2004. He was the member of staff side, National Council (JCM) which is the highest forum of the negotiation for the grievance Redressal of the central government employees. As a member of the JCM he did not relent in raising the issues of the Central Government Employees of North-eastern Region including the demand of Special (Duty) Allowance.
In organizing the Accounts and Audit employees under the fold of Joint Action Committee of Accounts Employees, Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee had contributed a lot.  Present elevated stature of the Audit and Accounts Employees and Officers are the product of the sacrifice and struggle of Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee.
In promoting the cause of the working class and to remain a part of the workers, Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee had forgone his promotions as Group “B” Officer and above.
Till his last breathe, he was the President of the Pensioner’s Association, Assam.
Late (Shri) Bhawani Pada Bhattacharjee is survived by two sons, Daughter- in- law and two grandsons.


Assam Tribune 1st April 2017

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