Saturday, September 20, 2008




Dear Comrades ,


There is no doubt that, as Group-B, C and D employees we have been deceived by the 6th CPC and the Government of India squarely and we shall have to fight for having our legitimate demands fulfilled.


But it is also true that, due to sustained efforts of the Associations, certain major achievements and benefits could be possible to be achieved. Not only on 6CPC related issues but in respect of other matters too, the National Federation of Civil Accounts Associations (NFCAA) played its role in fetching benefits for the employees.


We are aware; our members expect better service from the Associations. But, main impediment before the Associations in functiong is the financial constraint at all levels. Moreover, Secretary General being on Foreign Service (Deputation to Association) has not been receiving Salary from the Government and shall not also get arrear of revised pay scale from the Government.


In consideration of the above situations, we appeal upon the entirety of the membership to GRACEFULLY CONTRIBUTE ONE PERCENT of their total amount of arrear to the Association on receipt of their 1st installment of arrear.


Branches shall take steps to collect the contributions immediately. 50% of the amount to be remitted to the Central Headquarter Funds for proportionate sharing between Central body and confederation. Rest 50% to be retained by the Branch for proportionate sharing between Units and Branch after taking decision at the Branch level.