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                                               Represented By
All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
       All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category -II
Central Office: -                                                                                              Address for Communication:
Room No. 351, ‘B’ Wing,                                                                                      17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
Loknayak Bhawan                                                                                                                 Kali Bari Marg,
Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003                                                                                 New Delhi-110001

No. NFCAA/HQ/A-1/Cir-12/2020                                                                                      Dated: 20.06.2020
            All Federal Executive Members,
            All Women Committee Members,
All Branch Secretaries of AICAEA & AICAEA Cat- II
Dear Comrades, 

As informed already, affiliates of the NFCAA have issued a letter to the CGA demanding immediate settlement of pending issues. In the event of non-response from the authorities, Unit wise protest programmes shall be observed on 25th June 2020. Copy of the letter issued under the joint signatures of Secretary Generals of AICAEA and AICAEA CAT II is annexed to this circular
All Units shall hold a lunch hour meeting on 25th June 2020 by maintaining the norm of social distancing and forward a Resolution passed in the said meeting to CGA preferably by email to –  or  with BCC to NFCAA Hqs. email:
Branches shall be responsible for successful implementation of the programme. For the total success and effectivity of the programme Branches are to take following actions -
1.     Immediately after receipt of this Circular, Branches of both AICAEA and AICAEA CATII shall issue joint Circulars (if NFCAA Branch is non-existent) to the Units directing to implement the programme.  The Branches shall forward the copy of the circular to NFCAA Headquarters for its information. 
2.     Branches shall contact cent percent units of their jurisdiction and inform the committee members about the programme.  No unit should claim at a later date that they were not informed about the programme. 
1.     Branches shall take all other necessary actions required to ensure that all Units hold the lunch hour meeting on 25th June 2020 and email the Resolution to CGA and others concerned. 
2.     Branches shall send a brief report about preparations to federation headquarters in advance on 23rd June2020 evening either telephonically or through WhatsApp message.
3.     Immediately after the programme, all Branches shall send a detailed report about the success of the programme to respective federation headquarters and their respective Central headquarters.
The resolution to be adopted and forwarded to CGA is furnished below. The Resolution should be typed/pasted strictly on the “Letter head” pad of the Unit Association and not on plain paper as it conveys casual and unserious approach of the leaders towards the Demands.

With warm greetings,
Secretary General

This joint general body meeting of the members of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association category II held today the 25th June 2020 in the office of ……………….(name of Office)  urges upon the Controller General of Accounts to kindly refer the letter No. AICAEA/ AICAEA CAT-II/A-2/ HQ/ 2020/ 1417 dated 19-06-2020 and settle the long pending Charter of Demands through mutual dialogue with the representatives of the Associations.
The meeting resolves to forward the RESOLUTION to the Controller General of Accounts, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi and endorse its copy to the headquarters of National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations (NFCAA).

(               )
President of the Meeting

Forwarded to
1. Controller General of Accounts, Department of Expenditure, Ministry of   Finance, New Delhi.
2.  Secretary General, NFCAA, New Delhi.
(                     )
Unit Secretary

All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarters
Phone No. 011-23345070, Mob. No. 9868520926 e-mail:-

Central Office: -                                                                                           Address for Communication:-
Room No. 351, ‘B’ Wing,                                                                                       17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
Loknayak Bhawan,                                                                                                                       Kali Bari Marg,
Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003                                                                                       New Delhi-110001

All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II
Central Office: ZAO, CBDT, Mumbai, Room No. 270, 2nd Floor,
Aaykar Bhawan, M.K. Road, Church gate, Mumbai – 400020

No:- AICAEA-AICAEA CAT II/HQ/A-2/2020/1417                                                     Dated: 19.06.2020

Smt. Soma Roy Burman
            Controller General of Accounts,
            Department of Expenditure,
Ministry of Finance,
            4th Floor, GPOA, Block-E, INA,
            New Delhi - 110023

Subject: - Non-settlement of long pending issues concerning with Employees & Officers of Civil Accounts Organization.


