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All India Civil Accounts Employees Association
Central Headquarters
Phone No. 011-23345070, Mob. No. 9868520926 e-mail:-

Central Office: -                                                                     Address for Communication:-
Room No. 351, ‘B’ Wing,                                                                       17/2 – C, P & T Quarters,
Loknayak Bhawan,                                                                                                       Kali Bari Marg,
Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003                                                                               New Delhi-110001

No:- AICAEA/HQ/A-3/CBEC/2019/344-377                                                               Dated: 05.07.2019

Shri J.P.S. Chawla,
Pr. Chief Controller of Accounts,
Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs,
Room No. 105, ‘B’ Wing,
AGCR Building, I.P. Estate,
          New Delhi – 110002

Subject:- Official meeting with the National Executives / representatives of All India Civil Accounts Employees Association – request regarding.


          In pursuance of the discussions held in the meeting between the official side of CGA office and the staff side representatives of AICAEA, AIAPAO (Civil) and AICAEA CAT II on 24th June 2014 under your Chairpersonship as Addl CGA and asper  the direction given by you , we are enclosing herewith the list of pending issues concerning with the employees working in different Pay and Accounts Offices of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs stationed at different parts of the country in the form of “AGENDA ITEMS” with the request to kindly convene a meeting with the National Executives/ representatives of this Association for discussion and settlement of the issues.

          We shall be highly grateful to you, if you kindly convene the meeting at your earliest convenience and direct your office to inform us the date and time of the meeting at an early date.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Enclo:- as above
(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General
Copy to:-

1.    Shri Arvind Kumar, Chief Controller of Accounts, CBIC, AGCR Building, I.P.Estate, New Delhi.
2.    The All National Executive Members.
3.    The All Branch/Unit Secretaries.
(V. Bhattacharjee)
Secretary General

1.                Filling up of all vacant posts in all PAOs.
(a)         3(three) posts of Accountant/ Sr. Accountant out of 4 (four) are vacant in PAO, CBIC, Dibrugarh.
(b)         2(two) out of 4(four) posts of Accountant/ Sr. Accountant in PAO, CBIC, Bhopal are vacant.
(c)           5(five) out of 14(fourteen) posts of Accountant/ Sr. Accountant and 50% posts LDC in PAO, CBIC, Bengaluru are vacant.
(d)          6(six) out of 11(eleven) posts of Accountant/ Senior Accountant are vacant in PAO, CBIC, Shillong.
2.                Grant of promotion to all eligible Sr. Accountants as Assistant Accounts Officers on adhoc basis against the vacant posts of Assistant Accounts Officers.
3.                Promotion of better employer-employee relations: immediate consideration of following pending transfer requests:-
(a)          Shri R.M.Burde, Sr. Accountant from PAO, CBIC, Surat to PAO, CBIC, Nagpur.
(b)          Shri J.D.Jagadia, Sr. Accountant from PAO, CBIC, Vapi to PAO, CBIC, Surat.
(c)            Shri Kamal Ashraf, Sr. Accountant, from PAO, (PTG), Kolkata to PAO, CBIC, Patna (forwarded vide CCA, H&UA, letter dated 21-06-19)
(d)          Shri Roshan Kumar, MTS, from PAO, CBIC, Pune to PAO, CBIC, Patna
(e)           Shri B.N.K.Reddy, Accountant from PAO, CBIC, Chennai to PAO, CBIC, Guntur.
(f)             Shri Chandra Mohan Meena, Accountant, from PAO, CBIC Shillong to any office at Vadodara/Delhi/Bhopal/Amritsar.
(g)          Shri Rishi Tiwari, Accountant, from Delhi to PAO, CBIC, Jaipur.
(h)          Shri Somnath Mukhapadhyay, Sr. Accountant, from PAO, CBIC, Kol-I, Kolkata to PAO, CBIC KOL-II, Kolkata ( on mutual basis)
(i)             Shri Tapan Das, Sr. Accountant, from PAO, CBIC, Kol-II, Kolkata to PAO, CBIC KOL-I, Kolkata (on mutual basis).
(j)             Shri Debjit Nandy, from PAO, CBIC, Siliguri to RPAO (NH), Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, Kolkata (on mutual basis).
(k)           Shri Suny Pal, Accountant from RPAO (NH), Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, Kolkata to PAO, CBIC, Siliguri (on mutual basis).
(l)             Shri R. Raj Kumar, LDC, PAO, CBIC, Chennai to PAO, CBIC, Madurai.

4.                Clarence of following pending MACP cases-
a)              Shri Arvind Dapodkar, Sr. Accountant, PAO, Customs, Jawhar Custom House, Mumbai (3rdMACP).
b)              Shri V. Bhattacharjee, Sr. Accountant, PAO, CBIC, Delhi (3rdMACP).
c)                Shri U.K.Dutta, Data Entry Operator, PAO, CBIC(Revenue), Kolkata(3rd MACP)
d)              Shri Anand M. Dhakulkar, Data Entry Operator, PAO CBIC, Bhopal(3rd MACP)
e)               Shri J.P. Meena, Sr. Accountant, PAO, CBIC, Jaipur(3rd MACP)
5.                Clearance of long pending compassionate appointment cases. Applications are pending at following stations.
(a)           PAO, CBIC, Belgaum
(b)          PAO, Customs, Kolkata
(c)            PAO, Customs, Mumbai
(d)          PAO, CBIC, Calicut.
6.                Provision of LDC and MTS for each section of Pr. Accounts Office and each PAO.
7.                Consideration of the request for counting of past service rendered in another department – case of Jaipur regarding.
8.                Financial Powers delegated to the Pay & Accounts Officer as Head of the Office in passing Medical claims of the employees of the PAO may be increased at par with the Head of Offices exercising such powers at least at par with the Zonal   Accounts Offices under CBDT.
9.                The Honorarium  ordered by CGA for checking fixation cases consequent to implementation of 6th CPC Report  in respect of the employees of the PAO, Customs, Cochin and Hyderabad is pending with Pr. CCA, CBEC, New Delhi for quite long time.
10.          Provision of basic requirements:  required space in sitting arrangements, water dispensers and cleanliness etc.
11.           Local transfers of staff in terms of the policy prescribed by CGA.
12.          Vacation of all vindictive actions and settlement of victimization in PAO, Central Excise, Madurai.

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