Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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No: - AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2017/414-454                                                                            Dated: 27.06.2017

            Shri Anthony Lianzuala,
            Controller General of Accounts,
            Ministry of Finance,
            Department of Expenditure,
            4th Floor, GPOA, Block-E, INA,
            New Delhi – 110023

Subject:  AAO (Civil) Examination, 2014 – Cancellation and re-examination regarding.

Reference;-   1.    Our letter No: - AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2017/231     dated: 05.05.2017
2.  O.M. No. A-34012/3701/2014/MF.CGA (E)/1011 dated 22-3-2017,    and subsequent letters No. A-34012(1)/2017/MF. CGA (E)/10 dated 28-3-2017, No. A-34012/3701/2014(238)/MF. CGA (E) 40 dated 13-04-2017 and No. A-34012(1)/2017/MF. CGA (E)/II/223 dated 22-06-2017 of your office regarding.


                        I have been directed to draw your kind attention to the above .

Farther, in reiteration of the contents of our earlier letter No: - AICAEA/HQ/A-2/2017/231   dated 05.05.2017  and in pursuance of the discussion in the  meeting held between the official side of CGA Office and the National Executive of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association on 9th June 2017,  I have  also been directed to  draw your kind attention to the following facts :-

1.                             The AAO (Civil) Examination, 2014 was cancelled by your kind self on the ground of “large scale irregularities reported” … “which undermined the process for fair selection of meritorious candidates”.  But it is very unfortunate that, no irregularity was detected during six months gap period between the dates of holding of the Examination in October, 2014 and declaration of results on 31-3-2015.  Instead, nearly after two years, your office has drawn up a conclusion that there were irregularities. 
2.                    Cancellation of AAO (Civil) Examination, 2014 and conducting re-examinations after almost two and a half years has placed the future prospects of successful the candidates to a total uncertainty and disarray as well.
3.                             The AAO (Civil) examination being one of the most difficult examinations among the departmental examinations in the Government of India, the genuine candidates have to put very serious effort for appearing and passing the examination and at the same time their family members also require to sacrifice a lot.  Now, due to the re-examination after a gap of two and a half years, the successful candidates are in the grave danger of losing the benefits which were already granted to them after they had passed the examination in 2014.  
4.                             In spite of several formal and informal requests and representations by the Association and the  employees/candidates, the individuals responsible for the irregularities have neither been identified and isolated nor any  policy decisions or mechanism to check irregularity in future examinations has been adopted and circulated before  conducting the  re-examination. Therefore, the scheduled re-examination is also not immunized from the doubt of irregularities.
5.                             A section of the candidates from the level of LDCs who cleared four out of eight papers have been promoted and posted as Accountants from the date of passing the examination.  It is beyond all doubt that, they were not the part of any irregularity but they shall be the worst victims due to cancellation of the examination and conducting of re-examination. They are going to face huge recovery in case they are not able to maintain their position as four papers passed candidates after the re-examination results are declared.
Under the above background, we requested the official side in the meeting of 9th June 2017 not to punish the honest and genuine candidates by conducting re-examination once again in July 2017 as they had already appeared the examination in 2014 and got through it by rendering their best effort. We had also requested to identify the officials and candidates responsible for the incident of irregularities and initiate appropriate departmental action against them.
In the greater interest of the Civil Accounts organization, the Association has directed me to request you once again to kindly –
1.                             Cancel the re-examination slated to be held from 6th to 9th July 2017.
2.                             Promote all candidates passed the AAO(Civil) Examination 2013 and 2014
3.                             Identify the persons responsible for the irregularities in AAO (Civil) Examination 2014 and award appropriate punishments to them.
Thanking you
Yours Sincerely,
 (V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General
Copy to All Federal Executive Members of NFCAA and Branch Secretaries of AICAEA for information and necessary action.
(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General

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