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All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II
Central Office: ZAO, CBDT, Mumbai, Room No. 270, 2nd Floor,
Aaykar Bhawan, M.K. Road, Church gate, Mumbai – 400020

No:- AICAEA-AICAEA CAT II/HQ/A-2/2020/1209- 29                                Dated: 07.04.2020

            Smt. Soma Roy Burman
            Controller General of Accounts,
            Department of Expenditure,
Ministry of Finance,
            4th Floor, GPOA, Block-E, INA,
            New Delhi – 110023

Subject:  Guidelines regarding working of Pr. AOs/PAOs during Lockdown


                 We are thankful to find in the website of the office of the Controller General of Accounts that your office has issued Office Memorandum No. CDN/MF.CGA/Misc/ 2020 dated 07-04-2020 providing guidelines regarding working of Pr. AOs/PAOs during Lockdown. We have also noted from the website that you have issued a D.O. bearing No. CDN/MF.CGA/MISC/2020 dated 07-04-2020 to all Pr. CCAs/CCAs/CAs appreciating their dedicated service and continued support etc. But we as well as the totality of Group B & C employees and officers are extremely disappointed to find that, in none of the above documents issued by your office on 7th April 2020, not even a single word appreciating the yeomen service being rendered by them has been recorded. For performing the duties as workers of essential service, the employees and officers of Civil Accounts Organisation have suffered beating by Police at Hubli and atrocities of police in Mumbai, handled the documents produced in the PAO, Salt, Jaipur by a Corona infected DDO and many other forms of difficulties in various offices throughout the country including working without even sanitizers and commuting to office without the support of transportation facility from the administration in almost all stations etc. We hope an equitable treatment and honour should have been given all those who really endangered their life for the cause of essential service. We have therefore, been directed to express our displeasure.
            Further, we would like to state that execution of the advisory dated 07-04-2020 shall suffer from following practical difficulties and on those we seek your kind intervention:-
1.              Transportation facilities are almost nil at the disposal of PAOs/ZAOs/RPAOs. Vehicles are not available and Departmental authorities are not in a position to provide as  the financial year ending enthusiasm is over. 
However, there are some isolated examples of availability of departmental vehicles which are mostly being used by the head of the offices only. Moreover, when the question of ferrying the staff comes, the basic issue of social distancing is being ignored and 4-5 employees are forced to travel in the one standard car.  Therefore, no norm of social distancing in the vehicles is being observed. 
These apart, it has also been reported to us that, in various cities invocation of Section 144 of Cr.PC and complete lockdown has resulted into difficulty in vehicular movement and police authorities are allowing only Govt. vehicles to ply.  Hence there is no option than to hire vehicles from department or seek help of state govt. for vehicles by making necessary correspondence by local Civil Accounts authorities.
Therefore, it is requested that necessary directions from your august office may be issued in this regard.
2.             Various Branches of Banks are functioning on need basis and there are difficulties in obtaining scrolls and challans necessary for compilation of accounts. Persuasions to Bank authorities from the local level are not yielding desired response. Hence, delay in account finalization activities is imminent and the velocity of the issue may increase in case there is intervention of the higher authorities. 
Dates of finalization and submission of accounts may therefore, be extended suitably keeping in view the situation arises due to lockdown and its likelihood of further extension.    
3.             Majority of the PAOs/ZAOs/RPAOs are situated in the premises of respective Departments. Departmental authorities are following guidelines of lockdown issued by Govt. of India strictly. As a result of this housekeeping and other auxiliary services at govt. bldgs. are at standstill and creating health hazards for those who attend office as essential service. It is not practically feasible for PAOs/ZAOs/RPAOs to sanitize office premises twice in a day as per advisory of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare because of the fact that the support system available with the heads of local offices of Civil Accounts Organisation is less than the minimum. Moreover, the auxiliary staff of CPWD and other departments for supplying water and electricity etc wouldn’t be available for the PAOs/ZAOs/RPAOs. 
These practical difficulties are same all over India with local variance and we are of the opinion that mere declaring the office of CGA and Civil Accounts organization as essential service without equipping the PAOs/ZAOs/RPAOs with all sorts of infrastructures for running the offices independently, the payment and accounting functions shall not move as essential service in its true sense.
We would also like to request that necessary steps may kindly be taken to promote e-office/ work from home pattern.   
We expect your personal intervention into the matter and look forward that, measures for removal of impediments in discharging the duties by the lower level officers and employees Civil Accounts organisation shall be taken. 
Thanking you,
            Yours Sincerely,
Sd/-                                                                                                                                                  Sd/-                                                                                                                                                                                   
(Amol V. Sule)                                                                                                                   (Krishna K. Yadav)
Secretary  General                                                                                                             Secretary General
All India Civil Accounts                                                                                          All India Civil Accounts
Employees Association Category II                                                                    Employees Association

Copy to:-

1.      The Secretary, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, North Block New Delhi.
2.      All National Executive Members of AICAEA and AICAEACAT II.
3.      Secretary General, National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations, New Delhi.
4.      All Branch and Unit Secretaries concerned.

(Amol V. Sule)                                                                                                                   (Krishna K. Yadav)
Secretary  General                                                                                                             Secretary General
All India Civil Accounts                                                                                          All India Civil Accounts
Employees Association Category II                                                                    Employees Association

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