            We the undersigned have been directed to refer to the above and state that, responding to your office letter  No:- A-11019/25/2018/MF.CGA/NGE/AICAEA/Part/266 dated 18th March, 2020, the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association  and All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II functioning as the affiliates of  National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations(NFCAA) vide their letter No AICAEA-AICAEA CAT-II/HQ/A-2/2020/140 dated 19.03.2020  had conveyed the  decisions of suspending the scheduled Dharna in front of your office on 19th March 2020 and in front of the office of the Secretary,  Department of Expenditure on 20th March 2020 till the time the crisis of coronavirus arisen in the country settles down. 
Further, immediately after the imposition of lock down, the Civil Accounts organisation was declared as essential service by the Ministry of Finance and ordered the employees and officers of the organisation to complete the payment functions before the close of the financial year on 31st March 2020. The Associations performed as catalysts in this situation and the employees and officers have completed the assigned task within the targeted date risking their lives and the lives of their family members and even facing the atrocities of police in different cities.  Not only this, even now when the pandemic of COVID- 19 is spreading unabated in the country, Civil Accounts employees are performing their duties without even arrangements of basic protective equipment and facilities  like face masks, hand sanitisers and sanitization of office premises etc.
            But even after three weeks of introduction of Unlock 1 by the Government of India, we
haven’t received any favourable response to any of the pending issues either from your end or from the end of the Department of Expenditure. Moreover, after you took over the charge of the Office of the Controller General of Accounts, it is nearly 8(eight) months now you have not even convened a single meeting with the representatives of the Associations while as per  norm prescribed by the Government of India, heads of the departments/ organisations should meet the employees Associations at least in every three months with the objective of resolving the grievances of their employees so that employer-employee relationship is promoted and efficiency of the department is maintained. Therefore, as per this norm, at least two meetings between you and the representatives of the Associations should have taken place till date. But, it is most unfortunately it is to record here that no meeting was convened by you so far.  
            Under the above circumstances, a huge number of grievances of the employees has piled up apart from the long pending issues and hence, there are sufficient justifications that our members have become restive against the apathetic attitude of the authorities towards their genuine problems.
            However, after exhaustive examination of a long list of pending issues, we have been directed to forward only a few very important items with the request to you to resolve them through mutual dialogue across the table.
            Accordingly, we are enclosing herewith the list of items as “Agenda Items” we propose to discuss and request you to kindly make arrangements for the meeting and settlement of the issues.
            We are however, constrained to inform that, if this request letter of ours is also ignored, we shall be forced to resume our protest actions and it would begin on 25th June 2020 with office wise protest meetings.  
            We hope, will kindly examine the enclosed “Agenda Items” personally and take appropriate favourable actions to resolve the grievances of the officers and employees across the table congenially.  
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Encl: as above
(Amol V. Sule)                                                                                                                           (Krishna K. Yadav)
Secretary General                                                                                                                     Secretary General
All India Civil Accounts                                                                                                 All India Civil Accounts
Employees Association Category II                                                                           Employees Association

Sl. No.
Current status
Immediate implementation of 1st Cadre Review of Group “B” and “C” officers and Employees and Officers of Civil Accounts Organisation – providing copies of Recommendations of the proposal for Cadre Review to stake holder Associations and forwarding of supplementary proposals after rectification of faulty recommendations in respect of Acctt./Sr. Accountant and DEOs -
a.      As per the policy of the Govt.,  amalgamating the Accountant and Sr. Accountant as a single cadre of Sr. Accountant at pay level 7 of the pay matrix respectively in place of existing proposals of level 5 and 7.
b.     Merger of the cadre of Data Entry operators Grade “A” to Accountants instead of proposed cadre of “Accounts Assistant”.
1.      No action has been taken by the CGA office after 30th October 2019.  Further, as stakeholders, the Associations are entitled to have the copy of the proposal of Cadre Review. But it has been denied in an unjustified and unconventional manner.
2.      Subsequent correspondences on (a) and (b) have been ignored.

Restoration of AAO (Civil) Examination system discontinued since last three years - implementation of the new pattern of examination - continuation of exemptions acquired by the candidates in the old pattern.
As assured in the meeting of 30th October 19, no examination in January 2020 has been conducted. 
Subsequent request letters of Association from 10th February 2020 onwards for a separate meeting exclusively on this item has been ignored.
Grant of recognition to the All India Civil Accounts Employees Association Category II being the second major Association in terms of the provisions of CCS (RSA) 1993. 
No action has been taken by CGA office after October 2019
Extension of basic functioning facilities to all recognized service associations as per G.O.I. and J.C.M. norms – 
a.       Provision of furnished official accommodations to all Associations as agreed on the meeting of 10th April 2019. 
b.      Stoppage of vindictive transfers of office bearers of the Associations  by the Pr. CCA, MHA in Delhi and Kolkata in  violation of DOP&T guidelines 
c.      Allocation of due numbers of seats as per norm in the J.C.M. (National Council) and the J.C.M. (Departmental Council) to A.I.C.A.E.A. in particular.
a.   No action by CGA Office
b.   As advised, CCA, MHA was requested to discuss Delhi issue vide letter dated   11.02.2020. But no response.
     As regards, Kolkata no action was taken even after    assurance  by PCCA, MHA                                         
c.    No action was taken by the CGA office after 15th November 2019 on any of the issues.
Stoppage of routine practice of harassments to representatives of the Associations by the CBEC authorities and their PAOs in the form of withholding of 1. Pensions, 2. financial upgradation and 3.personal claims etc.
1.      PAO, CBIC, Madurai had withheld the pension of ex-President of AICAEA for two months who had retired in April, 2017.
2.      PAO, CBIC, Delhi is intentionall
(1)  not doing correct pay fixation against 3RD  MACP, 
(2)  withheld monthly pension/ pensionary benefits (DOR 31-03-2020) and
(3)  not paying medical reimbursement claims of    ex- Secretary General 
for last three month (i.e. w.e.f  1st April 2020)
Grant of promotion to Senior Accountants as AAOs 
a.       Under 10% promotional quota which has been discontinued since October 2015 
b.      On adhoc basis under uniform criteria in all Ministries and Departments against the existing vacancies.
a.              No action has been taken by the CGA office after 19-03-2019 and as per the assurance given in the meeting of 24th April 2019.
b.             There is no uniformity in this matter.
Compensation of at least Rupees one crores to the family members of Civil Accounts Employees and Officers in the event of death due to infection of coronavirus while on essential duty. 
No action has been learnt to be taken on  the letter of the Association dated: 25.04.2020
Grant of one time age relaxation to MTS for promotional examination to LDC. 
Revised Pay Scale of Rs. 5400 in PB2 (Pay level-9) to all A.A.Os with effect from 01-01-2006.
The exact of objection raised by the Ministry of Finance has not been made available to the Association so that reply to fortify the proposal could be prepared and submitted. 
As agreed in the earlier meetings, issuing instructions to Ministries/ Departments to issue and circulate Seniority/Gradation lists for the purpose of promotion to all grades.
No action has been taken by CGA Office as per the assurance given on  24th June 2019 meeting  or in response to the  request letter dated 02-06-2020
Appropriate action against the DDOs and the nodal authorities for non-compliance of provisions CCS (RSA) Rule, 1993 and the instructions of Controller General of Accounts regarding deduction and remittance of Membership Subscription of the Associations.  
No action has been taken by the CGA office in terms of the assurance given in the meeting of 30th October 2019.
Protection to staff against COVID-19 pandemic
a.            Providing protective self-care gadgets, instruments etc.
b.           Undoing of punishment against Work From Home by CCA, Agriculture
a.    Employees and officers of the majority of the offices have not been provided amenities like face masks and hand sanitisers etc. by local administrations and heads of the Departments are non- responsive in most of the cases.
b.    CCA, Agriculture imposed punishments of no transport allowance during lockdown on the basis of false reports of Local PAO should be undone. 
Bringing back/ allotment of work for newly formed RPAO, Jute Cell (Under RPAO Textiles) - ensuring functioning of PAO, Min of Commerce as per provisions of CAM- retransfer the 4 officers belonging to PAO, Jute Cell from office of the Jute Commissioner, Kolkata - Vesting of PAO functions relating to procurement of Jute bags now being done in the office of Jute commissioner. 
No action has been taken by the CGA office as per  the assurance given in the meeting of 16-08-2018,
Settlement of all pending compassionate appointment cases.
No action has been taken by CGA office as per the assurance given in the meeting of 30th October 2019
Adoption and implementation of mutually agreed transparent transfer policy in respect of Group “B” Officers and providing opportunity for oral deposition to the stakeholder Employees Associations 
No action has been taken by CGA Office as per assurance given on  24th June 2019 meeting
Setting up of complaints committees under all heads of the Departments in terms of the “Sexual harassment of women at work place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013”.
No action has ever been taken by CGA office
Withdrawal of ban on forwarding the applications of Assistant Accounts Officers for deputation posts being discrimination towards the Assistant Accounts Officers and a major impediment for their career prospects.  
There is no justification on the logic of the CGA office that, when the vacancy position shall improve, the ban shall be removed as for the last three years no AAO (Civil) Examination has been conducted and the 10% promotion Quota for Sr. Accountant has been shut down for the last 5 years.   The ban is therefore, obstructions to grooming of officers and Impediment in human resource development.       
Settlement of request transfers of AAO/ACCTT/ SR. ACCTT/DEO/LDC/MTS and implementation of transfer orders within the time frame.
As asked by the office of CGA in the meeting of 26-06-2019 still pending request transfers of Acctt. / Sr.  Acctt.  Including physical handicapped (P.H.) persons  in different Ministries/ Departments   are listed below:-
1.      Manoj Kr. Gautam(P.H.) of PAO, H & FW , Kolkata to  PAO CBDT , Kanpur,
2.      Kamal Ashraf of Printing , Kolkata to any PAO in Patna,
3.      Mantu Kr. Verma (PH) of Consumer Affairs , Kolkata to any PAO in Patna,
4.      Biswajit Sanfui PAO, Farakka to any PAO in Kolkata, 
5.      Mutual transfer case between Somnath Mukhopadhyay  & Tapan Das in CBEC, Kolkata
6.      B.K.Rajak, from PAO, BSF Home Shillong to any PAO, Shillong on health issues.
7.      Roshan Kumar, MTS, from PAO CBIC Pune to any office in Patna, Kolkata on the ground of ailing  Kargil war veteran father   
The cases are pending for years together for apathies of concerned Pr. A.O's. So, it requires the intervention of the CGA again. 
Transfer request of Group C & B on medical ground having history of comorbidities in the wake of COVID-19.
Several applications for transfer are pending which require attention on priority wherein medical history shown of self or dependent father/mother or family. Such orders need to be issued as a onetime welfare measure to ease out danger involved to the Govt. officials in the wake of COVID19. 

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